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In the digital environment, your brand's reputation can open new doors of opportunity or hold you back from achieving success. As a part of brand reputation management, reputation monitoring allows you to spot problems before they can harm your business prospects.

NetReputation's comprehensive reputation monitoring platform tracks all mentions of your brand on social media and across the web, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, news sites, blogs, forums, and more.

To ensure the best coverage possible, we add new social listening sources regularly. And, unlike most online reputation monitoring tools, NetReputation provides you both real-time and historical data each step of the way.

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Why Your Online Reputation Matters

Your brand's reputation is the set of factors that shape public perception of you and your business. When people search for your brand online, are they finding positive or negative mentions in social media channels or on news sites?

The fact is that most consumers -- as many as 94% -- search for information on businesses before making purchasing decisions. Potential customers typically turn to search results to learn about local businesses in their area. The information contained in those search results can have profound influences on purchasing behaviors. This information can include factors like:

magnifying online reputation
Online mentions

Online mentions

Positive or negative Google reviews

Positive or negative Google reviews or other major review sites

facebook reviews

Facebook reviews

Positive comments and negative comments on social media

Positive comments and negative comments on social media

Items in news media

Items in news media

Information on industry specific review sites

Information on industry specific review sites

Your reputation score is dependent on these factors. A positive reputation is built on favorable online reviews and social media mentions, while a negative reputation can be caused by negative reviews, unflattering news coverage, or social mentions that don't put you or your brand in your best light. In fact, a single negative review can undermine your ability to experience business growth. Unhappy customers can unravel all you have worked to achieve. With these facts in mind, it is easy to see why your online reputation is the gateway to your continued success -- or failure -- as a business owner. Online reputation management is a valuable solution that we can assist with.

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Brand Reputation Management with Monitoring

Online reputation management is a set of processes and strategies to influence your perception in the digital environment. NetReputation uses the latest online reputation management tools to gain a clear understanding of your reputation and to identify areas that need improving.

Not all online reputation management companies offer reputation monitoring, which is a valuable addition to our slate of customer-oriented services at NetReputation. Reputation monitoring allows you to spot problems before they can damage your hard-earned online reputation. In other words, this is a proactive approach to protect, reinforce, and preserve your valuable online reputation.


Real-time reputation monitoring

Our online monitoring tool crawls 13 billion pages each day to provide 24/7, real-time coverage of your business on social networks, news, blogs, forums, review sites, and more. This online reputation management software is powerful and provides an in-depth analysis of emerging reputational threats in the online environment. Automated email notifications incorporated in our reputation management tools mean that your coverage is available whenever you need it. Brand reputation monitoring is easier than ever before!

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monitoring business reputation

Robust analytics

Sentiment Analysis tools, Topic Clouds, Mention Maps, and other metrics provide a detailed picture of your company’s digital presence and make managing your brand’s footprint easier than ever. Analytics tools used by NetReputaion monitor social media and online conversations across the web, giving us a clear picture of the threats your online reputation may face. Better yet, this detailed analysis gives our reputation experts actionable insights, helping us to streamline our efforts to produce the results you deserve.

Monitor your brand, your name, your C-suite, or any keyword on the web.

Our 24/7 reputation monitoring platform tracks your business, your brand reputation, and your keywords across many different sources, including:

business reputation monitoring

Search pages

The NetReputation app monitors Google search pages and other websites for all mentions of your brand online. Search engine results are a fundamental component of your online reputation; we constantly monitor these results to spot issues before they can cause harm.
twitter reputation monitoring


We monitor Twitter posts, replies, and retweets for all mentions of your brand with and without the Twitter handle. Relevant mentions have a major impact on your brand reputation. Twitter and other social media outlets are followed by millions of potential customers, so media monitoring serves as a powerful ORM tool.
facebook reputation monitoring


We offer reputation monitoring services of all public posts on Facebook for tagged and untagged mentions of your brand and business. With the media monitoring services provided by NetReputation, we give you the tools to control the digital conversation on Facebook and many other platforms.
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On Instagram, we search all posts for tagged and untagged keywords, as well as all hashtags mentioning your brand. All the mentions combined can represent thousands -- or even millions -- of potential customers; our monitoring tool scours these mentions for relevance and customer sentiment.
youtube online presence


Our advanced software scours YouTube for all existing brand mentions in video titles, descriptions, comment sections, and more. Some of the biggest web influencers use YouTube every day, potentially giving your reputation a boost or damaging it through negative mentions.
blogs’  online presence

Blogs & forums

We dig deep for all brand mentions on blog pages and forums throughout the internet. We can also prioritize important blogs to highlight new mentions of your business as soon as they go live. With this prioritization, we help build and reinforce your brand reputation.
reddit brand reputation monitoring


Our cutting-edge reputation monitoring tracking tool allows you to monitor all Reddit posts and comments for your name or business, ensuring you stay a step ahead of the conversation.
news reputation monitoring tools

News coverage

At NetReputation, we constantly crawl all major news sites and platforms for mentions of your business and your services, allowing you to manage bad press and promote good news as soon as it goes online. This further reinforces your brand reputation, allowing you to improve brand awareness and positive online mentions.

Competitive analysis

Monitoring competitors in search results and top social media platforms lets you easily benchmark your brand presence. Plus, you get to track your reputation progress against your top rivals.

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brand reputation monitoring results

Relevant Results for Your Brand's Online Presence

We are constantly improving our search tactics to get your brand relevant, real-time results even on lesser-known social media platforms and news sites.

Our reputation management tools have evolved to provide new functionality and new monitoring solutions, giving you granular insight into your position in the online world.


Online Reputation Management Solutions by NetReputation

As a brand strategy that produces real results. brand reputation monitoring can improve your online visibility and help you to control public perception of your own brand. NetReputation's team of experts use the latest media monitoring tool to scour the web, allowing us to spot emerging threats to your online reputation before they can cause harm.

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