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Individual Branding and Promotion services by NetReputation allow you to look and be your best on the web. A strong online brand provides a powerful tool for highlighting your achievements, maximizing visibility, and unlocking opportunities for personal and professional success.

With NetReputation’s personal individual branding services, you can build a brand that showcases your best qualities and helps you realize your full potential.

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Are your achievements showing up in search results?

Google is the first place friends, coworkers, and employers go to for information. Whether you are just starting out in building your digital footprint or already have an established brand, visibility in online searches can unlock new opportunities. When people search for your name online, our individual branding services put your values, best features, and proudest achievements in the spotlight.

Corporate Brand vs. Individual Brand?

The concept of branding may be familiar to those with business interests. In simple terms, a brand is an intangible perception of a given company -- one that helps people identify the company and its products or services. This perception has incredible value and offers competitive advantages that can be leveraged in different markets. Corporate branding may be comprised of numerous components, including:

  • Distinctive colors or trade dress
  • Logos
  • Branding styles
  • Recognizable marks or trademarks
  • Slogans
Corporate Brand vs. Individual Brand?

Corporate brand strategy often includes existing brands as well as new brand identities for the same company. One company may have a parent brand, sometimes referred to as an umbrella brand or single brand, which works in a stand alone fashion to improve customer recognition. From there, they may create multiple brands for unique market segments, launch flanker brands to differentiate product ranges or product categories, and use these multiple brands to occupy different market segments.

What About Individual Brands?

What About Individual Brands?

Companies depend on their brands to create brand recognition in different marketplaces, especially when a company hopes to enter into a new market segment. The same applies to everyday individuals, particularly if you wish to achieve your personal and professional goals.

If you are not a business owner, do you still need a brand? The answer is YES: individual brands tell others who you are, what you stand for, and what values you contribute. Individual branding presents a unique image and forms your online identity in a way that stands out.

Is Individual Branding a Marketing Strategy?

Branding is a proven strategy for companies and serves as a powerful marketing strategy. Businesses of all sizes and types use branding to supplement their marketing efforts. The same can be said for individual branding, which is a marketing strategy designed to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. With a strong individual branding campaign on your side, you stand out in online searches and in people's minds. As examples, individual branding can be used to:

  • Build a large social media following
  • Become an authority in your field
  • Create recognition across web platforms
Is Individual Branding a Marketing Strategy?

Business owners use branding as a marketing strategy, and so can you. With unique brand names, you establish yourself as someone to trust and respect in the digital environment.

What Does an Individual Branding Strategy Include?

At NetReputation, we know that your digital presence is important. Today, people use online search tools like Google to learn about people and businesses. Within our customized individual branding solutions, our expert personal branding team offers several key components:

Professional internet presence

Build a polished, professional online footprint -- a visible online identity -- that is easy to find and puts your best foot forward on the web. Our individual branding team develops a unique brand name, style, and visual elements that showcase your best attributes, helping you to improve online visibility while reinforcing your online reputation.

Personal web monitoring

Once your unique brand name is established, monitoring is a key aspect that provides robust protection against negative information that can harm your image and identity. Get updates and alerts any time new mentions of your personal brand show up online. This monitoring service allows you to respond quickly to higher risk threats, reinforcing your new brand name. Personal monitoring is an integral part of our individual branding strategy and one that few of our competitors can match.

Social media management and promotion

Elevate your own brand and success with strategic social media branding strategies and promotion. Our individual branding strategy team knows how important social media is in today's always-on digital environment. Carve out an impressive market share for one brand or for multiple individual or family branding initiatives.

When people search your name online, what do they find?

Whether you’re looking for a new job or launching a new business, making a great first impression is essential.

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75% of searchers don’t look past Google’s first results page. More than 28% click on the first result every time.
– Search Engine Journal, 2020

candidates research

98% of employers research job candidates online. 79% reject potential hires due to negative online content.
– The Manifest Poll, 2020

On the web, negative information can appear nearly anywhere, unraveling the hard work you have done in creating a digital presence. Individual branding is a proven marketing practice that protects your online reputation. Even a newly created individual brand has tremendous value. With a brand identity, you gain important benefits:

  • Standing out in online search results
  • Building trust between you and others
  • Building value that can be leveraged to achieve your goals
  • Establishing, building, and repairing your critical online reputation
negative information

Individual branding unlocks new possibilities for you and for your family. From individual to family branding services, our team has experience in helping people achieve their best possible recognition in the online environment.

NetReputation Individual Branding Solutions: building a robust brand presence across the web

Professional brand enhancement

Use our personal branding professional services to build a brand that reaches more people and gets results across the web! One brand can be used to expand your digital footprint, such as:

  • Online resume enhancement showcasing your experience on major resume sites (LinkedIn).
  • Professional profile creation to optimize your presence and impact in search results.
  • Professional content development that spotlights career milestones and achievements.
  • Online content repair solutions to minimize negative items hurting your online brand.
  • Customized SEO and targeting marketing strategies to dominate Google search and reach the right audience.
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Social media management & promotion

Get the word out and share your story with those who matter most:

  • Full audit and optimization of your brand across social media.
  • Optimized social profile creation to grow your footprint across major social media platforms.
  • Personalized social media guidance to protect your privacy and promote your image effectively.
  • Social post scheduling to expand brand reach and awareness.
  • Content promotion that targets followers and elevates your brand and expertise online.
  • Split efforts across multiple social platforms to give your new brand name even more reach.

Personalized website development

Optimize your personal or family brand with your very own website!

  • Professional website creation that anchors your personal brand or family brand in search results and across the internet.
  • Cutting-edge site development techniques to maximize visibility and provide a fast and engaging user experience.
  • Created with high-quality, optimized content that highlights your values, skills, expertise, and authority in your industry.
  • Includes professionally customized images, graphics, and photos to optimize brand engagement.
  • Connected to your social profiles to increase traffic and make content sharing a breeze.
individual brand monitoring
individual branding instant updates

24/7 brand monitoring & instant updates

Know what people are saying about you instantly, thanks to the individual branding monitoring service by NetReputation.

  • Customized brand monitoring to track your personal brand in real time.
  • Comprehensive web search capability to identify all mentions of your brand online, no matter where or when they pop up.
  • Instant alerts that notify you when new content is posted on the web.

Individual Branding: Frequently asked questions

Our expert content creation team works with you to generate topics that best fit your unique experience. Then, our writers get to work, developing high-quality blog posts, articles, press releases, and biographies that reflect your expertise and position you as a leader in your field.

In many cases, we can remove a bad item hurting your online brand. Successful content removal depends on several factors, including the type of content, who published it, and how long it has been on the web. When we can’t remove an item outright, the best option is usually search engine suppression.

The sites we use for individual branding promotion depend on several things, including your industry, goals, audience, and preferences. After a careful analysis, we use only those platforms that work best for your situation, needs, and brand.

Yes. While we will work to maintain and optimize your site for the duration of your branding campaign, your personal website and all content we build for it is yours.

A typical NetReputation individual branding campaign can last anywhere from several months to two years or more, depending on your specific goals and situation. We start each campaign with an in-depth analysis of your brand and preferences to design a marketing strategy that delivers the best results in as little time as possible.

To learn more about our personal branding services, schedule your free online branding consultation today..

While our professional branding team does most of the work, we may ask for a few things along the way to ensure the best opportunity for success. Minor tasks like completing a client questionnaire and quickly approving content are key to keeping your individual branding strategy and campaign moving efficiently and achieving the results you need to thrive online.

We provide site and login info for every online asset we create so you may access your items whenever needed.

NetReputation Personal Branding and Family Branding Services

Our individual branding solutions offer so much more in terms of building recognition in the online environment. With your own unique brand name, you gain competitive advantages, including:


Online Resume Enhancement
Professional Profile Creation & Optimization
Professional Content Development
Negative Content Repair
Advanced SEO


Social Media Audit
New Profile Creation
Personalized Guidance and Support
Post Scheduling and Updates
Strategic Brand Content Promotion


Customized Site Creation
User-friendly Design and Navigation
Optimized Content Creation
Professional Images & Photos
Social Media Sharing & Tie-in


In-depth Web Search Feature
New Content Alerts

Contact NetReputation Today for Individual Branding Strategies that Work

Brand names are valuable to business owners, and they can provide the same values and advantages to you and your family. Whatever your goals, a brand name can improve visibility as it builds recognition in the online environment.

NetReputation's marketing team of individual branding professionals are ready to help you achieve your goals. Our customized services provide the same quality that our corporate branding customers have come to expect. To learn more about our branding strategies and services, call NetReputation today at (844) 461-3632.

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