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How to Gain More Followers Online

How to Gain More Followers Online - NetReputation

We all want to know how to gain followers online. In the age where everyone uses social media, it seems as if the chances of developing a large following is close to zero. With millions of people wanting to pursue the same goal as you, separating yourself from the others is quite the obstacle.

This is why it is important to provide motivation and expertise to your followers. Provide them will unique user-generated content and they will stick around.

Although being unique is a big advantage in developing a following, there are also a few methods you can use to obtain more followers online through likes, subscribers, and shares.

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Networking for Followers

Surely, you have your own idol that you wish to become someday. Coming into contact with these individuals, although rare, can be extremely beneficial to getting more followers.

You can do this by constantly sharing, liking, and attempting to converse with these individuals. Let them know you like their user-generated Instagram content and you appreciate what they do, it will go a long way. This is a great way to get noticed by an Instagram influencer, or at least you now have quality content to send them.

Eventually enabling them to see your name appear at some point or another, this is your goal. Instead of pursuing just one, pick multiple candidates that you believe you can confidently build a working relationship with.

Harnessing the power of word-of-mouth is the key to building a strong networking foundation.

One of the most useful features on Instagram to example is the various types of posts.

Instagram Stories

When it comes to marketing your brand of social media, don’t forget to utilize all the features available to you. Social networking may be what some individuals do in their spare time however for us entrepreneurs it is our office. It is where we narrow down our target audience and refine our skills.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and a plethora of other social networking platforms are ideal tools to use while cross-promoting. This will increase engagement across the board and broaden your target audience.

Using Instagram stories are fairly straight forward. These posts only last 24-hours however if you have enough followers (10,000+) you are able to redirect users to your website with a “SWIPE UP” call to action.

Instagram Feed (Regular Posts)

Although organic growth of social networking platforms is difficult without some form of PPC efforts. Instagram users that follow you, your “super fans” if you will, if you grow/scale properly will generate free Instagram traffic to your exact target audience.

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How Creating Videos Will Get You More Followers Online

Most times, writing only blogs does not cut it with most followers. Followers like to see various types of material, such as videos AND photos. Videos allow you to show your personality and portray a more relatable appearance.

This creates a chance for you to open up, users appreciate this, it shows that you care about what they think. It also takes away the burden of having to read a lengthy post and permits your followers to just listen to what you have to say instead of reading it.

Although this is mainly prominent on Youtube, other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and even LinkedIn are able to post videos as well.

Consistency = Brand Loyalty

Believe it or not, becoming a professional at posting material is not as easy as it sounds. Developing unique posts and posting consistently on the social media platforms that are most important. This can be done by posting at certain times of the day where your followers can count on increases engagement with you and reading your material.

Try to set up a posting schedule, this gives your followers a base as to when you might be releasing your next article or publishing that new Instagram post.

It is also important to review the insights and analytics within each platform. This gives you a deeper look into your demographic and the type of market that is interested in your user-generated content,  goods or services.

Instagram, for example, shows you the number of visitors per day, gender, average age, and location. You may operate in Miami Florida, however, people in Orlando like it more.

You may want to start tagging your posts (some not all) in various locations depending on your demographic. Coverage is everything, the more eyes that see your post the better. (Read more here on how to use Instagram’s location feature)

Gain More Followers Online with these Tools

This is one of the most important aspects of growing a social following. Famous social media personalities did not just start posting material out of nowhere and become a household name. Instead, they used various tools and software that promoted insight into their viewership.

This allowed them to be able to locate the most ideal times for posting, the best user-generated content to post, and how much their viewership was rising per week. 

Try using popular hashtags in order to expand upon your current followers and audience. Finding the most relevant hashtags for viral, and trending tags in order to maximize your chances of reaching the explore page and more real people.

Utilizing these tools ensures much more concise and clear direction that you should take your social media platform.

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