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With over 1 million pages on Google, RipOffReport(RoR) website has become a serious problem for business owners who are trying to maintain a positive brand reputation in their community, as well as online.


Are reviews hurting your business?

There is nothing worse for a business reputation (or individual) than having negative content or bad reviews surfacing on Page 1 of Google. 


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Let’s now take a deeper look into what exactly a Ripoff Report is and how we can help you to remove it from the public eye. 


NetReputation has successfully helped hundreds of individuals and businesses improve their online reputation management.  We will handle everything from removing and suppressing defamatory content online to providing search engine optimization services that can help your website rank high in Google search results


You don’t have to take it from us, take it from our clients!


Ripoff Report Removal, How To Do It (RoR) is a user-based, forum-styled review platform, where disgruntled customers can voice their opinion about a product or service.


Think of Ripoff Report as Yelp. Except for that each review is unvetted and requires no proof to back up any claims made.


Anybody can make an account, write a bad review, or an article shaming your company, without ever having done business with you! We see this happening each and every day with competitors bashing each other in the hopes that potential consumers will not choose the competition over them.


NetReputation’s Ripoff Report removal solution will ensure nobody finds your article online. This is your chance to bury your ripoff reports once and for all.


Where did Ripoff Report come from?

Ripoff Report was created back in 1998 by a gentleman named, Ed Magedson. Originally, it was intended to be a for-profit consumer complaint forum for individuals to post “unbiased” reviews about companies in their area.


Madgedson’s goal was to empower consumers, without the interference of internet censorship online.


The owners of Ripoff Report claim their website is no different from Amazon or Facebook when it comes to the authenticity of each review/posting. As one could imagine, this quickly led to widespread abuse from disgruntled clients or former employees and left businesses stuck on what to do next.


Thankfully we can suppress any article off Google’s first page.


In this digital era, consumers research reviews online before they choose a restaurant to eat at for dinner. As any businesses that have struggled with a Ripoff Report know, one negative article can shut you down.


The worst part about the Ripoff Report is that since they are such a large database with thousands of reviews and shares on social media, they rank extremely well on Google search results. 


Over the years, this website has become more and more popular, causing articles to rank higher on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.



Remove Ripoff reports about your website



Before we get into how the Ripoff report removal process takes place, let’s first see how people can post on this website.


In order to post an article on Ripoff Report, an individual must simply create a user profile. Ripoff Report operates similarly to Yelp, Glassdoor, TripAdvisor and many other similar websites. The only difference is that Ripoff Report users know they are only there to post negatively, hence the name “ripoff”.


Ripoff Report does “require” every account to post honestly and to not lie or exaggerate the truth. There is absolutely no fact-checking done to validate any articles posted.


This means your competitors can post an unverified, negative review, or article about your business, and there is nothing you can do or say about it. Even if the information is a complete lie! Until now.


The site currently holds an “F’ rating on the Better Business Bureau as well as a 1-star overall rating on ConsumerAffairs.


There are many things you can do to combat a Ripoff Report, the best one being to hire NetReptuation as your best Ripoff Report removal service solution. In a few short months, you will never have to worry about this review haunting you or your business again.


Ripoff Report Removal 101

 If you are currently struggling with a Ripoff Report removal from Google, the odds are it is hindering your business’ performance tremendously whether you realize it or not. 


In order to combat the Ripoff Report, you must use a strategy known as suppression. Suppression is defined as the actions of pushing something such as an activity or publication. This is one of the most effective online reputation services, showing results quickly.


In this case, the goal is to remove personal information from Google. A Ripoff Report removal service can be tricky due to how highly Google favors RipoffReport.


Furthermore, to successfully suppress one of these unwanted articles, you must produce high-quality content that will outrank the Ripoff Report on Google. 


NetReputation serves hundreds of clients every month with our highly efficient Ripoff Report removal solution.


At the end of the day, removing ripoff reports by properly suppressing them, acts the same as a removal from the website. The only place where anyone could still locate your negative article would be to directly visit and search themselves.


This minimizes the views of your article tenfold.


84% of people trust online reviews just as much as a referral from a friend or family member.


There are many benefits when doing a Ripoff Report removal of a post from Google, Bing or Yahoo. For starters, you are in complete control of the information that is published in the process.


By working with NetReputation, you can completely redesign what the first page of Google looks like for you.


Not only are you actively suppressing negative information, but you are also marketing yourself in a positive light at the same time. This includes custom websites, press release campaigns, social media creation/management as well as month-to-month reporting on the changes.


In addition, all clients are alerted of any new articles in reference to their name and are notified within hours.



Ripoff Report removal process



Is it Difficult to Remove a RipOff Report Post?

In short, yes and no. It all depends on the content of the article. works along the same lines as Facebook. If something is posted on Facebook that is deemed negatively, you cannot start legal action against Facebook or Mark Zuckerberg.


Instead, you would have to go after the individual that posted the unwarranted content. 


Unfortunately, all of the articles that are published are anonymous, leaving almost everyone stuck on who to contact and what to do next.


Most importantly, if you can immediately discredit the article with proof, the best option would be to seek legal counsel. This can be difficult since users are allowed to give feedback on their experience.


Again, this means that those who posted on Ripoff Report may not have ever purchased from you, they could have just called in.


Before performing a Ripoff Report removal there are many factors that come into play. You need to determine whether or not a specific article can be suppressed, and how long it will take. On average it takes us around 3-6 months to successfully bury your negative posting online.


Here is a short-list of the factors that could hinder or delay the Ripoff Report’s suppression:


How Strong is the Competition on Google?

How competitive are the results on Google for your business or industry overall?


If you are a small to medium-sized company your online presence may not be as strong as you think. Google ranks articles and websites depending on the interaction each search result receives, coupled with the authority of the overall website. 


It is imperative that SMB owners invest their time and money into search engine optimization and their online reputation management. Studies show that for every 1 negative article on the first page of Google, a business risks losing an estimated 22% in revenue. 


Furthermore, if you have upwards of 3 negative articles you risk losing over 55% of your total revenue. One negative review or article has the ability to put a small company out of business.


To understand how important Ripoff Report removal is for your business, let us give you a short example.


Let’s say you own a local boutique called Jane Doe’s Flowers and purchased a website to showcase your inventory and services. If you are not receiving hundreds of people every day to your website a simple post on RipOff may outrank your own website! 


Now when people Google the term “Jane Doe’s Flowers” they are most likely to see that report on page 1 within the top 5 choices.


Google Users Tend to Select the First 3-5 Results 90% of the Time

If consumers are not able to find you on the first page of Google My Business (GMB) is essentially irrelevant. When RoR articles appear on Google, the description, for the most part, is capitalized, drawing further attention. 


Even if they do not click and read the article they most likely will discredit your business before even visiting your website or store.


In order to combat any negative reports outranking your website, you must work on your own website. Network with other individuals and businesses in your industry and request them to mention you on their posts, and vice versa.


Over time, Google will notice that other people are enjoying the content you publish and increase your authority or “ranking power” within the search results.


Another efficient method in the Ripoff Report removal process is to write a lot of content.


Writing blogs about businesses and then asking them to feature your post on their website is a sure-fire way of creating backlinks. The more websites link to your blog, the higher you will rank. 


Some websites may charge a nominal fee however some may be grateful if you wrote an article about them and post for free! This increases your website’s authority in the eyes on Google, Bing, and Yahoo giving you a better chance of keeping anything negative away.


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Is there any engagement on your Ripoff Report Complaint?

Another factor Google, Bing, and Yahoo will take into account is the interaction of your negative article on This tends to happen to large companies with a poor pre-existing reputation as consumers look-up phrases such as the company’s name ending with “bad reviews”. 


In addition, articles with lots of comments will skyrocket in the search rankings.


One of the most powerful influencers is the use of social shares. When consumers visit sites like they seem to find it more entertaining rather than informative.


This causes users to share “funny” or “humorous” negative reviews on Google, Facebook, Twitter or Reddit for millions to see. Most share these not knowing this occurs. 


However, Google pays close attention to popular or trending articles and tends to showcase them higher as the results.


Overall, the less interaction your negative article received the better chances you have of suppressing or possibly removing the Ripoff Report post entirely.



Man reading about the ripoff report removal process


Can You Perform A Ripoff Report Removal Yourself?

 Without any technical knowledge of how the internet works, it can be nearly impossible to perform a Ripoff Report removal on your own. However, you do have options to push it off the first page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


For starters, the best way would be to create dozens (if not hundreds) of social media profiles. Even if you are not going to use them regularly you can input your name and a different photo on each social platform. This will add more photos under ‘Google Images’ for your name.


In addition, if you decide to regularly post on them you can have them ranking on page one of Google. This process does take longer but we have seen much success in the past.


Publish content daily about yourself online in a positive light. By utilizing various media outlets you have the ability to place your name on powerful publishing websites like Yahoo Finance, Digital Journal, Boston Globe, etc. This route is very costly but yields great results in a very short period of time.


Our team works to curate and publish numerous PR’s on a monthly basis to ensure a successful suppression solution.


Will Your Ripoff Report Disappear Over Time, Or Is Removal A Must?

 Many individuals assume that others will eventually stop visiting the article and over time it will suppress itself. Google does shuffle search results often so there is a chance you could get lucky and your report falls to page two or three, but do not rely on this.


Since RoR holds great authority online, it would most likely hold its position while shuffling around any smaller website like your social media accounts or custom websites.


Here at NetReputation, we receive countless phone calls each and every day from disgruntled business owners seeking options for a Ripoff Report post’s removal.  


Locate the Problem

 The first step in resolving any issue is to identify and locate the problem at hand. In this case, it would be a negative posting on Ripoff Report. Let’s take it a step further and figure out what the problem was that caused that report.


Was your customer service subpar? Did you over promise and under delivery on your service(s)?


Maybe you have a former employee that simply wanted to defame your business due to a falling out. Whatever the case may be, you need to figure out how this article came to exist so that you can fix any internal issues and minimize your chances of another Ripoff Report appearing in the future.


There are several tools you can utilize during this time, most notably we have Google Keywords Tool. This free application assists you in locating the major key phrases that are most damaging to your brand reputation. You can also take it one step further by including the location within your keyword research (i.e. geolocation, etc.).


For most of our clients, the most common keywords used in any Ripoff Report removal or deindexing would be their full name and state of residency. So if your name is John Smith and you live in Florida you would do keyword research for the term “John Smith Florida”.


People wondering about Ripoff Report removal


Publish High-Quality & Engaging Content

When it comes to creating content to remove or suppress a Ripoff Report article, keep in mind that if the content you produce is not more authoritative than, you are simply wasting your time. 


In order to effectively push down search results on Google, you must publish on websites that Google favors moreover the targeted URL.


If we take a deeper look into the strength of RipoffReport we can see it is ranked 82/100. This is incredibly high for a defamation website. Consumers love reading about scandals and online scams so, in turn, Google holds this website to a higher standard. 


Most articles can be found by simply typing the company’s name into a Google search.


During your Ripoff Report removal please make sure to publish neutral content about yourself, creating as many social bios on various social media platforms as you can (i.e. Facebook, Linkedin, Tumblr, Google+, and many more). People will notice if you publish a ton of positive content all of a sudden and this could raise concerns.


Companies do this all the time and are constantly scrutinized. 


Keep the content neutral, this way you do not raise any red flags. If someone finds out you are only publishing positive information to hide bad information they will call you out in a heartbeat.


Post Rebuttals to Offending Reports 

Although your rebuttal is shown all the way at the bottom of the report (rarely seen), as the owner, you are able to respond to any offending reports.


We do advise against this as not only could it make you look even worse if you end up arguing with a client online, but by commenting on the post you are increasing its authority on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


Your rebuttal will not change the situation or alter the post in any way. The only benefit would be for prospective customers who are reading the post to hear your side of the story.


You are better off leaving the article alone and seek assistance prior to contacting you directly. Responding to the negative articles can easily make matters worse if you have no resolution to their problem.


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Easy Ripoff Report Removal By Promoting Yourself On Search Engines

Create Personal Websites

Make the domain (website ) name your focus keyword. (We recommend making 3-5 websites in total). If you are working to remove a ripoff report you should be using your first and last name or the name of your business. How you are referenced in the report should be the same as how you promote yourself.


Register 30+ Social Media Accounts

Here is a list of some of the best out there. By creating social profiles you are increasing your visibility online. The more accounts you have in existence the better chance you have of those profiles showing on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


Publish Quality Press Releases

Paying for a Press Release is a perfect way to put your name on high authoritative websites. As discussed previously, a quick and easy way to promote yourself is through the use of press releases.


Collaborate with local newspapers about a recent project you accomplished or maybe past volunteer efforts and pay them to post your accomplishment(s) online.


Blog Articles

Constantly writing blogs about yourself or a company can be a great way to add additional info onto Google, Yahoo or Bing. Use your custom domains to rebrand yourself, write about your life, hobby, and your interest.


By consistently posting articles (>1,000 words) you will see each post ranking on Google within the next 2-3 months.


Ripoff Report removal by promoting yourself




We advised that you do not respond to Ripoff Reports. This website is not a government agency or anywhere close to a reputable review platform. By responding to negative reviews on Ripoff Report you can actually worsen the situation.


If the individual who posted it finds out you are trying to have it removed they may go on and create two or three more articles. So make sure to never respond or publicly announce your efforts in removing Ripoff Reports.


The only exception to this would be if you know the name of the individual and truly feel you can rectify the situation via phone call or email. Otherwise, just leave it alone.


By responding to anything on Ripoff Report you are telling Google you are interested in that article, potentially ranking the article higher.


To learn more, read about how to respond to negative reviews click here.



Ripoff Report Removal With Online Reputation Management

When you carefully manage your online presence you are able to identify and resolve any issues that arise quickly and efficiently. As a business owner, you should monitor your customer reviews and feedback on a monthly (even weekly) basis.


If you are within an industry such as psychology or therapy where individuals are required to utilize your services by law, check your reputation daily. Anytime you work in an industry where individuals are court-ordered to attend, the feedback is almost always negative.


NetReputation offers top-notch online reputation management (ORM) solutions that are guaranteed to bury Ripoff Report issues. Here are some tips you can start to implement every week to monitor yourself better online.


Constantly Monitor Yourself Or Your Business Online

 Head over to Google and pretend as if you were a potential client looking for your product or service. What do they search for? 


What variations of keywords have the highest search volume? 


We are all biased in thinking our business is the best, but unless you are ranking on Page-1 of Google, you do not exist.


Be sure to show your respect to a positive review by saying thank you. This also goes for any disgruntled customers or ex-employees who may have left a damaging negative review, read more here on how to respond to negative reviews.


Remember, only respond if you can resolve the issue. If you cannot do so, the only efficient way for a Ripoff Report removal is to bury the Ripoff report as far down the SERPs as possible.


Search all variations of websites from review platforms like Yelp to social media apps such as Instagram.


In this digital era, consumers are more likely to vent their emotions on various social media platforms. Search YouTube for the name of your business and ensure everything on the first 2-3 pages is positive.


91% of the time users do not venture past the first page of Google.


Clearing up the first several pages will greatly minimize the chances someone will actually view it.


Google My Business is another great tool for many customers when making their purchasing decision. Make sure that all the reviews are positive and display an accurate depiction of your business. Again, remember to respond to your positive reviews, this shows your customers that you care about their opinion.


Remove Ripoff reports from Google search


No-indexing Ripoff Report from Google Search Results

 When it comes to removing information from Google there are many ways you can go about deindexing a report. Although this option is not guaranteed nor does it have the best track record of success, we have deindexed numerous Ripoff Reports.


The first thing you have to think about when working on a Ripoff Report removal is to have a sound argument. Is the report truthful? 


This could be a tough pill to swallow for many. Be honest with yourself, if the negative post is factual you will have a harder time removing it altogether. When working to combat negative posts online, you must prove that what was posted is false, misleading, and/or liable.


In conclusion, if the Ripoff Report post is true, you do not have a case for defamation. Burying the report is your only option. When this is the case you must work to promote yourself in a positive fashion in order to “flood” out the negative report. This can be done with either our SEO solution or branding campaigns.


If you have any additional questions or concerns please contact us here or give us a call at 844-461-3632.


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