Our 5-Step Reputation Management Process

Online reputation management involves five distinct phases, including:

Throughout your campaign, we repeat the final three phases on a regular basis to reinforce our progress and ensure long-term success. Learn more about each step below.


Reputation Analysis

We start each online reputation management campaign with extensive research. During the research phase, we identify your top keywords, all positive and negative results featuring your name or brand, and any ongoing and potential threats to your reputation.

Content and search result removal

We look at all legal solutions for removing content and links from the web. Wherever needed, we explore all available options for unwanted articles, images, videos, social media content, Google search results and more. Depending on what’s needed, we’ll often combine removals with protection and suppression strategies to ensure long-term success. Our removal tactics may include DMCA takedowns, YouTube video removal, NoIndex removal, removing search results from Google, and other techniques.

Reputation analysis

Our advanced online reputation management diagnostic tool identifies the top search results for each search phrase, grouping them into categories we then analyze and score. We use this information as baseline results now and as a success metric later.

Gap analysis

For businesses, we conduct a SERP gap analysis to draw out key differences between your results and those of your competitors, focusing on website domains ranking highly in Google search. This analysis identifies potential threats to your brand and opportunities to improve your reputation.

Influencer & hashtag research

Our reputation analysis efforts include social influencer and hashtag research to identify influencers and trends critical to your online reputation management strategy. We utilize this research during the Promotion stage of your campaign.

The comprehensive research phase provides the foundation for your entire reputation management campaign.


Web Property Development

Once analysis is complete, we identify and build websites, business directory listings, social media profiles, blogs, and other owned web assets under your influence and control. We then develop the properties you need to fill in the gaps.

These may include:

A professional website

Social media profiles

Wikipedia pages

Charity websites


Image sharing profiles

Video profiles

Business directory listings

And more

With these new assets in place, we set up a network of owned domains and a customized content distribution platform, allowing us to quickly and seamlessly post content for each web reputation property. This user-friendly platform makes it fast and easy to manage multiple profiles, update content and publish posts across the web.

Additionally, we clean up and optimize any existing online assets already in your control, improving all sites, profiles and pages you currently own to ensure maximum impact in Google search results.


Content Creation

Creating content may be one of the most time-consuming aspects of the ORM process, but it’s also one of the most essential. Quality content creation is the foundation of every successful reputation management strategy. New content can be posted on web properties you own, or on third-party websites.

Optimized content development includes:

Content ideation

Once we understand your brand, we brainstorm content ideas that will appeal to your target audience and spark engagement. We build an “Audience Persona” to determine your target demographic and the types of content most likely to compel interaction.

Content development

We develop basic content outlines and topics that feature your brand and market your expertise. Once we receive your approval and feedback, we build high-quality, web-ready articles, press releases, bios and guest posts to shape your online narrative.

We then match each approved article and bio with an optimized publishing target, establish a regular content schedule, and reanalyze existing assets to identify areas in need of improvement. We also develop a coherent social media promotion calendar to enhance content reach and engagement.

Our SEO content specialists help you develop a variety of content types, including:

Executive bios

Social media posts

Thought leadership articles (long-form articles & reports)


Blogs & articles



Press releases

And more



We customize a content publishing plan to keep your reputation management campaign on track. This schedules content publication across many of your content channels, from posts on owned websites and blogs to articles on third-party sites and deployment to high-authority news aggregators.

We use a combination of manual and automatic publishing systems not only to deploy your content on schedule, but also to ensure trending, timely content can be published when and wherever needed.

We publish nearly every type of content, including blog posts, guest posts, press releases, tweets, Facebook updates, industry-related articles, images, slideshows, and more.


Content Promotion

An effective content promotion strategy is key to getting the word out and ensuring a successful internet reputation management process. Our content promotion strategy involves three basic but essential elements of online promotion:

Owned promotion

Using new and existing tools like email lists and SEO, we reach out to personal blog and website readers to increase engagement and optimize assets you already control.

Earned promotion

We capitalize on the power of social media to generate organic feedback, shares, comments and links to created content. This includes both direct requests and developing content that inspires engagement and grows your audience.

Paid promotion

The right paid promotion plan can produce incredible returns on your investment. Powerful paid promotion techniques include paid discovery using tools, guest posts on relevant, high-ranking blogs and webpages, paid discovery tools, paid search efforts and sponsored content on high-volume news and entertainment sites.

In conclusion

When done right, online reputation management offers an excellent opportunity to repair your reputation and realize your full online potential. But it’s important to know that ORM is also an ongoing, sometimes even painstaking process. And without the right team, technology and support on your side, that process - and any progress you’ve made - can fall apart in a hurry.

To learn more about ORM and what the right reputation solution can do for you, contact us today.

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