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What Makes a Brand Strong in 2024?

Exploring what makes a brand strong and the core elements that contribute to its impact.

For those wondering what makes a brand strong, we can say it generally boils down to five key elements. From a loyal customer base and a well-structured marketing plan to an impeccable online reputation, some companies just seem to do everything right when it comes to building their identity.

But what are the essential elements of a strong brand?

To give you an idea of what strong branding looks like, let’s examine the five main components that make brands great.

First Things First: What Is a Brand and Why Is It Important?

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Before we dive into the five most important aspects of brand identity, it’s important to understand what a brand is and why it’s important.

According to Dictionary.com, the definition of “brand” is “the kind, grade, or make of a product or service, as indicated by a stamp, trademark, or the like.” That’s not quite detailed enough for our purposes, though.

We like how Investopedia defines the word “brand”: “…a product or a business that has a distinct identity in the perception of consumers…created through elements of design, packaging, and advertising that, as a whole, distinguish the product from its competitors.”

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A brand, in this usage, is not something one can hold. Instead, it’s a concept made up of logos, brand colors, digital properties, personal and corporate identities, and more.

The goal of a brand is to be recognizable by others. A strong brand identity will tell a story, build trust, and share the values of its target market. This is why branding is so important — visibility creates awareness, influences decision-making, and increases competition.

What Are the 5 Key Features of a Brand?

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Now, let’s dive into the core elements of an influential brand identity that will reach its target audience and grow its base of loyal customers.

1. Solid Online Brand Strategy

Nowadays, much of our time is spent online. We do our shopping on the web, search forums for advice, and turn to social media to nurture relationships. For anyone wondering how to build a strong brand, developing a powerful online strategy should be at the top of the list.

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While there’s some crossover when creating an online presence versus an offline presence, there are a few key tactics to focus on:

  • Your target audience is researching your products or services online instead of in the real world. What they find online will shape their perception of your brand and either make or break their trust in you.
  • Since you can’t connect with your audience in person, you have to use the internet to showcase your authority.
  • Online content must be well-written to show up prominently in search results and be taken seriously by your audience.
  • Your logo has to accurately embody your brand values while being easy to see and interpret online, where it may appear small in some places, like on social media profiles.
  • Online reviews and testimonials carry a lot of power, whether they’re positive and flattering or negative and damaging.

You have to carefully consider what your consumers see, read and hear about your brand online. Each element of your online reputation must be monitored and managed carefully.

2. True Brand Authenticity

In the digital world, brands and businesses often portray themselves as something they’re not. Of course, this is done in the hopes of attracting followers or making more sales.

But in a world where what you see isn’t always what you get, being authentic is what really earns client loyalty and trust. Plus, today’s audiences are savvier than ever. Because they’re so used to seeing polished, produced content, it’s easy for them to spot a brand that’s not being genuine.

As an entrepreneur, you might be thinking, “Let’s build a shiny image and make promises now. We can deal with the fallout later.” But that’s not a smart strategy. Faking a promise diminishes your authority and makes it impossible for your audience to trust you.

What truly strengthens a brand is authenticity. Only make a brand promise if you believe in it and can carry through.

3. Commitment to Quality

Having an online brand strategy and showcasing that your brand’s personality is authentic are stellar ways to increase customer loyalty. Add to that a commitment to quality and you’re on your way to increasing your brand equity and competing with other brands.

You can’t be everything to everyone. However, you can deliver a high-quality, memorable customer experience to those who fall into your core audience.

Also, remember this: Quality doesn’t just make your existing customers happy; it also increases word-of-mouth marketing and attracts referrals. People love to tell others about the brands they like and trust. 

4. Brand Presence in Search Results

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Knowing how to present yourself online is one thing, as we went over in #1 on this list. However, you have to show up in search results and be present in front of your audience to make that brand strategy work for you.

Today, customers expect to find your business online when they search for it — and if they don’t, they’re pretty likely to go with one of your competitors instead.

Plus, having a substantial digital footprint enables your brand to connect with your target audience and stay relevant. This is what makes a brand strong in 2024, especially during times of uncertainty and crisis.

A digital presence allows your business to increase brand awareness, grow, and engage with customers. It can also increase brand strength thanks to higher credibility.

Having a brand presence online may mean building a website, maintaining an active blog, utilizing social media platforms, participating in online forums, and responding to your reviews.

5. Clean Online Reputation

When you search your business on Google, what results do you get? Do you find disturbing information or negative feedback that’s damaging your brand identity?

Having a clean online reputation is critical for maintaining a positive brand identity. Not only do excellent reviews and feedback grow trust in your business, but they also help you rank higher in search results.

Working with online reputation experts can help you manage your online presence and build a better brand online. This is best done through a comprehensive online reputation management strategy.

If you know this is your top priority — and the main thing standing in your way of having a successful brand — contact the reputation management experts at NetReputation today by filling out the form below.

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How Online Reputation Management Services Help Successful Brands

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Wondering what online reputation management services are all about and how they can help clean up your online presence to improve your brand positioning? The right online reputation strategy can help your brand by:

  • Delivering robust internet privacy solutions
  • Influencing search results with SEO
  • Creating content that promotes your core values and builds authority
  • Managing reviews and improving your review site presence
  • Monitoring competitor and third-party websites

Your brand is the foundation of your business online. It’s what speaks to your audience and reminds customers who you are and how you can deliver solutions to their problems. 

Final Thoughts About Building a Successful Brand

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Hopefully, the steps above will help prepare your business to compete online, hone your brand messaging, and deliver a top-notch brand experience. 

If you’re still not sure what your brand stands for and how to apply the branding strategies we went over, or if you need a helping hand with reputation monitoring and management, contact us today.

We work with companies every day, sharing our advice and expertise to guide them toward the outcomes they want. Call us at 844-461-3632 to speak with an expert.

Updated 3/2024

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