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Ripoff Report Removal: How To Remove Your Business Information from RipoffReport.com

NetReputation’s ripoff report removal service

Do you want professional help with Ripoff Report removal to protect your business’ online reputation? Contact NetReputation today at 844-461-3632 for a free consultation and to discuss how to remove Ripoff reports.

Looking for help with a Ripoff Report listing that’s on the review website and maybe even in Google search results? Look no further!

Here at NetReputation, we work to remove Ripoff Reports and combat unwanted articles from appearing on the first several pages of Google faster than our competition. A negative report on this platform can have long-term effects, potentially locking you out of new business opportunities.

Have you or someone you know fallen victim to a negative article on Ripoff Report?

With over 1 million pages on Google, the Ripoff Report website has become a serious problem for business owners who are trying to maintain a positive brand reputation in their community and online. Negative reviews here tend to rank highly in search results, putting you and your business at risk.

Is Ripoff Review Hurting Your Business?

There is nothing worse for a business reputation (or an individual’s reputation) than having negative content or bad reviews surface on the first Google search engine results page (SERP).

If this is currently happening to you, don’t worry! We have an efficient Ripoff Report removal solution for you.

We will help you remove your Ripoff Report entries from all major search engines — Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

NetReputation has successfully helped hundreds of individuals and businesses improve their online reputation with online reputation management services. With our tools and experience, we will handle everything from removing and suppressing defamatory content online to providing search engine optimization services that can help your website rank high in Google results.

Let’s take a deeper look into what exactly a Ripoff Report is and how we can help you remove it from the public eye.

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What is RipoffReport.com?

A screen shot showcasing the website for the business report, promoting ripoff report removal.

RipoffReport.com is a user-based, forum-style review platform where disgruntled customers can voice their opinions about a product or service. Think of Ripoff Report as BBB, except that the posts on RipoffReport.com aren’t vetted and don’t require any proof to back up the claims.

The Ripoff Report complaint and review site was created back in 1998 by Ed Magedson. Originally, it was intended to be a for-profit consumer complaint forum for individuals to post unbiased reviews of companies in their area. Madgedson’s goal was to empower consumers without the interference of internet censorship online.

As an online consumer advocate, the owners of Ripoff Report claim their website is no different from Amazon or Facebook when it comes to the authenticity of each review or posting.

However, it wasn’t long before disgruntled clients and former employees abused the website in an effort to ruin the reputations of businesses they had problems with.

What’s the Problem With Ripoff Report?

Today, the posts you’ll find on Ripoff Report range from legitimate reviews of businesses to fake reviews, false claims, incorrect statements, negative reviews and even online defamation.

This can leave some business owners scratching their heads about what to do next in order to save their online reputation.

Unfortunately, anyone can post negative reviews or comments to Ripoff Report. The website doesn’t appear to have a reliable filter for distinguishing honest reviews from reviews that are fake, defamatory or misleading. And when negative reports are posted, they will quickly appear in Google search results.

The worst part about Ripoff Report is that since it’s such a large database with thousands of reviews and shares on social media, pages rank extremely well in Google search results. (Other review sites get similar traction in Google’s results and on other search engines.) Over the years, Ripoff Report has become more and more popular, causing articles to rank higher on Google, Bing and Yahoo. The more reviews posted on a review site, the more these reviews can influence search engine results.

The Power of Online Reviews

Remove Ripoff reports about your website

In this digital era, consumers research businesses online before they choose a restaurant to eat at for dinner or a brand to buy a product from. Consumer reporting sites that allow users to post reviews of companies have become an integral part of the digital space over the past decade.

As any business that’s struggled with a Ripoff Report posting knows, one negative article has the potential to shut you down. Complaints and negative ratings on review platforms hosted by third parties keep customers away from the businesses being talked about. After all, business reviews, whether they’re positive or negative, are valued as much or more than recommendations by friends and family members.

Positive feedback helps to improve your online reputation and serves as an extension of your public relations strategy. Small business owners rely on their online presence to generate business, especially if advertising budgets are small.

Negative reviews, such as the negative Ripoff Report reports that have become so popular, have the opposite effect. When negative ratings appear on sites like this, your online reputation can become damaged. In fact, even a single bad review can reduce your revenue over the course of one year.

Ripoff Reports Aren’t Vetted

On Ripoff Report, users don’t have to prove they had the experience they post about — reports are unvetted, and there’s no way to determine if they’re legit or not. Without proper filtering, defamatory, dishonest, fake and misleading posts show up alongside honest customer reviews, and there’s no clear way to tell the difference.

Anybody can make an account and write a bad review or an article shaming your company without ever having done business with you! We see this happen all the time as competitors bash one another to drive potential customers away. Competitors sometimes post anonymous, fake posts about a business and even conduct serious online defamation, all without Ripoff Report running any sort of checks-and-balances process.

When it comes to false, defamatory or negative posts, Ripoff Report removal is difficult. Complaints remain public unless you can remove a Ripoff Report successfully.

NetReputation’s Ripoff Report removal service will ensure nobody finds those posts online.

This is your chance to bury your Ripoff Reports once and for all, eliminating those reviews from Google search results. Better yet, Ripoff Reports removal will help you restore your online reputation.

How Do People Post on Ripoff Report?

A person typing on a laptop with a smiley face on it, focused on removing ripoff reports and ensuring successful ripoff report removal.

Before we get into the Ripoff Report removal process, let’s first see how people can post on this website.

In order to post an article on Ripoff Report, an individual must simply create a user profile. Ripoff Report operates similarly to Glassdoor, TripAdvisor, and similar websites. The only difference is that Ripoff Report users know they are only there to post negatively.

Ripoff Report says it requires every user to post honestly without exaggerating the truth or lying. However, there is absolutely no fact-checking done to validate the postings.

What does this mean for you? This means your competitors can post an unverified, negative review or article about your business, and there is nothing you can do or say about it — even if it’s a complete lie.

The site currently holds an “F’ rating on the Better Business Bureau as well as only 2.5 stars on ConsumerAffairs.

Ripoff Report Removal Service

If you currently have a negative post on Ripoff Report or poor Google results because of Ripoff Report posts, odds are that your business performance is being hindered whether you realize it or not. Which leads us to the pressing question: How can you start the process of Ripoff Report removal?

The suppression strategy is a primary way to combat Ripoff Report. Suppression is when you use new, positive content to push older, negative content farther down in results. This is one of the most effective online reputation services, showing results quickly.

Since you may not be able to remove your business information from Ripoff Report directly, suppression can help you keep those negative Ripoff Report posts away from the top Google results. Yes, people can still go directly to Ripoff Report to search for your business name. But if they’re only conducting their search on Google, they’ll be much less likely to find those negative Ripoff Report posts because they’ll be so low in the results.

Since Google favors Ripoff Report, it’s important to use a professional online reputation management company that offers a Ripoff Report removal service.

To successfully suppress unwanted Ripoff Report articles, you must produce high-quality, positive content that will outrank Ripoff Report on Google. NetReputation serves hundreds of clients every month with our highly efficient Ripoff Report post removal solutions. With our help, negative content disappears from first-page search results.

How Long Does a Ripoff Report Removal Service Take?

Before performing a Ripoff Report removal, there are many factors that come into play. First, you need to determine whether or not a specific article can be suppressed and how long it will take. On average, it takes NetReputation around three to six months to successfully bury your negative posting online.

Here is a short list of the factors that could hinder or delay Ripoff Report suppression:

Strong Google Competition

How competitive are the results on Google for your business or industry overall?

If you are a small to medium-sized company, your online presence may not be as strong as you think. Google ranks articles and websites depending on the interaction each search result receives, coupled with the authority of the overall website.

It is imperative that SMB owners invest their time and money into search engine optimization and online reputation management. This puts you in the best position to suppress negative results because your new content has a better chance of ranking highly from the beginning.

Remember, for every negative article on the first page of Google, you can lose a percentage of your revenue. That percentage increases the more negative reviews you have. Just one negative review or Ripoff Report article has the ability to put a small company out of business.

Top Google Results

A person holding a phone displaying the Google logo, determined to remove Ripoff Reports.

In general, Google searchers make their selection from the top few results. If information about your business shows up there, it can make an impression on the user.

When Ripoff Report articles appear on Google, the description is usually capitalized and eye-catching, drawing the user’s attention. Even if they don’t click on the result to read the post, the damage has been done. The user will likely discredit your business before even giving it a chance.

In order to combat any negative reports outranking your website, you must work on your own website so that your posts and pages are what show up highly in search results. In addition to creating your own content, network with other individuals and businesses in your industry and ask that they mention you in their posts (and do the same in return).

Over time, Google will notice that other people are enjoying the content you publish and increase your authority — or ranking power, in other words — on the SERP.

Ripoff Report Engagement

Another factor that Google, Bing and Yahoo take into account is the engagement level on the Ripoff Report post. Articles with lots of comments will skyrocket in search rankings.

Social shares also carry a lot of power. When a consumer visits RipoffReport.com, they may find negative reviews more entertaining than informative. If they feel that something is funny, they may share it with their audience. In turn, Google considers that content to be popular and will rank it higher.

The less interaction your negative article received, the better your chances of suppressing or possibly removing the Ripoff Report post entirely.

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Do Ripoff Reports Disappear?

It’s a common assumption that others will eventually stop reading your business’ Ripoff Report post and, over time, it will suppress itself.

Yes, Google does shuffle results often, so there’s a chance you could get lucky and your report will fall to page two or three of results.

Don’t rely on this, though.

Since Ripoff Report holds a lot of online authority, it’s more likely that it’ll keep its position while other, smaller websites are shuffled around in search results.

Ripoff Report Removal Service Options

Here at NetReputation, we receive countless phone calls from upset business owners seeking options for Ripoff Report post removal.

These are the steps you can take to suppress negative Google results from Ripoff Report.

Monitor Brand Mentions Online

Remove Ripoff reports from Google search

When you carefully manage your online presence, you are able to identify and resolve any issues that arise quickly and efficiently. As a business owner, you should monitor your customer reviews and feedback on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis. 

NetReputation offers top-notch online reputation management (ORM) solutions that can bury Ripoff Report issues, including monitoring for brand mentions.

If you want to start doing this on your own, head over to Google and act like a potential client looking for your brand, product or service. What would you search for? What keyword variations would you use?

Then, do the same on other sites and platforms that potential customers turn to, like the BBB and social media sites.

Your goal is to find the top results (most people won’t look beyond the first page of Google or the first several results on another site) so that you know which ones you need to clean up or suppress.

Google My Business is another tool that customers use when making a purchase decision. Make sure that all your business reviews here are positive and display an accurate depiction of your business.

Remember to respond to your positive reviews — this shows your customers that you care about their opinions

Locate the Problem

Find the Ripoff Report post that’s causing an issue. Then, take that a step further to determine what caused that report to be posted.

For example, did you provide subpar customer service that upset someone? Did you over-promise and under-deliver? 

Or, maybe there’s a former employee who wants to defame your business because they’re still upset about a falling out.

Whatever the case may be, figure out how the Ripoff Report post came to be. Fix any internal issues you uncover. This will minimize your chances of another Ripoff Report appearing in the future.

Keyword Research

Keyword research can help with this step. One of your favorite tools is the Google Keywords Tool. This free application lets you find keywords that are damaging to your brand reputation. You can also filter results by location.

Most often, the business owner’s full name and the business name are used in a Ripoff Report post. Performing keyword research for these words — for example, “John Smith Company A” — will help you find mentions of your business.

Platforms To Control Your Content

A hand is holding a phone with social icons on it, providing access to remove ripoff reports for clients.

Platforms that you have full control over content-wise include your own websites and social media accounts.

Personal Websites

We recommend creating three to five new websites where you’ll post neutral and positive content about your brand. Use a focus keyword, like a brand word or name, in each domain name.

Since you want to suppress Ripoff Report results, use your full name and/or your business name in your website URLs.

Look at the Ripoff Report posts to help you figure out the best way to promote yourself.

For example, maybe you run a bakery called Bakery A. But in the Ripoff Report posts, your bakery is referred to as “Bakery A on Main Street.” Instead of choosing a URL that just includes “Bakery A,” you could use one that has the full keyword, which will make it easier for you to suppress Ripoff Report results with that same wording.

Social Media Accounts

By creating social profiles, you increase your visibility online. The more accounts you have, the better your chance of having them show up in search engine results.

There are a lot of social media platforms out there to take advantage of, far beyond the most popular ones like Facebook and YouTube. We’ve listed a few of them below to get you started. 

Publish High-Quality and Engaging Content

Constantly writing blogs about yourself or your company can be a great way to add additional info to search engines. Using your custom domains, write about your life, hobbies and interests.

By consistently posting long-form articles over 1,000 words, you could see each post ranking on Google within the next three months.

Post on High-Authority Websites

When it comes to creating content to remove or suppress a Ripoff Report article, keep in mind that a lot of the content you produce should be on sites that can compete with the authority of RipoffReport.com.

In order to effectively push down search results on Google, you must publish on websites that Google favors more than the targeted URL.

Consumers love reading about scandals and online scams, so Google ranks websites like RipoffReport.com highly. Most Ripoff Report articles can be found by simply typing a company’s name into Google Search.

Publish Neutral Content

During your Ripoff Report removal, make sure to publish neutral content about yourself, creating as many bios on various social media platforms as you can (Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, etc.).

Why neutral content? People will notice if you publish a ton of positive content all of a sudden, and this could raise concerns. Companies do this all the time and are constantly scrutinized for it.

Instead, keep the content neutral to not raise any red flags. If someone finds out you are only publishing positive information to hide bad information, they will call you out on it.

Send Press Releases

Sending out press releases is a great way to get your business name on high-authority websites. Collaborate with local newspapers about a recent project you accomplished, your most recent volunteer efforts or a business announcement that hasn’t yet been made public.

Keep in mind that you may have to pay a per-report or monthly fee. But for the sake of promoting your name on such reputable sites, it’s well worth the cost.

Don’t Post Rebuttals

As the business owner, you’re allowed to respond to offending reports on Ripoff Report. However, we advise against this.

First, it’s easy to get dragged into an argument if you’re going up against an angry customer or someone with the goal of taking you down. This can cause an even bigger online reputation problem for your business.

Second, by commenting on the post, you could increase its authority on search engines, which will make it harder to suppress it.

Third, if the person who wrote the post finds out that you’re trying to discredit it, they could try to get back at you by creating even more posts.

Unless you can personally contact the individual with a solution to their problem, it’s best to leave Ripoff Report posts alone and aim for suppression instead.

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If you have any additional questions or concerns about our Ripoff Report removal service, please contact us here or give us a call at 844-461-3632.

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