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Mugshots | Wednesday, May 16th,  California brought the hammer down on the four alleged owners of Sahar Sarid, Kishore Vidya Bhavnanie, David Usdan and Thomas Keesee were arrested in South Florida on multiple charges including extortion, money laundering, and identity theft.

NR logo owners’ allegedly published mugshots and arrest records then forced individuals to pay in order to have the mugshots removed. Failure to comply would result in their mugshot remaining online forever. Yes, all arrest records are public information. Mugshot sites do have the right to publish this content, however, these guys got greedy. violated many California statues, as well as many other states.

Websites owners who do not comply will receive hefty fines and/or imprisonment

Under California Civil Code 1.8.27 & 1798.91.1: (Read More)



What this means for you

Under the Freedom of Information Act (, public database websites are free to post booking information along with mugshots. All anyone would need to do is hire a company similar to or even an attorney if they are adherent to current internet privacy laws. is able to have these sites de-list your information from appearing on Google’s search results, or they will unpublish the record altogether. Individuals who provide legal documents proving their charges were either dismissed, expunged, acquitted or reduced to a different violation, their information must be removed as well.

After implementing this new California statue, mugshot site owners’ are simply no longer removing content from their mugshots sites. Not only is it more difficult to have content removed. Arrestees are now at the mercy of private websites!


Good News, We Can Help!

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