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What Is Google Autocomplete?

Odds are you’ve used or another search engine like Bing to search for something on the internet. These search engines are integrated into the fabric of our day-to-day lives, whether it’s on an iPhone, mobile android device, or Chrome web browser. Consequently, information about a company, say reviews for a restaurant, or an individual you’re vetting to hire, is only a few keystrokes away.

When you start typing a keyword or phrase in Google’s search bar, such as “John Brown,” a list of suggestions appears underneath.

These suggested search phrases are commonly referred to as Google Autocomplete, or

  • Google Autosuggest Predictions
  • Google Search Suggestions
  • Google Suggest

In most cases, Google’s search suggestions are harmless and may even add value to your search by helping you find what you’re looking for faster. However, since Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) processes over 20 petabytes of online data per day to power its search engine and autosuggest predictions, the recommendations could be both positive and negative depending on what information is available online about either an individual or a business.

How Does Google Autosuggest Work?

Google’s search algorithm incorporates over 200 variables to deliver the search engine experience you’re acquainted with today. Three of the core components Google takes into account when providing search suggestions are:

  • Popularity: How many people search for a particular phrase or keyword
  • Frequency: How often are people searching for this keyword
  • Clicks: How many users click on the auto-suggested prediction

Google records this user behavior data over time and analyzes it when compiling and suggesting autocomplete phrases. That means the next time you start typing in Google search’s bar, its algorithm instantly pulls data based on the metrics above to enhance your search engine experience by providing related searches.

How Can Google Autocomplete Impact a Business or Individual?

In most cases, the terms displayed as part of Google Autocomplete (formerly known as Google Suggest) are the first impression of your personal or professional brand. It’s as if people can preview a sample of you or your company without ever meeting you face to face or visiting your brick-and-mortar store or business website. Autocomplete is useful for several reasons, but it can be problematic from an online reputation perspective when Google search results populate with false, embarrassing, or damaging information, as this will influence Google Autocomplete. For example, potential search suggestions could be:

  • [person’s name] + arrested
  • [person’s name] + divorce
  • [business name] + lawsuit
  • [business name] + ripoff

An interesting autocomplete term (like “arrested” or “lawsuit”) may not be the user’s original query but still might be clicked on out of curiosity. Google records the click and over time, the autocomplete term increases in popularity, meaning it’s more likely to appear as a Google search suggestion from now on permanently and may even appear at the top of the list.

Can You Change or Update Google Autosuggest?

Yes, we can help you change or update Google autosuggest. Our services include removing negative suggestions and creating positive ones, allowing you to control what people see when they search for you or your business. Our team of experienced professionals uses proven techniques to optimize your online presence and reputation, and we guarantee measurable results quickly. Don't let negative autosuggests damage your brand or reputation

The good news is that Netreputation has helped thousands of clients influence and change their Google Autocomplete suggestions. Netreputation utilizes sophisticated technology and a proven strategy to change or update search results that appear for autosuggest terms while simultaneously adding new, more positive keywords. In a few weeks, our team changes the automatically suggested terms and updates search results for problematic terms.

Remove Negative Search Suggestions

The process to remove a negative suggestion from Google search goes hand in hand with our tailored approach to add new positive keywords to either your name or brand. As we generate new autosuggest terms over a period of weeks, the negative search suggestions lose popularity and are eventually filtered out of the Autocomplete list altogether.

Our guaranteed process to remove negative search suggestions from Google or Bing on average takes just one month (30 days). Though it’s important to note that time variations may occur depending on the number of negative keywords that need to be removed.

Guaranteed Results: Fix Google Autocomplete and Improve Your Online Brand and Reputation Today!

Netreputation is the only reputation management firm in the industry that offers a guaranteed solution to change google autocomplete and simultaneously remove negative autosuggest terms.


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