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Internet Reputation: Facebook Do’s and Don’ts

Balancing your work and personal life can be challenging, and it is important to remember that your business reputation can be tarnished based on pictures and posts found on your personal Facebook profile. This article discusses the Facebook do’s and don’ts for both individuals and businesses.

Facebook Do’s and Don’ts for Individuals

A majority of people use Facebook. Even more, those people tend to be connected with personal friends, family, and colleagues at work. Therefore, anyone you are connected with, including your colleagues, can see any post or picture you publish. Be aware of proper social networking etiquette—it can help you keep your positive reputation, while enjoying the widely used social networking site.

  1. Choose an appropriate profile picture. Err on the side of caution here. Don’t use a picture of yourself at a party with a drink in hand. Don’t use a picture of you with a rifle in one hand and a dead deer by your feet. Don’t use a picture that has you wearing a low-cut dress or inappropriate Halloween costume. Do use a neutral picture. Do use a picture that you would find appropriate for a social networking site such as LinkedIn. Keep it simple. If you wouldn’t want your boss seeing the picture, then don’t publish it for everyone else to see.
  2. Watch your tone. Be polite. Say only what you would feel comfortable saying in person. Avoid jokes and sarcasm. You run the risk of insulting people, especially work colleagues with whom you may not have a close, personal relationship.
  3. Posting content. Be careful what you post. Don’t go on a political rampage about your thoughts on the latest presidential election, unless you do it in a private group setting with only those close friends you trust. Post content that highlights your professional expertise. Who says that Facebook can’t be used as a professional networking tool? Potential employers may conduct Facebook searches on you to see any potentially hidden characteristics you have, which may end up costing you a job.

Facebook Do’s and Don’ts for Businesses

You know the importance of using Facebook for growing and promoting your business while maintaining a positive reputation. Follow these guidelines for ensuring that you maintain your reputation and increase your customer base.

  1. Use a business profile image that people will recognize. You want to make sure that people find your page. The image is the first thing people are drawn to when visiting it. Your page visitors also see your profile image next to every piece of content you post, so choose the image wisely.
  2. Don’t post too often. You may drive your customers away. Posting too often may lead your customers to “unliking” your page.
  3. Don’t be slow to respond to customer feedback. Customers expect responses, which is why they post on your Facebook page to begin with. Not only that, they expect to have problems fixed. If you don’t try to fix them, you could lose some customers’ business permanently.

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