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Remove arrest records online


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If you were ever arrested in the U.S., odds are your mugshot and arrest records are appearing in search engine results. Discover how to remove this information from the internet with the help of a reputation management company, or by trying to do it yourself.


So stay tuned and get ready to remove your criminal record, get your mugshot removed, and build the life you deserve.

Why do Public Records Online matter?

Each day, thousands of people face arrest.


And, many of the charges they face are dropped almost immediately.


Yet, many still struggle with an embarrassing arrest photo online. And in case you didn’t know, 9 of 10 mugshots rank on the first page of Google! Having your arrest record appear in an online search can be a daunting prospect.


Having a mugshot online can harm not only your career but your entire future. With that unwanted image on the web, you can rule out many career, housing, and dating opportunities right off the bat. The reputation you have worked so hard for is now at risk.


This is because everyone turns to search engines to research and find answers. And that’s why our job is to ensure your online presence is up-to-date, relevant, and most importantly, positive. With our customized mugshot removal service, we can help you restore your hard-earned online reputation.


Before we jump into how to remove criminal arrest records online, let’s discuss why your mugshot shows up on Google.


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Why Are Criminal Records Online?

For better or worse, mugshots are public record. This means that anyone with an internet connection can easily obtain that info and your arrest records in just minutes. According to numerous local, state, and federal laws, an arrest record or similar legal records are part of the public domain and must be posted online to comply with these laws.


In the past, mugshots weren’t always so easily accessible. Before the dawn of the internet, people needed to visit the local clerk’s office to request a copy of their criminal records or court papers. An arrest record could only be obtained by making a formal request.


These requests usually pertained to employment applications and housing agreements. And your records often only showed up during a criminal background check.


But in 2005, we saw an increase in mugshot websites on Google, including,, and Today, online arrest records are only one of literally thousands of potential places your personal information is exposed to anyone with an internet connection — no more trips to the courthouse, no more time-wasting requests and phone calls. This information is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Mugshot image sites focused solely on posting embarrassing booking photos online. While many of these sites specialize in posting the embarrassing arrest record details of sports and entertainment celebrities, everyday people have also been caught up. Imagine if your public record were to be published online — what could that mean for you and for your family?


As these sites proliferated on the web, search engines picked up on the high traffic to them. Just like that,  records from years ago began to rank highly on Google. And this fact alone hindered millions of employment, housing, and relationship opportunities.


This is despite the fact that most mugshots featured people who were never convicted or served time. In many cases, the person in question had their record expunged altogether.


Person in handcuffs apple for arrest records removal


That’s why our team of specialists works 24/7 to remove records and suppress unwanted mugshots online. And we typically achieve results in just 1-2 weeks time (7-14 business days). We get mugshots removed fast, and we do so by employing the latest tools and strategies for restoring your digital reputation. When we remove a mugshot from the web, we back it with our commitment to our clients’ personal privacy and safety.

Top 9 Act Exemptions To Removing Arrest Information Online

Personal records are posted to the web for a wide range of legal reasons. In many cases, local and state authorities are required to make arrest information available to the public. As with any law, there are exceptions. Here are some of the most common exemptions to arrest record publishing laws:


  1. The data that is shown is a matter of national security.
  2. Your records reference only internal organization laws and tactics of a private company.
  3. Law enforcement has exempted your arrest information from release.
  4. Your records amount to trade secrets.
  5. The honor of the deliberative or policy-making rules within the business if by releasing from necessary disclosure opinion, results, and references included within inter-agency or intra-agency records or reports.
  6. The arrest information data creates a clearly biased invasion of personal privacy.
  7. Your arrest information or data classified for law enforcement use only.
  8. The data that is added in or related to criticism, operating, or status analyses prepared by, or for the implementation of a company in charge of the management or directive of financial groups.
  9. Your records include locational knowledge and data, including maps, concerning specific regions.


If your particular situation does not fall into one of these common exemptions, your details may appear in search engine results. Expungement law notwithstanding, you may need the help of an experienced lawyer or one of the specialized mugshot removal services available on the web.


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How to Remove Images Online From Google Search: Mugshot Removal

If you have not yet discovered your mugshot(s) on Google, Bing, or Yahoo, try looking now.


Open a new tab and head over to Google. If you have ever been stopped by police officials and have had criminal charges filed against you, you may be surprised by what you discover in an online search.


One of the most effective and efficient ways to uncover your arrest record information online is by typing in your full legal name into the search box of your favorite website tool like Google. After you land on Google’s website homepage, there is a search bar to type in keywords and search for anything you desire. To refine results, consider putting quotations around your name.


Google is not the only website you should explore. Be prepared to explore every online query tool you can access to get the best results. Here are some of the most popular ways we find public records on websites like Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Yahoo by searching for:


  • “your name arrest”
  • “your name mugshot”
  • “mugshot your name”

Remove Arrest Record from Google: A Comprehensive Guide

Now that we have an understanding of how mugshots appear on the web, let’s dive deep into how exactly to remove records related to an arrest. Our detailed guide is designed to give you the best course of action to have your mugshot removed, all from the comfort of your own home. Image removal services can be expensive, and some of these service providers promise big results but don’t deliver on their promises. Doing it yourself is a great way to remove a mugshot you find on the web.


Step 1: Find Your Mugshot Online

The first step in the mugshot removal process is to locate your mugshot online. Once located, please also search for variations of your name. It’s more than likely that the county’s criminal justice agency or a of the mugshot website misspelled your name or reversed the order (last name, first name). Try as many variations as you can to get the best results.



The goal is to locate EVERY WEBSITE you appear on. We would hate for you to play online “whack-a-mole.” This is when you remove one mugshot only to see another appear a week later.

So. by finding all of your mugshots online, you can rest easy knowing all arrest records and mugshots are gone not only from online search tools but from the whole internet. While searching, keep track of the websites you looked at and what you found on each platform.

Wondering what these mugshot websites are?


Here is a list of the most popular mugshot websites (in no particular order).



How To Remove Arrest Records From Google


Step 2: Review Websites’ Policy, Privacy & Guidelines 

All mugshot sites have a Terms & Conditions page or a Privacy Policy Agreement.  This is where you can obtain contact information like phone numbers, email addresses, contact forms, steps on how to remove arrest records, and more. The mugshot removal process may vary from site to site; it is critical to follow mugshot removal directions precisely to have the best results.


If you are fortunate enough to have your charges dropped, dismissed or expunged, some websites may voluntarily remove your records for free.


If you find any contact information at all, be sure to reach out to the site as soon as possible. Start with a phone call or polite email with your documents enclosed. You may have to send several emails before you get a response. Just imagine just how many others are now doing the same!


At times the site owners may simply ignore them all, making it important to be persistent with your mugshot removal requests.


If you can’t find the website’s contact information, there is a very helpful Chrome extension available. Called, this tool automatically provides you any available email addresses associated with a particular website. Using this tool is a quick and easy way to gather contact information on anyone. If you have questions about using the extension, it is best to contact Google for help.

Step 3: Reach Out To The Website’s Owner

If no options appear in, use a WHOIS tool to unlock the site’s contact information. Please note: this only works if the website is public (most of these are private domains). However, we suggest that if you’re trying to remove arrest records, you use DomainTools or ICANN to maximize your efforts.


Once you have the webmaster’s (site’s owner) contact information, the next step is to reach out to have your mugshot or arrest record removed.


Start by sending a brief email (or voicemail) introducing yourself and why they should remove your information. This is when you should attach all important documents.


Sometimes all you have to do is be polite. Do not threaten or demand that your mugshot and booking information be removed. However, note that these sites are under no legal obligation to remove arrest records online. Therefore, sending aggressive emails will likely end in failure.


But if your criminal case is a decade old and you have no other convictions or arrests, you have a better shot at removing your records. Typically, mugshots that are very old do not drive traffic to websites. We usually call them “dying pages”.

Step 4: Set Up Social Media Profiles

If you are an average person and not an executive at a top-level firm or a celebrity, odds are your web presence needs help. This can go either way. Either you have nothing about you online, or it’s something negative on Google’s first page.


By creating a robust social media presence, you flood the web with personal mentions. This is when you upload tons of new content about you online. It gives Google enough content to feature on page 1 when people look up your name.


You can accomplish this by uploading content about yourself on Facebook, Tumblr, Medium, and other platforms. These sites rank favorably on all the popular search engines.


Below is a list of the top ten do-follow social media platforms.  We suggest you build these platforms when working on how to remove arrest records online and from Google search:


  1. Facebook
  2. WhatsApp
  3. Messenger
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Google+
  6. Twitter
  7. Instagram
  8. Pinterest
  9. Snapchat
  10. Quora


Adding social media to your online presence, then posting positive information, can restore the reputation that is so critical for your individual and business opportunities. As the leading removal service on the web, our team of experts know how powerful social platforms can be in boosting your positive online visibility.

Step 5: Monitor Your Google, Bing, & Yahoo Results

After several weeks, you will notice your search results are beginning to move.


Remember that whenever you work on how to alter or remove search results of your arrest records, the process takes time. You WILL NOT see instant results in your online reputation score with online reputation management (ORM).


ORM is a continuous effort to improve your appearance online.


The same goes for social sites. You will not see the links populate Google right away. But with consistent posting and engagement, you will slowly but surely make progress.


Tip: When trying to remove a mugshot or other embarrassing details from Google, do not repeatedly visit mugshots sites from the search engine. When you do that, you essentially tell Google that you are “very interested” in that particular image or webpage.


And if done over time, the photo will gradually increase in rankings.

Step 6: Mix it Up With Different Devices

We suggest that you Google your full name on different devices (phone, laptop, tablet, etc) and in more than one location (using Wi-Fi, of course).


The more locations you do this, the better. It notifies Google that “people” are searching your name from various locations. This increases your chances of ranking higher on results pages.


And by routinely monitoring your  web results, you will immediately find any recent negative mugshot sites. Early detection means you can address them quickly. If you were just arrested, you should probably assume your mugshots are online and search them directly.


Visit Google Alerts and insert your name. Use different spelling and nicknames to increase your monitoring efforts. This free tool notifies you when a new piece of content about you goes live (read more on how to properly use Google Alerts here).

Step 7: Seek Legal Advice for Details on Removing Arrest Records Online

Every state has different laws regarding publicly-available records. The information posted can be embarrassing and may prevent you from getting a loan, renting a house, or landing that dream job. While mugshot removal services typically do a great job in successful mugshot removal, there are times when even these services are not enough. In those cases, an attorney experienced in public law may be needed.


As part of the attorney client relationship, the legal team works to help you restore your reputation. This can include formal requests to remove mugshots. Attorneys may be able to:


  • Send requests by registered mail.
  • Issue formal takedown requests to remove mugshots.
  • Provide proof that criminal details were expunged from your available information.



What Guilty Allegations do Mugshot Websites NOT Remove?

  • Murder
  • Violent Domestic Abuse
  • Abduction
  • Sexual Cases

How Long Does It Take To Remove Arrest Records?

If a website owner accepts your request, it may take between 3-5 business days or more to remove arrest records from their websites.


Results are typically shifted within several weeks. However, rest assured that if the information was indeed removed, the content will eventually fall off of Google.

Ready to take action?

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