Being Proactive About Your Online Reputation (And Why it Matters)

Being Proactive About Your Online Reputation -

Like bottled water and batteries in your bunker, intentionally building your online reputation now can pay dividends when you need it most. What is the importance of being proactive about your online reputation?


Your reputation is probably something most individuals do not consider or think of often. But in times of hardship when negativity appears online, where do you turn? Who can you call to help restore your online reputation to its former glory?


In this article, we will discuss the importance of being proactive about your online reputation. Waiting too long to take action will not only cause your stress and anxiety but it may make matters worse over the long run.


Here at NetReputation, we pride ourselves on our ability to restore, maintain and monitor the reputations of both individuals as well as businesses.


What does the internet say about you?



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The Importance of Being Proactive > Reactive About Your Online Reputation


In this day and age, the internet is a very influential tool. Billions of Americans and users worldwide turn to search engines such as Google to find answers to all of their problems.


So what can you do to ensure your online reputation is positive and where exactly can you turn when something unfavorable or negative appears online referencing your name or business?


How can you start becoming proactive about your online reputation in 2019?


The idea of being proactive means you are consistently monitoring how your name appears on Google. 90% of Google visitors do not venture past the first page of the search results. For this reason alone it is imperative that you not only control this information properly but ensure it is positive.


There are endless tools and websites to utilize when working to better your appearance on the internet. Sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube have made it extremely easy for users to produce content FOR FREE.


In the olden days, you would have had to pay a media company to release numerous press release articles online taking many months in order to combat anything defamatory or negative in reference to yourself.


Getting ahead of the ball is crucial. Most individuals trust search results and online reviews more than a personal recommendation from a close friend or even a family member. More importantly, it is important to note that just because something is online, does not make it true.


Poor results not only cost individuals their jobs but it can also affect their personal life and relationships.


The importance of maintaining a positive online reputation is at an all-time high. This is why we created NetReputation almost half a decade ago to give individuals the chance of starting over or getting a second chance.


Gone are the days were, once something is online, it is on there forever. In 2019, we as individuals have the ability to contact websites directly and request that our information should be removed.


cyber security


We see most of these situations arise after the following reasons:

  • A recent arrest, where a mugshot may find its way onto various mugshot publication sites.
  • Poor investments, where those who lost money can turn to sites like theDirty or RipOffReport and write horrendous articles slandering the names of others.
  • After a bad breakup exes will visit sites like Cheaterland or BustedCheaters to post negative stories that may include individuals’ full name and sometimes their phone number.
  • Lastly, people search websites where anyone with $10 and a stable internet connection can locate your home address, phone number and links to your social media within a few simple clicks.


The internet is a double-edged sword. With all the good it can do in today’s world there is always someone trying to hold you back. This is where online reputation comes into play.


In the following section, we will take a deeper look into tips, tricks and ways you can promote yourself in a positive light.


It is important to keep in mind that this process will take some time, however, if you continuously follow the steps below you have an excellent chance at regaining control of how the internet looks for you.


Ways to be Proactive About Your Online Reputation

There are many tried and true methods available online when it comes to improving how your online reputation resonates with others. Controlling the first page for your name or for the name of your business is your number one goal.


Stop focusing on how many likes or shares your photo on Instagram gets. Start focusing on the amount of quality content you post online.


Here are several statistics from 2018 so you can get a better idea of the importance of being proactive about your online reputation now.


  • 91% of online adults use search engines to find information.
  • 65% of people see online search results as the most trusted source of information (even though we now know everything we read online is not always true).
  • Nearly 50% of adults in the United States who Google themselves say the results are NOT positive.
  • 93% of online users never go past the first page of Google.
    • Moreso, most users never select any websites below the top 5 results.


Here are some easy ways you can start improving your online reputation today and begin to work towards a positive future for your name online:


Create Social Media Accounts (as many as you can)

By creating various social media accounts you are giving Google all the ammunition it needs in order to restructure what their results say about you.


Why social media? Because when you look at social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and even Twitter they have BILLIONS of users.


Google ranks websites in order of not only popularity but for relevance. This means when you post photos on Facebook you have nearly a 100% chance that that photo will rank on Google in the upcoming days or weeks.


As you start this process it may take time to build this up, however, after months of posting photos or yourself daily, you will begin to flood Google with relevant information that Google can show those who may be searching for you online.


Create Social Media Accounts


Press Releases Distribution

Although this method is a bit old school, there are many benefits from having a media company or news outlet promote you on their website.


Do not underestimate what is considered newsworthy. If you are an excellent and trusted employee you can talk about your years of experience or service to your community.


Other options may include those listed below:

  • Grand openings or new services your business offers
  • Certificates you may have received over the past several years
  • Community events you attended (these can be reflective)
  • Awards or accolades your accumulated either at your job or during your schooling years


Press releases are a great way to reach the first page of Google. Why? Because these media companies have spent thousands (if not millions) of dollars to grow their PBN (Private Blog Networks) where they hold high authority in the eyes on Google.


This means that you can pay a few hundred dollars for a press release (or several) and have the entire first page of Google reconstructed virtually overnight!


There is a reason why press release distribution services are still around. It is because they work and nobody can tell you otherwise.



Although this may seem odd when it comes to improving how you look online volunteering has extremely valuable benefits when it comes to human capital.


There are endless opportunities for you to dive into the world of volunteer work whether it be through non-profits, local schools, community organizations or corporate events.


These selfless efforts show your leadership abilities and will get you noticed. Most volunteering events will publish articles online or have their own website acknowledging those individuals that took their personal time to help a specific cause.


Although volunteering does not immediately get you noticed online you can leverage this if you decide you want to post about it on social media or pay to have a press release published online as discussed above.


Not to mention, the more you volunteer in your local community (if you work there) the more people will start to remember your name and face. That alone is worth more than what money can buy.


Podcasts (Internet Radio)

This method of marketing has emerged from the ashes as popular celebrities such as Joe Rogan, Lauren Conrad, and Dax Shepard began their own series. This has become a fast and easy way for users to not only hear about yourself. But as a means of distribution as you continue to be proactive about your online reputation.


After releasing various bits of content you can cross-market these onto other networks and social media networks such as YouTube, Facebook or Spotify.




Final Thoughts on Being Proactive About Your Online Reputation

At the end of the day, nobody is going to go out there and publish positive content about you without you asking. You must make it your duty every day to publish one piece of new insightful information about yourself online.


One of the best examples of self-marketing has to be from Gary Vaynerchuk, otherwise known to the masses as GaryVee. He started working at his father’s wine store at a very early age in life and decided that he was going to make it his mission to be successful.


Gary accomplished this by starting a simple YouTube channel known as Wine Library TV. He would publish a new video every single day on the best wine in the industry. What occasion it was for, what the pair it with as well as a background on the vineyard or winery that manufactured it. Year decades and decades of trying to accomplish his goal, he is now one of the most successful entrepreneurs in this present day. Vayner Media works with mega-giants such as Pepsi and Johnson & Johnson. Talk about living the dream.


It is not so much as what you publish but how much you publish and what outlets you use along the way.


Please feel free to complete the form below to receive more information on how NetReputation can assist you in improving your online reputation. Remember, always be proactive, do not wait until a crisis emerges before you decide to take action.


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Related Questions

What much do online reputation solutions generally cost?

A typical client of NetReputation is characterized as someone who values their web presence, someone who relies on what Google says about them for their overall success or failure in life. Our average client fee range anywhere from $500 – $7,000 on a monthly basis. This, of course, depends on the amount of information online or lack thereof.


We offer a free reputation consultation. You can get started now by fulfilling the required fields in the contact form above.


How long does it take to restore a negative reputation on Google?

In short, all NetReputation solutions are designed to yield effective results within 6-12 months after initiating a campaign.


Each reputation solution is designed to the specific needs of that client. To see what your expected timeframe would be please fill out the form above.


Additional Concerns

Thank you for taking the time to read our article on how you can stay proactive about your online reputation. If you have any questions or concerns related to this article feel free to call us directly at (786) 363-8509.


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