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Georgia Mugshots Law Explained

Georgia Mugshots Law

Arrested in the state of Georgia? Learn about Georgia mugshots law and how to remove your criminal record online.

According to the Freedom of Information Act, any person may access public records for those not protected by an FOIA statutory exemption. This law was passed to hold government officials accountable for their actions. 

And while the Freedom of Information Act plays a fundamental role within our system, it’s certainly not perfect.

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Georgia online mugshots law in Atlanta

If you have ever been arrested, your name, mugshot, date of arrest, and other reported details go into a government database. Once there, your information is available to the general public.

Unfortunately, mugshot sites abuse this access for profit, collecting that information and charging fees to remove mugshots from the web.

And with the rise of the internet, having embarrassing arrest information online can be an obstacle for almost anyone.

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The Solution: Implement Georgia Mugshots Law

In response, Georgia established a new mugshot law (2013). This law states that when an arrestee meets specific criteria, mugshot websites must remove their photo from the platform.

What’s more: Sites must do so within 30 days from the initial content removal written request or face consequences. 

How Individuals Qualify For Free Content Removals

You may qualify for mugshot removal when:

  1. The authorities restricted access to the individual’s charges.
  2. Officials never referred your case to a prosecuting attorney. This may also include dropped charges or case closure by the law enforcement agency.
  3. The statute of limitations has expired.
  4. Officials referred the case to the prosecuting attorney, but it was later dismissed.
  5. Before the indictment, the grand jury returned two no bills.
  6. After the indictment, the state dismissed the charges.
  7. Post-indictment or accusation, you pled guilty to a minor drug offense and completed your sentence. You then completed the terms of your probation.
  8. A judge or jury acquitted you of all charges.
Arrest records according to Georgia online mugshots law

According to Georgia mugshots law, your removal request must include your name, date of birth, arrest date, and the police officer’s or police department’s name. 

You must then submit your request to the mugshot company through certified mail. 

And if the site doesn’t remove your mugshot image within 30 days, you can file a complaint with the state of Georgia Department of Law’s Consumer Protection Division.

Not every state has a law like this; it is a great idea to check with your local clerk of the courts or law enforcement agencies to see if your state offers protective laws against mugshot sites reposting your embarrassing images.

To navigate the complexities of Georgia’s mugshot laws, reach out to our team; we’re just a call away to guide you through the process. Call us at (844) 461-3632.

Georgia Mugshots Law Code Title 35: §35-1-19

In 2014, the state of Georgia passed another aggressive law against mugshot websites.

This law bans law enforcement agencies from posting mugshots online. 

Does The Georgia Mugshot Law Protect You?

Officials may only release mugshots to those who sign a statement, which protects the information from commercial use.

The Georgia mugshots law states that:

  1. A “booking photograph” is any photograph taken by an arresting law enforcement agency for the purpose of identification when such an individual is processed into jail.
  2. Except when the case qualifies for the State Sexual Offender Registry, the law enforcement agency shall not post booking photographs on a website.
  3. The arresting agency shall not provide or make copies of a booking photograph when:
    1. That photograph will show up in a publication or website, or when
    2. Removal of those images requires payment or any other consideration.
  4. When a person requests a mugshot, they shall submit a statement affirming compliance with subsection (c) of this Code section. Any person who knowingly makes a false statement is guilty of breaking the law.

Georgia made a statement with this law and took action to combat a serious problem. With any luck, this Georgia mugshots law is enough to end this business model in the future.

Georgia online mugshots law meeting attorney

Removing Unwanted Georgia Mugshots from Sites like Mugshots.com

We’re here to help.

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By removing that mugshot from the web, you eliminate a major threat to your future.  Although not always accessible through a basic Google search, arrest records will always be accessible at the government records depot and local courthouses. 

Lastly, we offer complete removal solutions for arrest records and mugshot images online.  And, all projects are 100% money-back guaranteed.

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