How to Use Google Alerts

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Google Alerts allows you to easily track and receive notifications instantly if a new article is published online. By tracking your name and other related keywords you can always stay ahead. Google alerts give users a chance to act quickly if there is something posted online they do not agree with.


Have you ever had someone posting about you, but you were the last person to find out? Your online presence is crucial to your business, for this reason, having control over it can save you from future defamation.


Through this simple and free tool, Google Alerts can quickly locate areas in which your name or brand is being written. You will receive an email notification once an article is published. This can better assist you in managing any negative reviews, posts, or pictures within minutes of the initial post itself.

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Setting up Google Alerts

Setting up Google Alerts is a very straightforward process, in which you do not even need a Gmail account. Here are the few steps it takes to set up Google Alerts:


    1. Go to and sign up with either a Gmail account or continue filling out the form.
    2. In addition, enter in all of the search terms you would like to receive notifications for. This can be edited as many times as you wish and can include keywords and phrases.
    3. With a selection of results that Google can share with you, you can choose any of the following: 
    4. Now, you can choose the frequency of how often you will receive results. This could be daily, monthly, etc.
    5. To limit the number of alerts you will receive, you can choose a variation of “best results” or “everything”. This solely depends on what type of results you wish to be aware of.


Choose the platform in which you want the alerts to be delivered. This could be through your Gmail account or phone.


After all of these steps are completed, you can click the “Create Alert” button. You have set up Google Alerts.


Congrats! You have successfully set up Google Alerts and now can be fully aware of when others are posting about you online.


Why Google Alerts is Beneficial

In conclusion, Google Alerts is a great way to stay on top of your online reputation. All too often are individuals slandered online and they are completely unaware of it. This alert system makes the first step in online reputation management much simpler and can permit you to have a quicker response time to anything you wish not to be seen online. By using Google Alerts you know exactly which web pages to target when implementing your reverse SEO tactics.

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