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How to Protect Yourself From Online Embarrassment

Protect Yourself from Online Embarrassment

How do you protect yourself from online embarrassment? Contact an Online Reputation Expert today!

Falling into the trap of posting inappropriate things online is all too easy. This could be anything from being tagged in an inept picture on Facebook to getting involved in a passionate Twitter argument.

But as much as it may seem acceptable at the moment, it can become quite a hindrance in the future. Employers, colleges, and even legal entities are all able to find subject matter that you have posted in the past.

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This is why it is vital to develop a plan to protect yourself from online embarrassment.

Before you develop a thorough plan, it is essential to understand how your online post can come back to haunt you. Maintaining a positive image online will minimize the number of negative reviews you respond to.

How Your Online Post Will Affect You

Your online posts are virtually harmless. That is, until they end up in the wrong hands.

Many individuals create online embarrassment for no reason at all. Employers look up the names of potential employees, and if they find something unfavorable, it can possibly cost you the job.

Your post can also end up in the hands of someone who dislikes you and permit them to try and slander your name.

Either way, any negative information about you on the web can lead to any of these possibilities:

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Though you would have to be doing something illegal for this to affect you, it is entirely possible to get arrested over a photo in which you are participating in illegal activities.

This has happened in the Stanley Cup riots and permitted police to be able to identify potential rioters and perpetrators. This also can affect people who post about engaging in considerably minimal illegal activities such as how to watch movies illegally or fish without a permit. Read more.

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Users are able to post freely online. But that does not mean they should.

Posting controversial subject matter online welcomes the opinions of other users. Whether this is family, friends, or employers, your online perception will ultimately affect what others view about you in person as well.

Avoiding posting pictures of unfavorable material will protect you from future criticism and judgment.

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Job Termination

Obviously, posting negatively about your job can only lead to one outcome: losing it. This also goes for posting photos at work in which you are not being productive.

But one way or another, the post will end up in the hands of your boss, ultimately costing you your job in the long run.

Ridding yourself of the “it won’t happen to me” mindset is a great start. This will allow you to avoid losing your job, a scholarship, or even a relationship.

While many individuals have this problem, there are ways you can post online without causing harm to your future.

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Posting and Protecting Yourself Online

With all of these potential negative outcomes for posting, is it even worth posting anything at all?

Fortunately, there are ways for you to post online without causing major harm:

Use Privacy Settings

Social media platforms have privacy settings you can use to ban users from finding your latest post. This can be anything from locking down your profile to hiding posts from certain individuals.

Although this is not foolproof, it is a good first step to hide your profile and post.

Post Wisely

If you won’t say it to your grandmother, it is probably not smart to post it online. Knowing what you post will set you up for success in the future.

After all, if you don’t post anything controversial, you can’t even get in trouble in the first place.

Be Impersonal

Let’s say you are in legal trouble. When discussing the issue, try to be as vague and impersonal as possible.

Do not complain about it on social media. It may help you feel better, but you’re only making matters worse.

Thoroughly understanding how to protect your online post can save you embarrassment and potential opportunity loss in the future. Remember, one way or another, everyone is able to see what you post online.

Therefore, utilizing these tips can save you from becoming a victim of an embarrassing post on the web. Fight back against negative information with reverse SEO. And, take complete control of the online conversation.

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