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Do you want your educational institution to develop a strong online presence that attracts high-caliber students focused on success? With a positive online reputation, you can show prospects why your school is worth the investment.

Prospective students thoroughly research options before submitting an application. Having an excellent reputation means attracting students from all over instead of only being known locally.

When a broader variety of students apply to your program, you can be discerning about who to accept, raising the profile of your institution. In turn, this attracts more capable students and showcases the school’s thriving academic programs.

In addition to appealing to qualified students, a solid reputation attracts top faculty members, too. Educators and staff members want to work for an institution that’s among the best of the best.

At NetReputation, we’re experts in devising long-term education reputation management strategies. Our comprehensive services include online monitoring, review management, social media management, and branding.

Education Reputation Services

Education Reputation Services: What We Offer

Education Monitoring

Online Monitoring

Monitoring school mentions keeps you in control of the narrative that’s happening about your institution online.

NetReputation will know as soon as any of the following are mentioned:

  • School name or website URL
  • Program or class names
  • Instructor or faculty names
  • Other school-related keywords

It’s important to know what’s being said about your institution, including who’s speaking highly of it and any issues that need addressing.


Review Management

Promoting positive feedback is only part of an ORM strategy for educational settings. Addressing negative feedback is equally important for creating an online reputation students will trust.

While some negative content is invalid and should be suppressed with positive content, other types of poor feedback are better off being addressed. This gives your educational institution the chance to strengthen a weakness or fix a problem.

Responding to negative reviews quickly and kindly, coupled with taking action to prevent a problem from occurring again, shows that you care. This will raise the public’s sentiment about your school and keep you in control of the narrative.

Education Review Management
Branding for Education

Branding for Education

Educational institution branding lets your school or program stand out from the competition by defining your mission, strengths and values. This can build credibility, increase trust, and foster an emotional connection with the public.

At NetReputation, we can design or refresh branding that achieves the following:

  • Presents a strategic message and mission statement
  • Reflects the goals of the community and the institution
  • Tells your brand story through a thoughtful narrative
  • Designs and utilizes a custom visual identity

Social Media Management

By creating interesting and educational social media content, you can grow your reach and get noticed by your target demographic.

Educational institutions can also curate user-generated content from staff, faculty, students and alumni, which makes consistent content creation much easier to handle. Plus, turning your students and employees into brand ambassadors adds to the social proof that the public needs to trust your brand.

Social media also provides a way for schools to stay in constant communication with students. Social is a powerful tool for keeping students up-to-date about time-sensitive matters, such as campus events or changes.

Social Media Management

Our Industry-leading Reputation and Branding Solutions Enable Educational Institutions to Maximize Their Reach and Success Online

Schools that become household names achieve that thanks to a stellar online reputation.

Students and other family decision-makers value trust when it comes to where they’ll spend their time and money on education. A strong reputation immediately conveys trust, and students will be more comfortable making the high investment that education requires.

Achieving a glowing online reputation doesn’t happen on its own, even if your institution has outstanding programs and faculty members. Higher-ed institutions and other educational services rely on NetReputation to design a strategy that will enhance their online reputation and attract top students and educators.

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