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Ripoff Report Removal Service


In need of a Ripoff Report removal service? Have you or someone that you know fallen victim to a negative article posted on Ripoff Report? Here at NetReputation, we work to combat these unwanted articles from the first several pages of Google.


There is nothing worse for a business (or individual) then having negative content surfacing on Page 1 of Google. If this is currently you, don’t worry, we have a solution for you to remove your Ripoff Reports from Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


If this is an urgent matter and you require immediate attention please contact us now. One of our knowledgeable reputation specialists will walk you through our entire process.


Let’s now take a deeper look into what exactly Ripoff Report is and how we can help you to remove it from the public eye.



Overview of Ripoff Report

Ripoff Repor is a user-based, forum styled review platform where disgruntled customers can voice their opinion about a product or service.


Think of Ripoff Report has Yelp, except the reviews are unvetted and require no proof to back up any claims made. Removing a Ripoff Report post can be daunting unless handled correctly.


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NetReputation’s Ripoff Report removal service will ensure no client ever finds your article online. We accomplish this by suppressing or pushing down a Ripoff Report on Google. Show your clients that you care and you’re worth their time, don’t let one bad review ruin you.


Ripoff Report was created back in 1998 by a gentleman named, Ed Magedson. Originally created as a for-profit consumer complaint forum for individuals to post “unbias” reviews about companies in their area. Madgedson’s goal was to empower consumers without the interference of censorship online.


In this digital era, consumers research reviews online before they choose a restaurant to eat at for dinner. Any businesses that have struggled with a Ripoff Report know, one negative article can shut you down.



Posting a Ripoff Report?


To post an article on Ripoff Report an individual must simply create a login. Similar to Yelp, Glassdoor, TripAdvisor and many other review platforms. The only difference is that Ripoff Report users know they are only there to post negatively, hence the name “ripoff”.


The business model created by Madgedson sounds like it would work in theory, however, over the past 2 decades Ripoff Report has let a lot of liable information slip through the cracks.


Ripoff Report does “require” every account to post honestly and not to lie or exaggerate the truth. There is absolutely no fact-checking done to validate any articles posted. This means your competitors can post an article and there is nothing you can say or do about it. Even if the information is a complete lie!


The owners of Ripoff Report claim their website is no different from Amazon or Facebook when it comes to the authenticity of each review/posting. As one could imagine, this quickly led to widespread abuse from disgruntled clients or former employees. This left business owners stuck on what to do next, thankfully we can suppress any article off Google’s first page.


Ripoff Report current holds an “F’ rating on the Better Business Bureau as well as a 1-star overall rating on ConsumerAffairs. The worst past about Ripoff Report is that since they are such a large database with thousands of reviews and shares to social media, they rank extremely well on Google.


There are many things you can do to combat a Ripoff Report, hire NetReptuation as your Ripoff Report removal service solution. In a few short months, you will never have to worry about this haunting you or your business again.



How to Push Down Ripoff Report?


If you are currently struggling with a Ripoff Report on Google the odds are it is hindering your business’ performance tremendously whether you realize it or not. In order to combat Ripoff Report, you must use a strategy known as Suppression. Suppression is defined as the actions of pushing something such as an activity or publication. This is one of the most effective online reputation services that show results quickly.


In this case, the goal is to push your Ripoff Report article off of the first page of Google and onto Page 3+. A Ripoff Report removal service can be tricky due to how highly Google favors RipoffReport. Furthermore, to successful suppress one of these unwanted articles, you must produce quality content that will outrank the Ripoff Report on Google. Here at NetReputation, we serve hundreds of clients every month with our Ripoff Report Removal Service.


Erasing Google Results with Pencial Eraser


At the end of the day, if properly suppressed, it acts the same as a removal from the website. The only place where anyone can locate your negative article would be to directly visit and search themselves. This minimizes the views to your article tenfold.


84% of people trust online reviews equally as much as a referral from a friend or family member.


There are many benefits to suppressing a Ripoff Report article on Google, Bing or Yahoo. For starters, you are in complete control of the information that is published. By working with NetReputation’s Ripoff Report removal service, you can completely redesign what the first page of Google looks like for you.


Lastly, by working with NetReputation, not only are you actively suppressing negative information, but you are marketing yourself in a positive light at the same time. By utilizing our powerful media connections our content writers are able to create quality blogs, custom websites to show the world who you really are.



Remove Ripoff Report Complaints Yourself


Without any technical knowledge of how the internet works, it can be nearly impossible to remove a report on your own. Many individuals assume that people will eventually stop visiting the article and over time it will suppress itself automatically. This would be the case if you were a large corporation that has new content published every day, coupled with quality Press Releases from media outlets.


However, for the average business owner or for an individual looking for a new job, suppressing Ripoff Report can be a headache. Rest assured, we are here to let you know the best things you start doing to put quality content onto Google about yourself.


Here at NetReputation, we receive countless phone calls each and every day from disgruntled business owners seeking options on terminating a Ripoff Report posts.



Is Ripoff Report Difficult to Suppress?


In short, yes and no. It all depends on the content within the article. There are many factors that come into play when determining whether or not a specific article can be suppressed and how long it will take. Here is a short list of the factors that influence your ability:


  • Competition: How competitive are the results on Google for your business or industry overall?
  • Date Published: It is important you catch these quick. The faster you respond or work to suppress may increase your success rate.
  • Current Authority Online: How much information is currently online about you or your business?
  • Is there any engagement on your Ripoff Report Complaint? The more comments and social shares make it harder to push down that article on Google.



Locate Problem


The first step in resolving any issues is to identify and locate the problem at hand. In this case, it would be a negative posting on Ripoff Report. Let’s take it a step further and figure out what the problem was that caused that report. Was your customer service sub-par? Did you over promise and under delivery on your service(s)?


Maybe you have a former employee that simply wanted to defame your business due to a falling out. Whatever the case may be you need to figure out how this article came to be so you can fix any internal issues and minimize your chances of another Ripoff Report appearing in the future.


There are several tools you can utilize during this time, most notably we have Google Keywords Tool. This free application assists you in locating the major key phrases that are most damaging to your brand reputation. You can also take it one step further by including the location within your keyword research (i.e. geolocation, etc.).


For most of our clients, the most common keywords used in any Ripoff Report removal or deindexing would be their full name and state of residency. So if your name is John Smith and you live in Florida you would do keyword research for the term “John Smith Florida”.



Publish Content


When it comes to creating content in efforts to suppress a Ripoff Report article keep in mind that if the content you produce is not more authoritative than you are simply wasting your time. In order to effectively push down search results on Google, you must publish on websites that Google favors moreover the targeted URL.


If we take a deeper look into the strength of RipoffReport we see it is ranked 82/100. This is incredibly high for a defamation website. Consumers love reading about scandals and online scams so, in turn, Google holds this website to a higher standard. Most articles can be found by simply typing in the companies name into a Google search.


Make sure to publish neutral content about yourself, creating as many social bios on various social media platforms as you can (i.e. Facebook, Linkedin, Tumblr, Google+, and many more). People will notice if you publish a ton of positive content all of a sudden and this could raise concerns. Companies do this all the time and are constantly scrutinized. Keep the content-neutral, this way you do not raise any red flags. If someone finds out you are only publishing positive information to hide bad information they will call you out in a heartbeat.


Here are some of the more effective ways you can promote yourself online.


  • Create Personal Websites: Make the domain name your focus keyword from your research. (We recommend making 3-5 websites in total)
  • Register 30+ Social Media Accounts. Here is a list of some of the best out there.



  • Publish Quality Press Releases: Paying for a Press Release is a perfect way to put your name on high authoritative websites.
  • Blog Articles: Constantly writing blogs about yourself or company can be a great way to add additional onto Google, Yahoo or Bing.



Responding to Ripoff Report Articles


We advised that you do not respond to Ripoff Reports. This website is not a government agency or anywhere close to a reputable review platform. By responding to negative reviews on Ripoff Report you can actually worsen the situation.


If the individual who posted it finds out you are trying to have it removed they may go on and create 2 or 3 more articles. So make sure to never respond or publicly announce your efforts in removing a Ripoff Report.


The only exception to this would be if you know the name of the individual and truly feel you can rectify the situation via phone call or email. Otherwise, just leave it alone. By responding to anything on Ripoff Report you are telling Google you are interested in that article, potentially ranking the article higher.


To learn more, read about how to respond to negative reviews click here.



Fix Ripoff Report with Online Reputation Management


When you carefully manage your online presence you are able to identify and resolve any issues that arise quickly and efficiently. As a business owner, you should monitor your customer reviews and feedback on a monthly (even weekly) basis. If you are within an industry such as psychology or therapy where individuals are required to utilize your services by law, check your reputation daily.


Here at NetReputation, we offer top-notch ORM solutions that are guaranteed to handle your Ripoff Report issue. Here are some tips you can start to implement every week to monitor yourself better online.



Search Your Business Constantly


Head over to Google and pretend as if you were a potential client looking for your product or service. What do they search for? What variations of keywords have the highest search volume? We are all bias in thinking our business is the best, but unless you are ranking on Page 1 of Google, you do not exist.


Be sure to show your respects to a positive review by saying thank you. This also goes for any disgruntled customers or ex-employees who may have left a damaging negative review, read more here on how to respond to negative reviews. Remember, only respond if you can resolve the issue.


Search all variations of websites from review platforms like Yelp to social media apps such as Instagram. In this digital era, consumers are more likely to vent their emotions on various social media platforms. Search YouTube for the name of your business and ensure everything on the first 2-3 pages is positive. 91% of the time users do not venture past the first page of Google. Clearing up the first several pages will only minimize the chances someone will actually view it.


user statistics -- 91%


Google My Business is another great tool many customers value when making their purchasing decision. Make sure that all the reviews are positive and display an accurate depiction of your business. Again, remember to respond to your positive reviews, this shows your customers that you care about their opinion.



Deindexing Ripoff Report from Google Search Results


When it comes to removing information from Google there are many ways you can go about deindexing a report. Although this option is not guaranteed nor does it have the best track record of success, we have deindexed numerous Ripoff Reports.


The first thing you have to think about when working to remove or deindex a negative Ripoff Report is do you have a sound argument? Is the report truthful? This could be a tough pill to swallow for many. Be honest with yourself, if the negative post is factual you will have a harder time removing it all together. When working to combat against negative posts online, you must prove that what was posted is false, misleading and/or liable.


In conclusion, if the Ripoff Report post is true, you do not have a case for defamation. Suppression is your only option. When this is the case you must work to promote yourself in a positive fashion in order to “flood” out the negative report. This can be done with either our SEO solution or branding campaigns. If you have any additional questions or concerns please contact us here or give us a call at 844-461-3632.

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