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Astroturfing, Why You Need to Avoid It

Astroturfing Meets Online Reputation   What does Astroturfing have to do with online reputation management? Unlike the common definition referring to synthetic grass used for yards and most sporting arenas, this term has a new meaning when it comes to the internet…   In general “astroturfing” is the practice of masking the advocates of a …

Online Reputation Marketing

Online Reputation Marketing in 2019

Online Reputation Marketing | What You Should Know Online reputation marketing has been a rising industry over the past decade as we slowly drift away from traditional public relations methods. But have you ever stopped to think about online reputation marketing? Reputation marketing has shaped the way businesses and individuals utilize a combination of online …

Creating A Wikipedia Page

Create A Wikipedia Page

How to Create A Wikipedia Page for Business in 2019 If you’re an online user, odds are you certainly are since you are reading this. You may have noticed that any Google search can lead to its connected Wikipedia page, most of the time business Wikipedia listings are towards the top of the search engine results page (SERP).   So it’s quite evident that making a page for your company on Wikipedia can mean …

create and edit a wiki featured

Create and Edit a Wiki

How to Create and Edit a Wiki A Wiki is a web site that’s designed for teams of individuals to quickly capture and share ideas by making straightforward pages and linking them along.   Your organization will use a Wiki for a variety of uses. Generally speaking, you’ll be able to share large volumes of …

How to Push Down Negative Google Search Results

How to Push Down Negative Google Search Results

Push Down Negative Google Search Results with Online Reputation Looking to bury negative press or bad reviews? Getting rid of negative Google search results is an extremely difficult process. Trying to bury or push down these results with branding basics will just not make the cut, which is why you need to utilize online reputation …

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