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Your Complete PrivateRecords.net Opt Out Guide

A person wearing a white sweater is using a laptop. Various digital security icons, such as a shield, padlock, and profile symbols, are floating around, symbolizing online security and privacy. They are visiting privaterecords.net to opt out of data collection and ensure their personal information remains secure.

In this PrivateRecords.net opt out guide, we’ll walk you through each step of the process to submit a removal request and protect your public and private records.

Data broker sites like PrivateRecords.net gather public and private data that can feel like a threat to your online privacy. When anyone can access your name, address and phone number, along with more private data, there’s no end to what they can do with that information.

To protect yourself from the information that anyone can access by searching data broker sites, you’ll need to submit opt out requests for every instance of your info appearing in search results.

In this article, we’ll cover the PrivateRecords opt out process from beginning to end. However, with so many other data brokers out there, you’ll want to do this for every site that lists your data.

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What Is PrivateRecords?

A screenshot of a public records search webpage. The page features a search bar with fields for entering a person's first name, last name, and location, specifically set to "New York". There is a green "FREE SEARCH" button and security logos for Norton and McAfee at the bottom.

PrivateRecords is a people search site that gathers personal information about individuals, like many other data brokers on the internet.

By searching for a first and last name, along with a location, you can find public records, contact information and other info about an individual, including:

  • Full name
  • Age
  • Relatives
  • Location

In addition to the basic results you see in an initial search, there’s a more detailed profile page for the individual with the option to find out sensitive information about them.

An infographic listing types of public records that can be searched. Includes checkmarks for Public Records, Arrest Records, Current Address, Property Records, and Court Records. Plus signs for Marriage Records, Divorce Records, Death Records, and Social Media Profiles.

To do this, you’ll have to create an account. According to PrivateRecords, people who have an account can find arrest records, mugshots, property records, tax information, court records and more about an individual.

Should I Care About Having My Data on PrivateRecords?

Absolutely. Keeping your personal information protected can save you from harassing, stalking, and other types of unwanted contact.

It can also prevent others from finding incorrect or misleading information about you that could influence their personal or professional opinion of you.

Additionally, when so much of your data is available online, cybercriminals have a better chance of committing identity theft, financial fraud or other types of crimes.

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The PrivateRecords Opt Out Process

Next, we’ll go through each phase necessary to opt out of PrivateRecords so you can protect your personal information and your online reputation.

1. Go to the PrivateRecords opt out page.

Unlike many other data broker sites, PrivateRecords doesn’t include the opt-out link at the bottom of the page. Instead, you’ll need to Google “privaterecords.net opt out” and click the correct result.

A screenshot of a Google search for "privaterecords.net opt out." At the top, Google's search bar displays the query. Below, the first search result is from Privaterecords.net with the link to "our opt out page." Tabs for All, Videos, Images, and other categories are visible.

2. Enter your personal information in the search box.

A webpage titled "Remove My Information" featuring a form to locate a record for removal. The form includes fields for "First name," "Last name," and a dropdown for selecting a state. A green "SEARCH" button is on the right side of the form.

Fill in your first and last name and your location, then click the green Search button.

3. Select the correct result.

If you see your data in the Private Records search results, click it.

A web page displays sections with blurred personal information. It includes "Age: 40," "Possible Relatives," and "Locations." There are "See More +" links under each section, a green check mark labeled "Verified," and a green arrow pointing to the right.

4. Fill in the Private Records online opt out form.

On the opt out form page, enter your email address, full name, physical address and phone number. Click the captcha box, then click the Submit button.

A form with fields for email address, full name, address, and phone number. Below the fields is a reCAPTCHA checkbox labeled "I'm not a robot," and a large yellow "Submit" button at the bottom.

According to the website, this authorization form ensures that the data you’re trying to remove matches your personal information. This protects others who may want their information to be public from having it taken down by someone else.

5. Receive the confirmation email.

The opt out page will automatically show a message to check your email. While the opt out page says the email could take up to 48 hours to receive, we received ours immediately.

If you don’t get your confirmation email right away, wait the full 48 hours before starting the process over.

6. Click the emailed confirmation link.

The email you receive from PrivateRecords will have a verification link. You must click this link to complete the opt out request. Otherwise, you won’t actually opt out of having your data listed on the site.

7. Wait for the opt out confirmation message.

After clicking the link in the email, your opt out request will be complete. You should be redirected to a PrivateRecords page that says Opt-out Confirmed.

A white rectangular notification box with text that reads, "Opt-out Confirmed.

We Can Help You Keep Your Private Records Protected

Removing your info from the biggest data brokers online can be tedious and frustrating. Every site has its own removal process, and it can take weeks to locate all your data online and submit individual opt-out requests.

However, leaving your information for anyone can find can cause even more of a problem. Data brokers notoriously post outdated and incorrect information. If that falls into the wrong hands, your online reputation can be impacted.

Furthermore, data brokers that list as much private information as PrivateRecords does can leave you prone to criminal activity.

Whether you don’t have the time to dedicate to this process or you need online reputation repair as soon as possible, the ORM experts at NetReputation can help.

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