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Have you ever been arrested? Odds are your mugshot and arrest information are now public records on the internet and appear in search results.  And don’t be fooled, they might be even more attainable than you have anticipated. 


There are hundreds and hundreds of arrests that occur within the United States on a daily basis. Recently (dating back to roughly 2015) we have seen the emergence of online mugshot publication websites.


These websites proudly display the most recent arrestees for anyone with an online connection to see. Particularly in regards to making first impressions, obtaining new employment, buying a new home or even trying to date online.


People are now able to locate information on all topics imaginable and this comprises your personal data too. Apart from Googling somebody’s first and last name coupled with the keywords “arrest” or even “mugshot” there are various data aggregates websites open to anybody with $10 to spend (i.e. InstantCheckMate, WhitePages, Spokeo, +40 more).


In the following guide, we’ll help you through all of the measures required to locate free mugshots online and arrest documents. In addition, we will also illustrate how you can work towards eliminating them if you’ve fallen prey to one of these websites.


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Find Mugshots Online For Free | State & Country Records

In the olden days, a person would have to walk into their local court of clerks’ office together with court records to be able to look at arrest files.


Now you don’t even need to leave your sofa. Locating and removing your mugshot online is as simple as upgrading your FB standing or posting a new photo to Instagram.


After working in the content removal and online standing industry for more than ten years, our team has perfected the manner of protecting your online reputation. We make our best efforts to find both county and state records, and mugshots, prior to removing them from the front pages of Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


For most people, the process is rather simple, given you don’t have a popular name such as John Smith. Using a jail inmate search locator such as Mugshots or Arrests should not be troublesome for you. But gone are the days where you would have to visit a law enforcement agency so as to gain access to such documents.



The Process Of Finding Mugshots Online For Free

As a first step in locating free mugshots online, you may want either a smartphone or a pc. Start Your research process by heading to Google and typing in the following:


As previously mentioned it may be more difficult to find a record for yourself in case you’ve got a rather common name. If that is you, don’t worry, simply put in the city/state where the incident happened in the quotation marks with your title.


Right off the bat, you should only be revealed on websites that feature your name (and city/state). With the additional information in quotation marks, you’re basically excluding all the other websites that don’t have anything to do with you.


Find mugshot of arrested man


Once you have found a few websites that have printed your mugshot and any other arrest information we recommend that you create a spreadsheet to list all these sites. By producing this spreadsheet you’re avoiding numerous clicks on this particular negative content on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


As you may or may not be aware, repeated clicks within a SERP sends signals to Google, and over time it can potentially rank that negative website higher. Google will simply assume that you’re interested in the content.


After you’re finished making your spreadsheet, you may start to get in touch with all the sites. We recommend using a tool like DomainTools or ICANN WHOIS in order to locate the contact information of each website owner. This procedure can be extremely time consuming and frustrating as these websites are protected under the first amendment and are not legally obligated to remove your mugshots from their site. 


In the end, arrest records including mugshots are, sadly, free public information online.


Is Publishing Arrest Information Legal?

Unfortunately yes, there is no law that prevents a site from publishing arrest info. This permits anyone online to find and see your mugshots online for free.


Many mugshot sites are broken down by county or town records and this makes it simpler for folks to research. 


Most employers will also use these websites during the hiring process.




It’s a completely free and quick method to get results about anyone without having to wait for a background check to clear. Although most of these sites have disclaimers that the records printed aren’t to be used during the hiring process, most of us know they are.


It’s hard to dispute the fact you were arrested after your possible employer has found and seen your own mugshots.


This is sometimes comparable to a possible employer looking you up on Facebook. Scrolling through your posts and photographs to find out if you will be a fantastic fit with that corporation.


Find Mugshots Online For Free With Net Reputation

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, NetReputation has been eliminating criminal records from the internet for over a decade with only favorable results and satisfied clients.


With NetReputation you are granted a 100% warranty. This means that if we are unsuccessful in removing your data online you are eligible for a 100% refund. In addition, if your criminal records and mugshots reappear online we will work for you free of charge. There are never any extra fees to remove them again.


Allowed the resurfaced data must be in reference to the same arrest we originally removed.


We use a trustworthy strategy when working to get rid of the unwanted content on the net. If you are interested in learning more about NetReputation and the way we can assist you with removing your criminal records and locating mugshots online for free, don’t hesitate to contact us today and request a free consultation.


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