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Astroturfing, Why You Need to Avoid It

Astroturfing Meets Online Reputation   What does Astroturfing have to do with online reputation management? Unlike the common definition referring to synthetic grass used for yards and most sporting arenas, this term has a new meaning when it comes to the internet…   In general “astroturfing” is the practice of masking the advocates of a …

Why Is Your Reputation So Important?

The Importance of Online Reputation If you’re here, you almost certainly understand specifically why your reputation such an enormous deal in 2019.   You would like you or your company to own access to the simplest opportunities, as well as a plan of attack to combat any brand crises that may emerge.   Having a …

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Creating Your Own Reputation Management Plan

How to Create a Reputation Management Plan in 2019 You probably understand the old saying, “Failing to plan means planning to fail.” I feel all leaders understand this —whether they learned it the simple or hard way — once it involves their corporations, it is imperative that you contrive a business reputation management plan.   …

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