Real-time Business Reputation Monitoring and Alerts

Netreputation’s comprehensive business monitoring platform tracks all mentions of your brand on social media and across the web, including on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, news sites, blogs, forums, and more. To ensure the best coverage possible, we add new social listening sources on a regular basis. And unlike most online monitoring tools, NetReputation provides you both real-time and historical data each step of the way.

Real-time monitoring

Our online business monitoring tool crawls 13 billion pages each day to provide 24/7, real-time coverage of your business on social networks, news, blogs, forums, review sites and more.


Robust analytics

Sentiment Analysis, Topic Clouds, Mention Maps and other metrics provide a detailed picture of your company’s online presence and make managing your brand’s social media footprint easier than ever.

Monitor your brand, your name, your CEO or any other keyword on the web and beyond.

Our 24/7 monitoring platform tracks your business and your keywords across many different sources, including:

Search pages

The NetReputation app monitors Google search pages and other websites for all mentions of your business online.


We monitor Twitter posts, replies, and retweets for all brand mentions with and without the Twitter handle.


We track all public posts on Facebook for tagged and untagged mentions of your brand and business.


On Instagram, we search all posts for tagged and untagged keywords, as well as all hashtags mentioning your brand.


Our advanced software scours YouTube for all existing brand mentions in video titles, descriptions, comment sections and more.

Blogs & forums

We dig deep for all brand mentions on blog pages and forums throughout the web. We can also prioritize important blogs to highlight new mentions of your business as soon as they go live.


Our cutting-edge tracking tool allows you to monitor all Reddit posts and comments for your name or business, ensuring you stay a step ahead of the conversation.

News coverage

We constantly crawl all major news sites and platforms for mentions of your business and your services, allowing you to manage bad press and promote good news as soon as it goes online.

Competitive analysis

Monitoring competitors in search results and top social media platforms lets you easily benchmark your brand presence and track your progress against your top rivals.

Key Benefits

Relevant results

We are constantly improving our search tactics to get your brand relevant, real-time results even in the least-known social media and news sites.