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How To Suppress Google Search Results And Save Your Reputation in 2023

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Suppress Google Search Results And Save Your Reputation : Learn how to suppress Google search results with the #1 ORM team in the industry! Schedule your free online consultation by calling 844-461-3632.

How to suppress Google search results? That’s a question many are asking these days. And if you don’t know where to start, the process can be a nightmare. 

Did you know that 91% of online adults use search engines to find information on the internet?


In the digital era, people seek answers to their questions with a few clicks on their mouse. What does the internet say about your personal information?


65% of people see search results as the most trusted source of information about individuals and businesses. That is a higher level of trust than any other on or offline source of information.

When working online it is imperative that you maintain a positive online reputation. You can do so in various methods. However, we have worked over the past decade to uncover the simplest and most efficient way to not only create but also maintain a positive reputation.


Learn how to optimize these efforts, so that more individuals are able to quickly locate you online.


In this article, we will work through how to suppress Google search results efficiently and why it is important to suppress negative information and reviews from search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. 

We will also teach you the best ways to promote yourself online with little to no money at all.


In the conclusion of this reading, you will gain additional insight into the best methods used today in 2020, to improve your overall web presence.

Why Is Your Personal Information Showing on Google?

For starters let us explain how Google operates and why you see the specific results you currently see. 

Start to rank on Google for the content you approve!


The best image we like to describe Google as, is that of a librarian. Google does not own any of the websites it shows you within search results, the same way that a  librarian does not own any of the books in the library. They both simply point you in the right direction.


In order to find an answer to your questions, type a phrase into Google’s search query. These are known as search terms or keyword searches.


The internet is home to billions of websites. This can make it extremely disheartening if the individual is seeking ways to remove personal information from Google which has a nearly nonexistent web presence.

how to suppress Google search results

In this case, all that typically appears in the search results are data aggregate websites, otherwise known as advanced background report agencies (i.e. WhitePages, Spokeo, Radaris, as well as 50+ other databases). 

Here at NetReputation, we can work to suppress all this data on your behalf, in as little as 3-6 weeks.


Google will scour the entire internet in search of information about the related keywords you searched. The most pertinent information will reside on the first three result pages.


It is important that while you are working to suppress Google search results, you surpass the third page to maximize your efforts.

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How To Promote Your Social Media Profiles Positively

If you are wondering how to suppress Google search results by promoting your social media profiles or your personal website positively, we’ll explain that right now.


The best way to promote yourself online is through various unpaid social media sites that you are probably already using every day! 

Implement a public relations strategy and search engine optimization into the mix to maximize your reach!


One easy trick to blast a ton of content online about yourself would be to take your social media accounts, like your Facebook profile, off private and make it public. This will essentially index all of your photos to Google Images.


This strategy has yielded great results for all those willing enough to make their profiles public.


In addition, make sure you are posting photos several times a week and on different platforms. These could be Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest.


By creating as many social accounts as possible, you are giving Google more than enough ammunition for when another individual searches your name online.

Here is a shortlist of the best do-follow social media platform as of March 2019:

  • Pinterest
  • BizSugar
  • WordPress (for those of you that are tech-savvy, create a personal blog website!)
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Reddit
  • & Tumblr

Types of Content To Publish Online

Over the past year, we have taken notice of the best pieces of content you can use to promote on a daily basis.

We have seen this success with our business’ Instagram accounts (@netreputation).

Content You Make Yourself

It is as simple as it sounds. This is the easiest form of content to create if you have an eye for trendy, artsy or “viral” content ideas.


This is a great way to not only increase your personal branding efforts but it also gives your audience a look into what you care about and what your interests are. 

So instead of reposting other accounts’ successful content,  try using a website such as Canva to create high-engaging content yourself. 

You could be surprised at what you are capable of.

How to Suppress Google Search Results By Creating Podcasts

Podcasts have been around the internet for an awfully very long time. However, recently they’ve gained momentum. Individuals such as Joe Rogan have been able to continue their media careers on Podcasts alone.

For those wondering how to improve their online reputation management efforts, this is one of the most effective ways to increase positive awareness online about yourself. 

You can use various social media outlets to show your content as well. Soundcloud, YouTube, and even Facebook Live have made many individuals “famous”.


Some say podcasts are the new radio (since they are on-demand).


Because some of the social sites, like Facebook and Twitter, don’t permit direct audio uploads, you’ll need to share a site’s link to your podcast within your status update or in the comment section(s).


Lastly, you can also use Canva to create an appealing featured image and overlay the audio of your podcast. From there, you can simply upload your new podcast as a video to bypass certain limitations.

How to Suppress Google Search Results With Infographics

Users are starting to get tired of reading blogs over and over again. This sparked the birth of infographics. These “comic-strip” like images showcase important information the author is trying to get across to the reader.


Everyone loves infographics. They’re sometimes attention-getting and informative. Thanks to this, infographics usually get a ton of engagement and will typically rack up quite a lot of shares. 

This is exactly what you want when looking for how to suppress Google search results. 

The more social shares, the more favorable your information will look in the eyes of Google.


If you’re wanting to create an infographic but you aren’t certain where to begin, Canva also incorporates a few templates which can facilitate your start.


We use Canva for a majority of our content development.

Customer Recommendations

Sharing consumer testimonials may be a good way to induce your potential prospects to feel safer regarding selecting you over a competition.

After all, it lets them see what current purchasers have aforesaid regarding the company/product before they make their final decision.

One of the best forms of customer reviews is done through videos. If you can gain a short clip from a real customer talking about your products you should post that everywhere online.

Posting sentimental reviews is a perfect way to build trust between your brand and your potential customers.

In addition, by publishing a positive review video you could potentially outweigh the effects of a negative text review.

Suppressing a Negative Review on Google

This is a touchy subject. The reason being is that review platforms such as TripAdvisor, Google, and many more, want to protect the individual leaving the review. This means they will not typically remove a review “because you don’t like it” unless you will prove that the information posted was false, defamatory or that the individual was never a customer.


This can be extremely difficult to deal with after your business can incur a negative review. There is nothing worse than having negative information appear on the first page of Google to deter any potential customers from even considering you.


The best recourse of action from here on would be to focus your marketing efforts around generating more positive reviews across all applicable review sources.


Gaining positive reviews can be accomplished through the following efforts:

  • Create various business listings (broaden your reach)
  • Publish high-engaging content that users will want to share
  • Create incentive options ($5 gift cards for every 5-star review left)
  • Ask at the point of closing or a week later (while your brand name is still fresh)
  • Ask to meet with your clients
  • Stop asking yes and no questions. Make them explain why they liked your service.
  • Compliment the customer first
  • Directly ask them for a review if you know they are pleased with your service/product(s)
  • Host an event (offer free tickets to those who leave a great review)
    • Follow up with attendees afterward to get their feedback

Positive reviews are not easy to get in 2020. Customers are more likely to leave a negative review over a positive review. There is no rhyme or reason, however, people tend to comment on a negative experience.

positive feedback as a way to suppress google search or review

How To Suppress Unwanted Google Search Results 

Online reputation experts such as NetReputation work to eliminate any trace of negative information online pertaining to individuals and businesses. Whether you are looking for how to remove a google search result or a bad review, complete the form below for immediate assistance:

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One of the easiest ways to suppress Google search results is by contacting the site owners and requesting removal options. Most of the time, if you can show that the article or photo doesn’t bring any traffic to their website, they will probably comply and update/remove the content posted about you.


Online reputation management works to address these situations head on for you, so you can focus on what really matters which is running your business.


You can use ICANN WHOIS tools to uncover the email address of the website owner to see if they are keeping their domain information public. A quick and polite email should do the trick.


If you have attempted this but have seen no results or the site owners never answered you, please complete the form above and our team will look into this matter for you.

Best Strategy For Suppressing Search Results Fast

At the end of the day, suppressing search results from Google will take time. Unless you are able to get the website owner to remove the content for you, working on suppressing Google search results may take 2-3 months before you start seeing results. In time, your online reputation will be stronger than ever. 


The best technique on how to suppress Google search results is to push down the negative search results by promoting yourself or your brand heavily on social media websites. You could also pay a local newspaper or media outlet to feature your name in a press release.


Furthermore, press release articles typically cost $200-500 each and show favorably within Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Most of the time they will appear on the first page within one or two days.


Still stuck? Hire NetReputation, your best reputation defenders, to help you suppress search results while also working to promote positive results along the way.


Stop suffering because of negative search results when there is something you can do about it! 

We can’t wait to hear back from you. 

Take advantage of our online reputation repair tools now!

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