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Florida Residents Directory Opt Out Guide

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This step-by-step guide will walk you through the Florida Residents Directory opt out so you can protect your information and reputation online. You can search records on the site from anywhere, but you’ll only find your listing if you’re a Florida resident.

Florida Residents Directory is a people search website specifically for finding information about Florida residents. You can search for a Florida resident by name, physical address, phone number or email address.

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Additionally, there’s a directory that lets you search records for a Florida resident by their last name.

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The website also has voter information about Florida residents that you can view if you scroll down on the homepage.

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When you search for a Florida resident on the data broker site, you’ll find out their full name, age, address, gender, race, party affiliation, where they’re registered to vote, and their voter status from the overview page.

Screenshot of a voter registration information card featuring basic demographic details such as name, age, gender, race, residence, party affiliation, and voter status, with a call-to-action button for more details.

By opening up the full profile page, you’ll see more details about their voting profile, address, relatives, neighbors, salary and net worth.

If you need immediate help with removing the personal information that data brokers provide to people search sites, contact the data removal experts at NetReputation by calling 844-461-3632. We’ll take care of opt out requests for you.

Is It Dangerous To Have Personal Information Online?

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Yes, having your personal information easily available online can pose a number of risks. Whether you’re a Florida resident and your info is listed in the directory or you live elsewhere and data brokers have sold your info to additional sites, you’ll want to opt out of search results.

Identity Theft

Cybercriminals are always on the hunt for personal data, like your name, address, credit card information, and Social Security number. They use this information to steal your identity, open accounts, make purchases, and commit any number of crimes that could damage your finances and reputation. Going through the opt out process is a must to keep yourself safe.

Loss of Privacy

When anyone can find out information about where you live and work, you put yourself in danger of in-person harassment or stalking. Aside from that, when your private information goes public, the data can be used to send you unwanted solicitations or targeted advertising, and you could also be the victim of cyberstalking.

People who have malicious intent will intimidate or threaten others online once they know where to find them and have personal info that they can blackmail them with. That’s why it’s so important to opt out of personal data websites.

Reputation Damage

The information that’s posted about you online could damage your reputation personally and professionally. People jump to judgments when they find information about someone else, even if what they learn is taken out of context or isn’t true. Even the way a people search site is worded could make it sound like the data about you is far more scandalous than it actually is. By going through the opt out process, you avoid these misunderstandings.


Even if you don’t end up being the victim of identity theft, other kinds of fraudulent behavior and scams can come your way when your personal info is so easy to access. False job offers, romance scams and phishing emails are just some of the situations you may deal with when scammers get ahold of your data. This could lead to you being tricked into providing even more personal information or having your money stolen.

Florida Residents Directory Opt-Out Instructions

Submitting a removal request through the opt-out form on the Florida Residents Directory is simple and straightforward. While you do have to provide an email address, you don’t even need to click a confirmation link in your email. Here’s what to do if you’re a Florida resident and want to complete the online opt out form.

Find your profile.

To find your profile on the Florida Residents Directory, enter your information into the search field on the homepage. From the results, click View Details next to the one that best matches your Florida resident information.

The image shows a partial screenshot of a database or search result page with records for individuals named lindsay in orlando. there are two entries partially visible, with the top one highlighted by a red arrow pointing to a "view details" button. the records display personal details such as age, gender, race, and voter registration information, including party affiliation and county of registration.

Copy the URL.

From the URL bar at the top of the page, copy the URL. To be safe, paste it into a text document so you don’t accidentally lose it, which could make the opt out process longer than necessary.

Go to the Florida Residents Directory opt out page.

A link to the Florida Residents Directory opt out page can be found at the bottom of the homepage, in the footer. You can also go directly to the opt out page here.

Paste the URL into the field.

Paste the URL you just copied into the designated field on the opt out form. Then, click the blue Submit button.

A screenshot of an 'opt out step 1' webpage interface with a field to paste a url and a 'submit' button.

Fill out the opt out form.

First, confirm that the information on the page is correct, including your full name, age and residential address. This ensures you don’t accidentally request the removal of another person from the database.

Next, enter your name and email address, the solution to the simple equation (which is there to prevent spam), and a reason for submitting your removal request. The reason can be as simple as writing “privacy” in the field.

Check the box to the left of “I hereby certify that I am this person,” then click Submit.

The image shows a screenshot of a web page removal request form for personal information. the form is related to an individual named lindsay, including her age, city of residence, and voter registration details, with an option to request removal of the record by submitting a reason and an email address.

Wait for the opt out confirmation page.

You should see the confirmation page next, which says to wait for up to 48 hours before your data is removed.

Notification message on a digital interface indicating a removal request has been submitted and advising to wait 24-48 hours before submitting another removal request.

What If My Information Is Still On Florida Residents Directory?

If you check Florida Residents Directory 48 hours after filling out the opt-out form and your information is still on the website, submit another removal request by following the steps above.

Unfortunately, the Florida Residents Directory doesn’t have a public email address or contact page on its website. It also doesn’t list an email address on its Facebook page or in its WHOIS profile.

Are Free Opt-Out Services Legit?

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As you’re figuring out the best strategy for removing your personal information from data broker websites, you’re likely to come across companies that offer free removal services. This may sound too good to be true, as it can be a long and tedious process to submit removal requests for the many data brokers out there.

Before you contact one of those companies, consider the following precautions.


Some opt-out services will actually help you remove your data from people search sites.

Unfortunately, other services will be ineffective, whether they don’t have the time or knowhow to follow through on their promise or they go so far as to try to scam you out of money or personal data.


For some data broker sites, it takes more than one removal request to have your information taken down. Companies that offer removal services for free won’t have the time to consistently follow-up with the data brokers that don’t cooperate with the opt-out request.

Long-Term Results

Even if the free service is able to remove your data from a people search site, there’s no guarantee that it’ll remain off that site forever.

Data brokers regularly crawl various sources to collect information, and your data could easily end up back on the website.

A free service isn’t going to regularly monitor the internet for mentions of your name. It won’t be able to catch the next instance when your info appears online.

While some free opt-out services may be legit, it’s important to approach them with caution.

It’s possible that the company could be trying to steal your personal information by gaining access to the details they need to submit opt-out forms on your behalf.

It’s also possible that, even if the company doesn’t have ill intent, they’re not going to be able to deliver sufficient services for no cost. You could still end up having to follow up on the removal requests yourself.

NetReputation has a solid history of working with clients to remove their information from the internet and repair their digital presence. Call us today at 844-461-3632 for a free consultation with an ORM expert.

FAQ About Florida Residents Directory

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Where does the Florida Residents Directory get its information?

Florida Residents Directory collects people’s data from voter registration information.

If your personal information on Florida Residents Directory is inaccurate, it could be that there’s an error in your voter profile. Consider contacting the Florida Department of State to correct it.

When will my information be removed from the Florida Residents Directory?

According to the opt-out confirmation page, information should be removed within 24 to 48 hours after submitting the opt-out request. The Florida Residents Directory asks that you don’t make a second opt-out request during this time.

If you check the search results after 48 hours have passed and your information is still online, submit another request by following the same steps.

Can my information show up in the Florida Residents Directory after it’s been removed?

Yes, it’s possible for your personal information to show up on the Florida Residents Directory even after it’s been removed. When the database is refreshed, it’s possible that new information about you will be found online. That could lead to a new record being created.

It’s important to regularly monitor mentions of your name online using Google Alerts or a more powerful tool. You’ll then know every time information about you is listed publicly, and you can take steps to request removal.

Protect Your Online Reputation Today

Submitting opt out requests to every people search website out there is an arduous process. Whether it’s the Florida Residents Directory or any of the other public data sites on the web, it can feel like a full-time job to remove your information and keep yourself protected.

By working with an online reputation management (ORM) company, data removal experts will send opt out requests on your behalf.

First, this alleviates a huge workload for you. Second, it protects you from identity theft as fast as possible. With so much information about you online, anyone can get their hands on your data with a simple Google Search.

Contact NetReputation today to take back control of your personal information and protect your reputation. Call us at 844-461-3632 or fill out the form below.

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