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Mugshot Removal: Here’s What To Know

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“How do I remove my mugshot online?” is a question we hear often. And if you or someone close to you has ever been arrested, you know how unflattering mugshots can be.

Unfortunately, in this digital era, mugshot sites have made criminal arrest records readily available to anyone with an internet connection. With all your information out there, mugshot removal may seem impossible, but stick with us and we’ll show you what you can do.

As times change, information becomes increasingly available to everyone. This is both good and bad, as we all benefit from a surplus of resources and answers at our fingertips. However, if there is something negative about you online, this content might make you feel trapped.

The importance of an individual’s online reputation score is quickly becoming a personal asset.

Gone are the days of in-person first impressions. Nowadays, individuals will browse social and search sites before they meet someone face to face. It’s easy for them to stumble upon a mugshot site with your mugshot image before they know anything else about you.

Don’t be embarrassed by your search results. Take charge of your personal or business reputation and your personal relationships with the help of NetReputation, the leading online reputation management agency.

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Understanding the Digital Landscape: Why Is Your Mugshot Online?

How do mugshots make it into online databases and search engine results? In other words, why are your mugshots online? The answer is much simpler than you might expect. The two primary sources for these unflattering images are (1) arrest records and (2) information scraped from the web.

Arrest Records From Law Enforcement Agencies

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This may come as no surprise, but mugshots found on the internet are considered part of the public record or public information. During the booking process, a booking photo or mugshot is taken. If you’ve ever been arrested for a crime, or even brought in for questioning about a crime, the law enforcement agency may have taken photos of you.

Criminal documents like arrest records and other court records must be made accessible to anyone. The reason for this is that there are public records laws on the local, state, and federal levels.

Many jurisdictions have public records laws that require posting information about recent arrests. Government entities, including county and city law enforcement agencies, are often required to post arrest records, criminal records and more online.

Law enforcement websites may publish a wide variety of records, including:

  • Booking photos or mugshots
  • Arrest records
  • Sex offender information
  • Personal information

This free and easy access to your arrest record and other information allows anyone from the general public to visit a criminal database, copy the information, and paste it wherever they choose online.

The only exception is if a particular case is sealed or expunged. These motions ensure that information is removed from the public record or struck from your record altogether.

Public Records and Web Scraping

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Mugshot publications are owned and operated by individuals just like you and me. These are not legal entities, law firms, or anything of the sort.

Around the world, automated search tools scour the web, exploring every available database for personal information and records that can be used. If you’ve been arrested, your information and arrest record may be posted on a county or city database, and data brokers will find it.

Access to these free mugshots is made even easier by search engines. With the sheer amount of traffic going to mugshot websites, these sites tend to rank at or near the top of search results.

Let’s look at a site like Mugshots.com. The website owner utilizes automated scraping software and tools. This allows them to capture new arrestee information directly from county websites. These arrest profiles are what you tend to see rank in search results.

If you have little or no web presence, you’ll most likely see your booking photo or mugshot on page one of the search results. This is because when you search for yourself online, the search engine does everything it can to discover information about you so it has something to show in the search results.

This is why individuals with common names like “John Smith” rarely suffer from this issue. If your name is unique, though, it’s a different story. Most of the time, you’ll be able to find your mugshot photo under the image results.

Celebrity Mugshot Sites

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Celebrity mugshot sites have risen in popularity over the past decade. Anyone can search for mugshots of their favorite sports star or celebrity either through these sites or by using online search engines.

Such sites post mugshots and other embarrassing details, claiming they do so for informational purposes. The truth is that these sites are out to make money by driving traffic to their mugshot websites.

With such a high volume of traffic going to these sites, results are likely to appear at or near the top of search results pages.

Another Consideration for People With a Troubled Past

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Mugshot removal is more cumbersome for those with a troubled past. Anyone with a criminal background may discover that their mugshot photos continue to haunt them.

This includes people who are applying for a new job, applying to schools, or possibly wanting to purchase a new home. It can also make it difficult to meet new people and make connections if you’re giving online dating a try.

The booking process includes collecting arrest information, which then ends up online for anyone to find using a simple online search. Unfortunately, free mugshot removal is a difficult and time-intensive process. When you want mugshots removal from online search results, your best bet is to hire a professional mugshot takedown service provider.

Because of how much information is readily available online, personal privacy is slowly slipping away.

For that reason, NetReputation is here to assist you with enhancing your image online and improving your overall reputation.

Mugshot Removal and Ethical Considerations

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Normal citizens own and operate mugshot sites. There may be no particular reason why they launched a mugshot website other than that they’re popular and can get a lot of traffic.

There also aren’t any statutes in place to have these websites shut down unless information on these sites is there for an unlawful purpose. Mugshots and your criminal record are fair game.

It’s common to find search results about yourself that are less than flattering. On top of that, human resource departments and others in your personal and professional life may turn to the internet to find information about you. Using search engines to learn about other people is popular because it’s free, easy, and returns instant answers.

For example, an employer may scour the web for details about a person they’re considering hiring. They may do this in addition to a formal background check or as a replacement for one. Using a search engine to get information about a person is fast and free, unlike background checks.

If unflattering information turns up about you in a simple search, there’s no reason for a potential employer to dig deeper — they’ll make their mind up to not hire you on the spot.

How Do I Request Mugshot Removal From Google?

Finding out that your mugshot is online can be devastating. And if you are wondering, “Do mugshots ever go away?” the answer is that, unfortunately, they don’t. Not by themselves, at least.

If your criminal record is still in the public record (meaning it has not been expunged or sealed), there is nothing you can do to completely get rid of it online. Arrest records are public records, and many law agencies have a legal obligation to post this information.

Contacting the site owner is always the first step when you want to begin the process of removing confidential information. (Learn more about that here.) In many cases, you must resort to the website’s contact page to look for an email or phone number. You can also utilize a free tool such as ICANN LOOKUP to view the registrar’s information.

Search results can be a double-edged sword. That’s why it’s so important that you know your options. Even if you don’t have mugshots online now, building a reputational safety net allows you to remain proactive in case something negative transpires in your future.

In some cases, the owner of the website won’t work with you after you submit an image removal request. It can then be impossible to have search engines take down your mugshot image or other private data that’s been published online.

If that happens, you’ll want to contact a mugshot removal attorney or an online reputation management company that specializes in mugshot removal services.

Protect Your Personal Information: Call NetReputation Today

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Removing mugshots from the internet is very possible, regardless of the outcome of the charges.

Arrest records are embarrassing, but they don’t have to affect you for the rest of your life.

NetReputation knows that an arrest can result in personal records or mugshots appearing in online searches, potentially harming your reputation and your chances at success.

Instead of relying on mugshot removal websites that may not have the online reputation management experience you need, consider working with NetReputation.

We can help remove mugshots once and for all by using proven strategies that produce results. We can remove your mugshots from nearly any site that posted them. Our team also works to ensure your photos never appear online again.

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