Business Reputation Management

Online reputation has the power to increase, damage, or even stabilize the long-term value and potential of your company. Reputation not only impacts your company's success but is now one of the defining features of your brand, its worth, and the value it offers stakeholders.

With business reputation management, you can take steps to improve your business reputation online. This strategy can have such key advantages as increased profitability and stock value, higher customer retention rates, increased CLR (customer lifetime revenue), better employees and job candidates, and more.

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Why Your Online Reputation Matters

In today's always-on digital environment, people often turn to search engines to learn about businesses in their area. In fact, as many as 94% of consumers research businesses before making purchasing decisions.

One factor that determines whether or not a customer will visit your location is your online reputation, or the set of attributes that tell others who you are, what you stand for, and how you can provide the goods and services others want. In simple terms, your online reputation is the consensus public perception of your company; in other words, your online reputation is your company's online image.

If search results turn up positive information, such as great ratings on review sites, positive reviews, and positive news coverage, new customers are far more likely to choose your business over your competitors. If that coverage is negative, your company's online presence can be damaged, potentially resulting in lost sales and an erosion of trust between you and consumers.

Why Your Online Reputation Matters
Factors that Can Harm Your Business's Reputation

Factors that Can Harm Your Business's Reputation

Your brand reputation is dependent on what others say and think about your business online. A positive reputation is built on favorable sentiments from consumers -- positive reviews and ratings -- and is reflected in positive content in search results.

Negative information shared on social media, in the news, or on review sites can undo everything you have worked so hard to achieve. Factors that can harm your business's online image include:

  • Negative content in news articles
  • Negative online reviews on Google or on third-party review platforms
  • Unflattering images in search results
  • Negative brand mentions on social media sites

Local businesses that seek to attract potential customers or to retain customers know that a company's online reputation has the potential to make or break a business. Ensure a good reputation with the help of online reputation management.

What is Online Reputation Management?

In the digital world, online reputation management serves to increase brand awareness, influence customer purchasing decisions, and repair a poor online reputation. This strategy can be seen as an extension of digital marketing efforts, helping you to open new doors of opportunity.

To effectively manage your online reputation, a quality reputation management company will apply a set of processes to establish, build, or repair your company's reputation. Reputation management strategies vary, but most include a multi-step process that includes:

  • Analysis of your online presence.
  • Creation of web properties, including social media profiles, websites, and blogs.
  • Content creation and publishing, including content like social media posts, news articles, press releases, and blog articles.
  • Content promotion.
  • Online reputation monitoring.
What is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management involves a thorough, data-informed approach to produce results. To reflect this, reputation management companies offer a wide range of services. At NetReputation, our services are designed to meet your exacting needs and business goals. Business reputation management is a powerful solution to help you build or reinforce a positive online reputation, which then reinforces customer loyalty and trust.

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Key Benefits Of Business Reputation Management

Our team delivers comprehensive, customized business reputation management to elevate your brand and bottom line. Our online reputation management services are designed to be customized to suit your business goals.

Key benefits of a professional business reputation strategy include:

  • Improving Google visibility of positive assets like blogs, articles, and websites
  • Identifying threats to your brand before they become major crises
  • Enhancing article placements that boost online PR
  • Creation of crisis management strategies that prevent panic and contain emergencies
  • Fixing and maintaining accurate business listings across the web
  • Attracting more qualified job candidates and improving employee productivity
  • Decreased marketing costs and higher ROI

Corporate vs. Small Business Reputation Management

There are key differences between a corporate reputation management strategy and its small business counterpart.

For instance, small business reputation management focuses on items impacting local search pages, including local influencers, local reviews, and local SEO techniques. For a local business, online reputation management can boost visibility in local searches and help you appear on Google Maps.

On the other hand, corporate reputation management is typically much broader in scope, covering brand reach and impact regionally, nationally, and across the globe. Corporate solutions also tend to include the work of many regional experts addressing multiple local brands at once. Some of the largest corporations add crisis management to the roster of customized online reputation management services.

Additionally, corporate reputation management campaigns often include C-level executives as part of the overall strategy, mainly because corporate executives are now an influential piece of the larger brand puzzle.

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Business Reputation Management Services

Our robust business reputation solutions are multi-layered and tailored to fit your business needs. They often include such key services as:

  • 24/7 brand monitoring and threat detection
  • Comprehensive customer sentiment audit & analysis
  • Competitor sentiment survey & analysis
  • Competitor digital footprint analysis
  • Targeted review management services (location-based)
  • Customized online reviews management services (removal, generation, promotion)

Global Reach, Local Impact

Our growing online reputation team provides award-winning, results-driven business reputation management solutions to help expand your global footprint while maximizing brand impact in the local and regional markets you value most. As a leading provider of brand reputation management services, our company uses the latest reputation management software and tactics to help you stand out in a positive light across the web. From search results to social media conversations, your business reputation is the gateway to your continued success.

No matter where you are located or what you offer, we work with you to build the local, national and international online presence you need to reach more customers and grow your bottom line.

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Our solutions improve reputation and reach across:

search results
Branded search pages, allowing you to defend and define your brand on Google
location-based search
Location-based search pages, including cities, states, and local regions
national and international search queries
National and international search queries to boost brand awareness and visibility
product and service searches
Key product and service searches your customers use to find your business.

Flexible Pricing Options

We offer flexible, affordable pricing options that fit your needs and budget. While the cost of our business online reputation management service package varies depending on your unique online situation and needs, we work to provide budget-friendly pricing and payment plans that deliver the best value and ROI for your business.

NetReputation is a trusted online reputation management firm with thousands of satisfied customers. Attract new customers, improve or repair your business's online reputation, and overcome negative reviews with the help of our expert online reputation management team.

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Additional Resources

Here are a few additional resources on corporate reputation management, how the process works and how business ORM solutions can benefit your business in the long term:

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