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Ultimate True People Search Opt Out Guide To Protect Your Online Privacy

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This True People Search opt out guide will help you protect your personal information online, as well as the personal data of your family members and other connections.

TruePeopleSearch is one of many people search sites that list public records, private data and other types of personal information about individuals. Similar to other data brokers online, TruePeopleSearch has a search bar at the top of the home page where you can enter a name, phone number or address to look up someone’s sensitive data.

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There are many drawbacks to having your personal info available on people search sites like TruePeopleSearch. Given the risks, it’s always best to go through the manual opt out process to have your easily searchable information removed from the website.

What Are the Problems With Having Your Information on a People Search Site?

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There are a number of issues that arise when your sensitive data and contact information appear on a data broker site. When your personal information, like your phone numbers, social media profiles and home address, are available to anyone, privacy concerns like stalking, harassment and identity theft arise. Your family members and roommates are also at risk.

Stalking and Harassment

Data brokers make it very easy to find home and work addresses for practically anyone in their database. A stranger or someone you know could use this information to show up in person at your home or place of work and harass you.

Identity Theft

Some data brokers list detailed information about you, your financial records and data you expect to be kept private. When this information falls into the hands of a cybercriminal, you can easily become the victim of identity theft. This can lead to a poor credit score and damaged finances that take months or years to repair.

Inaccurate Information

TruePeopleSearch and other data brokers won’t always have up-to-date or correct information about you. If an employer, business partner or romantic interest learns damaging information about you, it won’t matter if it’s true or not — the damage to your reputation will be done.

Out-of-Control Listings

Once your information shows up on one data broker site, it can quickly be picked up by other data brokers and added to multiple databases. Before you know it, your private data could be listed on several websites, each with its own tedious opt out request procedure.

Next, we’re going to walk you through each step of the True People Search opt out process. If you need immediate help submitting removal requests to various data brokers, contact us today at 844-461-3632.

The True People Search Opt Out Process

Now, we’ll go over each step of the TruePeopleSearch removal process. Note that the website is full of ads, and you may have a difficult time navigating the site as ads continually pop up and block the areas you need to see.

Find Your Information on True People Search

First, you want to make sure your information can be found on the TruePeopleSearch website. Otherwise, there’s no need to go through the removal process, and you can move on to another data broker instead.

From the home page, enter your first name and last name, followed by your city and state or zip code. Click the search button, which has an icon of a magnifying glass on it.

If your information is listed on the site, you’ll be taken to a results page with an info box that includes the basics, such as:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Current location
  • Past location(s)
  • Family member information

Digital interface snippet showing partial personal information with fields for age, current and past residence, and relationships, accompanied by a blue "true people search opt out" button.

If you’re not able to find your public records this way, use the phone, address and email search options to try again. You want to be 100% sure your information is not listed on the TruePeopleSearch site before you navigate away from it.

Open Up the Complete Profile

To open up your complete profile, click the View Details button.

Screenshot highlighting the "view details" button with a red arrow, indicating its location next to blurred text about a person's age and residency on the True People Search opt-out page.

This page lists more information, including the following:

  • Name
  • Age and birth year
  • Marital status
  • Full address
  • Previous addresses
  • Building and home details
  • Relatives and their ages
  • Possible associates and their ages

There are also options to get a full background report and a criminal records report.

Once you’ve confirmed that your profile is listed on True People Search, move on to the next step.

Go To the Removals Page

The TruePeopleSearch opt out request page is not easy to find from the home page or your personal info details, but you can go directly to it here.

Enter Your Email Address and Begin the Removal Process

Enter your email address in the designated area, then check the box that confirms you want your information removed.

Next, click the I am human box to complete the CAPTCHA. You may have to complete a simple test to move forward.

Click Begin Removal when you’re ready.

Find Your Information On the Site

This step should be easy since you’ve already determined your info is available on TruePeople Search and you know how to find it. Simply plug in the same info as before and navigate to your “View Details” page.

Request to Remove the Record

Scroll to the bottom of the page. Close to the bottom, you should see a button that says Remove This Record. Click it.

Wait for the Confirmation Page

You should immediately see a Record Removal Request confirmation page that says you’ve been sent an email with a confirmation link. TruePeopleSearch also says that if you don’t receive the email within an hour, resubmit the removal request following the steps above.

Check Your Email

When we walked through this process, the confirmation email arrived immediately. You have to click a confirmation link to complete the removal request.

Email screenshot from truepeoplesearch.com advising recipient to click a link to complete their opt-out request, noting the request expires in 24 hours. The sender's address is listed at the bottom.

Confirm the Removal Request

Click the confirmation link in the email. You’ll be redirected to the Record Removal Request page again. This time, it’ll have a message that confirms your removal request was received and that your information should be gone from the site within 72 hours.

Contact the Support Team for Help

After 72 hours, if your information is still on the site, you can contact support before you begin removal all over again. Instead of heading back to the opt out form, go to the contact page, which you can find here.

From the drop-down menu, select, “How do I remove my record from your site?” Then, click Contact Us, which will open up a new page with a contact form.

Screenshot of a True People Search help center webpage featuring two options: 1. a dropdown menu for "how do I opt out of your site?" and 2. a highlighted "contact us

Fill out the contact form, including the URL of your profile, and click Submit Form when you’re done.

Screenshot of an online contact form with fields for name, email, and a message inquiry about True People Search opt out from a site, including a captcha verification checkbox labeled "I am human" and a

Online Reputation Management Can Help

TruePeopleSearch is a powerful people search service, but there are many more out there just like it. If your personal info ends up on one data broker sites, chances are that it’s on many others, too.

When your past addresses, phone numbers and other identifying information are found online, identity theft, cybercrimes and other unwanted activities can occur.

A man in a hoodie with a unique fingerprint on his hand demonstrates the importance of executive privacy.

Finding each and every data broker that lists your information is a long, tedious job. You may not have the time or patience for it, but you’re probably also not comfortable with how many of your personal details are there for anyone to access.

Online reputation management (ORM) companies can help with personal data removal so you can carry on with what’s most important to you.

Contact NetReputation today to discuss our removal services so your info no longer appears on people search sites. Call us at 844-461-3632 or fill out the contact form below.

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