Online Reputation Strategy


Combating Negative Reviews – Fighting Fire With Fire

Fighting Fire With Fire Businesses are consistently vying for top position in their respective industries. It’s a dog-eat-dog world online, and a few negative reviews can have significant consequences. So when someone is attacking you online, should you fight back? NEGATIVITY BREEDS NEGATIVE RESULTS In short, the answer is no. You should never respond negatively …

The Impact of Negative Social Media Reviews/Attention

The Impact of Negative Social Media Reviews/Attention

The Impact of Negative Social Media Reviews/Attention Businesses are often not aware of negative reviews/negative social media about their companies on social media. They may not be taking into account the fact that they’re suffering irreparable damage by not doing something about them. If you’re unconcerned about what people are saying about you on social media, …

Negative Reviews

How to Fix Negative Reviews Legally

The last thing any business owner wants to see is a negative review. Keep in mind, 68% of the purchasing decision is based on online reviews. Plus, with the way society is, a negative experience reported by a customer is more likely to be shared more than a positive one. Therefore, it pays to take …

Research your partner

Is it fair to research your partner?

Is it really fair to research your partner? Technology has changed the way we interact with people on a scale so significant, that it’s hard to truly comprehend its ramifications. Not only do we have new languages of communication (texting, emojis, gifs, etc.), and a plethora of channels to communicate those languages through, but we …

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