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In the digital era, we find ourselves exploring new trends and marketing tactics. The most popular and rapidly growing sector of businesses is known as Online Reputation Management. This is how companies can track both their internal and external popularity levels with employees as well as customers.


Drifting away from the term human resources, online reputation management is here to stay. So grab a notebook you may want to remember some of these negative content removal tips.


As a whole, your business reputation can be summed up by looking on Google and seeing what appears. 90% of Google visitors do not venture past the first page, making this a great way to quickly audit yourself.


You should be typing in the major keywords you believe your consumers are searching for, focus on your SEO. Therefore, this part will uncover what sites you need negative content removal solutions.


For example, if you are a car dealership you may look up “best dealership near me” or “where can I find the best car deals.”


You need to be ranking on the first page for as many possible keywords as you can. On any given second there are over 40,000 searches conducted on Google alone.


What does it take to manage your online presence?

Managing your online reputation is an art form. Given all of the possibilities that your customers are searching you must be on your toes and ready to adapt if the market pivots. Any action or decision your company makes is more than likely going to appear online.


Whether that platform is Facebook, Instagram or even Reddit, employees and customers turn to the internet as a tell-all source. Having tools handy for negative content removal makes all the difference.


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What does Negative Content Removal Mean to Me?

If you are reading this, you are either a business owner or someone struggling with negative information online. The biggest misnomer is that “once something is online, it is there forever.”


This has changed in the past few years. Many sites will allow you to edit or revise any false information said about you. In addition, there are several online reputation management companies out there full of SEO strategists waiting to help you:


  7. …and much more.


Everybody needs assistance from time to time. Do not be ashamed of seeking negative content removal, be proactive, and work to remove it! Mel Robbins, the author of “The 5 Second Rule” talks about the importance of courage and how nothing will change unless you make it. Truer words were never spoken.


We highly suggest you read this book, it is all about acting on instinct and not waiting around. The best time to change yourself is now.


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Negative Content Removal Steps

9 times out 10 if you are seeking a negative content removal solution online it is because an article is causing you harm. In general, the process of eliminating a negative article is quite simple. If the posting is defamatory or just overall liable that may be automatic grounds for termination by Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Make sure to read over the privacy policies of each search engine.


First, you need to start off by conducting a thorough analysis of yourself online. Figuring out every harmful site is a great start as you now know what exactly is hindering your business’ performance. Seeing as you may not own some of the content the process for negative content removal may take some elbow grease. If you do not know where to start please give us a call at 844-461-3632. We offer a free comprehensive analysis to uncover these sites on your behalf.


The negative content removal process in regards to sites that are out of your control may require minimal legal action. All work is done outside of the courtroom via DMCA takedown notices or simply claiming copyrights to your information.


Reviews are the only exception to this. Sites such as Yelp NEVER REMOVE information so be wary when companies offer this as a service. NetReputation is the only reputation management company with an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau (see here). Here at NetReputation, our negative content removal process works to suppress, hide, or remove any negative content every day. What you cannot remove you can certainly bury.


Quick Tips for Negative Content Removal Projects

Contact the website owner: Mostly all sites will have a ‘Contact Us/Privacy Policy’ or ‘Terms of Use’ page.


This will list the “Do’s and Don’t” when using their website which is perfect to see if an article breaches their policies. If so, a simple email would get the job done. On average, it takes websites 5-7 business days to read and make amends to content on their site(s) so be patient and give it time.


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What if They Do Not Comply?

When confronting a website owner be cautious and polite. Technically what they had posted is protected by the FOIA or Freedom of Information Act. This grants the ability of public records to be published by anyone, without your consent.


As unethical as they may seem most sites are willing to work with you. For example, say you were arrested ten years ago and the case was dismissed or expunged off your record. Most sites understand that these publications can demoralize an individual and will make corrections where it is due.


On the other hand, we have websites like that will never offer content removal options for free, that’s where we step in. Remove your mugshots online today!


Within 72 hours of initiating your content removal solution, all content is removed from the source (or website). Removing the outdated cache on each search engine is the next step. About 3-4 days following this, each search engine will make the proper amendments to their results.


We continue to monitor searches indefinitely to ensure a successful takedown. We guarantee all of our services with 100% money back is unsuccessful, negative content removal is one step away.


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