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Do you want to boost referrals for your real estate business while attracting the best talent in the industry? A reputation management campaign can revitalize your brand image and distinguish it from the competition.

The search for a new home or an agency to work for starts online. When growing or repairing your online reputation, everything that could be found by Googling your business name must be considered, including:

  • Claimed profiles on listing websites
  • Positive and negative online reviews
  • Rankings in search engine results
  • Sentiment on social media platforms

The stronger your online reputation, the more likely it is that a homebuyer or seller will choose your services over the competition. Plus, a positive brand identity helps you attract top agents who can bring even more acclaim to your business.

At NetReputation, we’re experts in real estate reputation management strategies. Our comprehensive services include local SEO, review generation, response management, and social listening.

Real Estate Reputation Management Services

Real Estate Reputation Services: What We Offer

Real Estate Local SEO

Local SEO

Real estate is a localized industry, and people looking to buy, sell or rent will start their online search with geo-specific keywords.

NetReputation uses a variety of local SEO tactics to improve your rank in the SERPS and enhance your presence on Google, including:

  • Google Business Profile optimation
  • Content generation that targets local keywords
  • Geo-based competitor analysis

These strategies target potential customers and team members in specific regions. We can help you connect you with potential clients in your area, become more visible on Google Maps, and outrank competitor content.


Review Generation

Consumers trust online reviews the same way they trust personal recommendations. By generating more high ratings and glowing reviews, you’ll build brand credibility and establish trust with homebuyers.

At NetReputation, we streamline the review generation process by using strategies like sending automated requests and scheduling drip campaigns. Don’t rely on your clients to remember to leave you a review — make it as easy as possible for them instead.

In addition to encouraging other clients to trust your real estate business, review generation can also help you improve customer service. You’ll be able to compare reviews of your various locations and team members to discover weaknesses, and you’ll find ways to boost client satisfaction.

Real Estate Review Generation
Real Estate Review Response Management

Review Response Management

Engaging with your customers through their reviews shows that you notice them and care about what they have to say. When clients see that you’re attentive to their feedback, they’ll be encouraged to leave more reviews in support of your business.

Our real estate ORM experts can help you address both positive and negative reviews while remaining transparent and consistent in your messaging.

Remember, even one overlooked negative review can harm your real estate company’s online reputation and drive away potential clients.

While it’s tempting to ignore negative reviews, responding to poor feedback with a resolution can encourage the reviewer to remove or update their original comment. It also shows others how you handle difficult situations, which instills trust.


Social Listening

Plenty of customer feedback happens away from review sites, with people discussing their real estate experiences on social media platforms, blogs, forums and other outlets.

By knowing what people are saying about you on these platforms — where they’ll be more forthcoming than in a review they know you’ll read — you can get an honest feel of customer sentiment. You can also jump in and get involved in the conversation before it gets out of hand.

NetReputation’s social monitoring services keep an eye on brand-related chatter online, allowing us to spot problems before they snowball into PR crises. We’ll track mentions of your brand in outlets such as:

  • Facebook, Instagram, and X
  • Industry blogs
  • News websites
  • Reddit and other forums
  • YouTube

Online monitoring means you’ll always know what buyers, sellers, competitors and team members are saying about your business.

Real Estate Social Listening

Our industry-leading reputation solutions enable real estate brands to maximize their reach and success online

Your real estate company can become a standout in local markets with professional reputation management services.

Anyone making a big real estate decision needs to trust the agent, broker or company they choose. A strong online reputation shows that you’re knowledgeable, credible and better than the competition.

NetReputation helps real estate companies and professionals shape their digital persona, enhance brand positioning and attract clients who will raise their portfolio.

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