Mugshot Removal: Here’s What to Know

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How To Remove A Mugshot Online

How do I remove my mugshot online? is a question we receive often. And if you or someone close to you has ever been arrested, you know how unflattering mugshots can be. 


Unfortunately in this digital era, mugshot sites have made crime records readily available to anyone with an internet connection. With all your information out there, mugshot removal may seem impossible, but stick with us and we’ll show you what you can do. 


As times change, information is becoming increasingly available to everyone. This is both good and bad, as we all benefit from the surplus of resources and answers at our fingertips. However, if there is something negative about you online, this content might make you feel trapped.


The importance of an individual’s online reputation score is quickly becoming a personal asset. Gone are the days of first impressions. Nowadays, individuals will browse sites such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, and many others before they meet someone first to face. 


Don’t be embarrassed by your search results.

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Mugshot removal is more cumbersome for those with a troubled past. People that are applying for a new job, or possibly want to purchase a new home. Some adults are testing out the waters with online dating and may have a hard time making connections. 


Nonetheless, personal privacy is slowly slipping away. For that reason, Net Reputation is here to assist you with enhancing your image online and improving your overall reputation. In the following sections, we will discuss the mugshot removal service we offer, as well as tips and tricks you can use to remove mugshots from the Internet efficiently.


Why Is Your Mugshot Online?

This may come as no surprise but mugshots found on the internet are considered a public record or public information. This allows anyone to visit a criminal database, copy the information and paste it wherever they choose online.


For that reason, criminal documents (along with other court records) must be accessible to anyone. The only exception would be if a particular case was sealed or expunged. These motions ensure those are removed from a public record or struck from your record altogether.


So how do mugshots make it onto a search engine? The process is much simpler than you might expect.


Mugshot publications are owned and operated by individuals just like you or I. These are NOT legal entities, law firms or anything of the sort. 


This is important because it makes the process of mugshot removal much more attainable. removal


Let’s look at a site like for example. The owners of Mugshots utilize automated “scraping” software and tools. This allows them to capture new arrestees’ information directly from county websites. These arrest profiles are what you tend to see rank on Google search results.


You are seeing your mugshot on page one because you have little to no web presence. For this reason, Google is going to crawl everything it can find in hopes of discovering something to show you.


This is why individuals with common names such as “John Smith” tend to never suffer from this issue. If your name is unique it would be a different story. 9 times out of 10 you will see your mugshot photo under images on Google, Bing, and/or Yahoo.


Locating Your Mugshot & Arrest Records On Google

Finding your mugshot online is a fairly straightforward task. If you’ve already found it and are only interested in mugshot removal, skip to the next section. If not, head over to Google and enter the following query (replace names with yours).


  • “John Smith” arrest
  • “Mike Smith” mugshot
  • “Mark Smith” Sarasota arrest
  • “Jack L. Smith” arrest


If you are struggling to find a mugshot, which is a good sign, play around with your searches. Add in key identifiers to further assist Google in helping you find your arrest records.


mugshot removal of arrested man


90% of adults in the US say that when they Google themselves the results are less than flattering. On top of that, 85% of human resource departments begin their applicant research on Google.


Why? Because it’s free, easy and gives them instant answers.


If you are curious about what websites your mugshot is located on please complete the form below. One of the knowledgeable reputation advisors will contact you within 24 hours.


This will include options on how to perform your mugshot removal most effectively.


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How Do I Get My Mugshot Removed From Google?

This is the tricky part about mugshots removal. If you are looking  to remove your mugshot online from Google search results, you’ll first need to delete it from the site where it was initially posted.

As previously stated, mugshot sites are owned and operated by normal citizens. There is no rhyme or reason as to why they’ve started the website. However, there are no statutes in place to have these websites shut down at this time.


So, you must resort to their contact us page to look for a viable email or phone number.


Or you can utilize a free tool such as ICANN WHOIS in order to view the registrar’s information. 



ICANN Lookup

If you do come across their contact information on their website or a forum, it’s best to be polite. These individuals, as horrid as they seem, have no obligation to remove your mugshot.


How Much Does It Cost To Remove A Mugshot? 

If your criminal record is still public record (has not been expunged/sealed) there is nothing you can do to get rid of it online.


More often than not, the owners (if they respond) will charge you a fee if you want to get mugshots removed. Reply to their response by attaching any legal documents you have.


Most sites will remove mugshot information granted you provide a valid expungement document.


Additionally, the online reputation experts at NetReputation offer a mugshot removal analysis, completely free of charge. This is when we browse over 500+ mugshot websites in search of your criminal record. 


Your dedicated reputation advisor will email you all of your options for your review.


Additional Information About Mugshot Removal Websites

Finding out your mugshot is online can be devastating. And if you are wondering “Do mugshots ever go away?, the answer is that unfortunately they don’t. Not by themselves at least.


Net Reputation’s online reputation management services are backed by over a decade of experience when it comes to removing unwanted content online. In addition, our team provides a mugshot removal service that is hands-down the fastest, most efficient way to erase your name from Google results. Guaranteed!


Search results can be a double-edged sword. That’s why it’s so important that you know your options. This goes even for those without mugshots online as well. The importance of building what we call a “reputational safety net” allows you to remain proactive in case something negative does transpire in your future


Removing mugshots from google is very possible. Regardless if you were convicted of the charges or walked out of jail 5 minutes later with the charges dropped.


NetReputation has a list of over 3,000 websites to remove from. As well as ensuring your photos never appear on those sites again. Ready to get started?


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