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Complete Nuwber Opt Out Guide To Remove Your Personal Information

This Nuwber opt out guide will walk you through each step of requesting removal of your information from the people search site.

Nuwber is a people search website that provides users with personal background and contact information. From the home page, you can look up an individual’s information by searching for a name, phone number, physical address or email address.

A website interface titled "nuuber" offering instant access to contact information, with fields to enter a person's name, phone, address, email, and a location search box, emphasizing confidentiality and extensive search capabilities.

Not every result will have a background report, but it’s typically easy to find contact and other personal information about an individual, including:

  • Full name
  • Age
  • Relatives
  • Previous locations

Screenshot of a search result on nuwber website displaying "no background reports" for a query, along with another result showing minimal personal information and an option to view details for a person in fishkill, ny, aged 40.

By clicking View Details next to a result, you can get additional information, like the person’s gender, birthdate, full address and even neighbors. You can also get reports with traffic ticket info, social profiles, and more.

Screenshot of a digital interface titled "more about" with icons for contact info, social profiles, address history, court records, traffic tickets, and family ties. a red notification badge is on traffic tickets. a "get report" button is below.

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Why Should I Submit a Nuwber Opt Out Request?

Having your personal information online can pose a number of problems. Not only can it feel like an invasion of privacy that anyone can find out your details with a simple data broker site search, but depending on the info available, it could cause damage to your personal or professional reputation.

Moreover, when your private data — like your current and past addresses, phone numbers, banking info, etc. — is accessible, you can fall prey to identity theft and other cybercrimes. On top of that, it’s scary to think that anyone can discover where you live and show up at your home after finding your private information on the Nuwber website or in Google search results.

If you’re worried about the publicly available information that’s on the Nuwber people search website, you can submit a removal request by following the Nuwber opt out process.

Also, remember that there are probably multiple listings with your personal data online. If you’re in need of help to have your information removed from public sources, contact us today at 844-461-3632 to speak with a removal expert.

How To Submit a Nuwber Opt Out Request

In this section, we’ll walk you through each step of how to opt out of Nuwber. We’ll also go over how to ensure your info has been removed from the website.

1. Search for Your Personal Information on the Website

Before you can submit a request to opt out of Nuwber, you have to find your information online.

Starting on the home page, search for your information using your first name, last name, city and state. If you’re not able to find your listing that way, toggle to the other search options (phone, address, email) to see if those have better results.

2. Open Up Your Full Profile

Once you’ve found your listing and confirmed it has the correct information — meaning it’s not someone else’s profile who has the same name as you — click the View Details button. Leave that web page up as you do the next step.

You may be brought right to the full profile after searching for your name in the database. In that case, there won’t be a View Details button because you’ll already be on the details page.

3. Go To the Nuwber Opt Out Form

Open up a new web page and go to the Nuwber home page once again. Scroll down to the bottom. Click the Remove My Info link in the footer.

Screenshot of a website navigation menu with an option highlighted by a red arrow, labeled "remove my info" under the faq section, with contact details and social media icons on the right.

4. Copy and Paste the Listing’s URL

Go back to the page with your profile and copy the URL. Paste it into the designated field on the Nuwber opt out page.

A webpage screenshot showing a "number opt-out" form where users can enter their name, state, and email to remove their listing, with a section to paste a url and an "opt-out" button, protected by captcha and a privacy link.

Save the URL. You’ll need it later to ensure your info’s been taken down from the site.

5. Confirm Your Personal Information

Look over the information to confirm you have the correct profile. Enter your email address in the dedicated field, then click the Remove button.

Screenshot of an online form with fields for name, address, and email. a highlighted blue button at the bottom reads "this is the wrong person.

6. Submit the Opt Out Form

To submit the opt out request, click the Opt Out button below the URL field.

This isn’t the end of the process! Unless you follow the next steps, the removal won’t be complete.

7. Check Your Email

Nuwber will immediately send you a confirmation email. To complete the opt out request, you have to click the Confirm Request button in the email.

A confirmation screen with text instructing to click a button to complete an opt-out request, featuring a noticeable "confirm request" button in the center.

You’ll be brought to a confirmation page that says Nuwber will remove your public records and email you when the removal process is complete.

A webpage screenshot displaying a message "thank you. we'll now remove your records." and an ad promoting a privacy company that helps opt out from people-search sites, with a blue call-to-action button.

You’ll then immediately get another email from Nuwber saying that you’ve successfully submitted the opt-out request.

8. Check the Website for Your Profile

After 24 to 48 hours, your information should be completely removed from Nuwber.

Copy and paste the profile URL into a new browser window. You should be redirected to a 410 error page, which means that your profile was removed from the site.

If you’re still able to find your data on Nuwber, you can contact Nuwber by sending an email to support [at] nuwber [dot] com for help.

More to Know About the Nuwber Database Removal Process

Nuwber gets personal information about people from a variety of public sources on the internet. That’s why managing your online reputation will likely be much more involved than removing your data from one site. Call the ORM experts at NetReputation today at 844-461-3632 to discuss a strategy.

You don’t have to be a Nuwber subscriber to opt out. You have full access to the Nuwber opt out page even if you don’t have a Nuwber account. There’s also no fee to have Nuwber remove your data.

It’s possible that you’ll have multiple listings on Nuwber. In that case, you’ll need to submit a removal request for each one individually since each profile will have a unique URL.

How To Remove Your Nuwber Profile From Google Search Results

Even if your information is successfully removed from Nuwber after a day or two, it could still show up in Google results for the next couple of months. To remedy this, you can ask Google to remove the page from search results using the Remove Outdated Content tool.

Go to this page and click the New Request button. Select the first option, “To refresh Google’s outdated result for a webpage that has changed.” Click Next.

Screenshot of google's content removal request form with options for why the user is using the outdated content tool, including refreshing outdated results and removing content permanently.

Copy the URL and paste it into the appropriate field. Click Submit when you’re done.

Screenshot of a google search interface showing a tool to enter a webpage url for content removal, with "enter page url" text box and "cancel" and "submit" buttons.

Get Help With Your Online Reputation

While going through the opt out process of Nuwber is a good start to removing your personal information from the internet, there are many other data brokers and people search sites out there that will continue to list your info.

If you don’t want strangers to have access to your court records, social media profiles, address, relatives, and more, you’ll need to opt-out of all people search sites — and that’s a long, tedious and frustrating process.

For help with online reputation management (ORM) including content removal services, contact NetReputation today. Call us at 844-461-3632 or fill out the form below.

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