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Google Grants App Developers Access

App Developers Gain Access to Personal Files

Hopefully, this title instilled a sense of worry in you, as it should. As of July 2nd, Google is now granting the ability for third-party applications to actually read your personal messages. How can they do this? Gmail app developers have been quite busy, to say the least.


Privacy is has been a rising concern for everyone nowadays. Gmail is home to over 1 Billion users. Many users simply agree to the ‘terms & conditions’ without reading anything, (80% of users). Take 5 extra minutes and read those disclaimers, it could save you a lot of headache down the road if something like this occurs.




WSJ had addressed this issue Monday morning, claiming that users should have known. As always, companies throw all the important information onto pages they know users are less likely to read. Example A, the ‘terms & conditions’. The big kicker here is there will not only be software scanning your personal mail but humans as well, talk about trust. People are nosey but what could they possibly want this feature for? Seems like they are about to lose the trust of their entire community. So what’s the deal here? 


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Is it Fair to Read Your Emails?


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The short answer is yes because YOU allowed the developers access when you agreed to the terms. Anytime there is a crucial update with applications such as Gmail you must agree and accept to continue usage. Many people, my family, and friends included typically hit ‘agree’ before reading anything. In the past, Gmail app developers had to solely rely on the word from an individual, now they are able to read all the details. Timestamps included to better resolve an issue that was reported. These issues include security-related reasons or to investigate abuse of some sort.




After Facebook’s fiasco in relation to privacy policies, you would think most companies would hold back for some time. Not Google. Now with the ability to view private details such as when and where they are emailing from, who they are emailing. This software even takes the next step where they have control over the video and microphone functionalities of your devices! Time to stop talking bad about Google at the dinner table. 

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