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How To Remove Negative Reviews From Glassdoor

removing negative reviews from Glassdoor

Glassdoor Review Removal Services: How To Remove Negative Reviews From Glassdoor: Look bad on Glassdoor? Call us today at 844-461-3632 to learn how to remove negative reviews from Glassdoor and repair your reputation online.

Want to learn how to remove reviews from Glassdoor? This post has all the answers you were looking for and more.

Below, we discuss the dangers of misleading reviews by disgruntled employees, and why it’s so important to remove that negative content fast.

By now, most business owners know the power of the internet. No matter your brand or who you are, internet reviews can cause a lot of harm. And with so many review platforms and opportunities out there, almost anyone can post a bad review online. The sad part is that these negative comments can impact our personal and professional lives in countless ways. That’s why online reputation monitoring is essential.

Have you been the victim of a bad review?

The Significance of Your Online Dating Privacy

What Is Glassdoor?

Wondering what Glassdoor’s place is among all these online sites? Or why you should remove false or misleading reviews from Glassdoor?

It is no secret that internet review platforms have transformed the ways in which business owners interact with their customers. Thousands of review sites offer customers the chance to share their thoughts with others.

Among all the review platforms online, Glassdoor stands out. Founded in 2007, Glassdoor quickly became the king of employer reviews. The majority of review platforms feature consumer reviews regarding professionals, businesses, and services. But many of those reviewers falsely represent themselves as consumers. And many are just misleading others with false statements and anonymous fake reviews.

But unlike consumer review sites, Glassdoor allows employees to review anything from company policies and work environment to company culture, salary and more. Satisfied employees can leave positive reviews on their experiences with a given company; reviews posted on the platform help others decide whether the company is worth pursuing in terms of employment opportunities. Ratings on Glassdoor are influential, helping a company stand out from its competitors in any marketplace. On the other hand, negative employee reviews can harm business prospects. Negative ratings on Glassdoor receive hundreds, if not thousands, of views as people research employment opportunities. Can you imagine what a single bad Glassdoor review can do to your company and your company’s online reputation?

The Case for Removing Negative Reviews on Glassdoor

Job seekers turn to the web for information about employers before taking the plunge and applying for open positions. On Glassdoor, positive Glassdoor ratings can help to attract top talent, while bad reviews can keep quality candidates from applying. Current employees leave reviews on the site, helping to build a positive digital reputation for the companies they work for.

A positive review from a satisfied employee is worth its weight in gold. Unfortunately, this platform and others like it have become places where employees write fake reviews or take action against their employer by writing a false review. In some cases, a fake review will cross into the territory of a defamatory review, where an employee says things that are simply untrue as a way of getting back at an employer for firings, missed advancement opportunities, or simple grudges.

Removing Negative Glassdoor Reviews is a Smart Business Decision

So, why remove reviews from Glassdoor? Well, whether negative or untrue, these reviews can destroy a company’s reputation fast, hurting opportunities to hire talent, form new business ventures, and more.

Far from providing insight into local businesses, negative Glassdoor reviews often misrepresent your workplace and do major damage to your brand. As business owners are aware, reputation management is an integral part of the modern business environment. Company reviews, both positive and negative, have an outsized effect on the potential for growth in any given market sector. If you are a company owner facing one bad Glassdoor review or multiple reviews that put your company in a negative light, you may have difficult choices ahead. Do you attempt to remove negative Glassdoor reviews, or should you hire an online reputation management services company for help?

How Can Positive Glassdoor Reviews Help My Company’s Reputation?

Reviews on Glassdoor are a valuable tool for employers. Positive Glassdoor reviews are viewed by potential employees or jobseekers when evaluating the companies they wish to work for. Job listings that include a company’s profile, rating, and review quality gain competitive advantages. These Glassdoor reviews are also evaluated by potential business partners; positive reviews signal that the company is trustworthy and secure.

Great Glassdoor ratings open new doors of opportunity. A company’s Glassdoor reputation is an integral part of that company’s online presence and employment brand, helping to attract top talent. Encouraging employees to leave reviews is an extension of online reputation management. Activity on review platforms is also represented in search results, potentially driving qualified candidates to your door.

How Negative Glassdoor Reviews Can Harm Your Business

Customers these days use the web and Google more than ever. Now, the internet is the first place people turn to communicate, research businesses, and share their opinion.

And nearly all businesses and brands can now be reviewed, evaluated, and rated online. Google search results are filled with personal reviews, including Glassdoor reviews. Job seekers use search results to pinpoint those companies they want to work with.

Many argue that online information like reviews or ratings enables customers to make faster and better buying decisions. But what happens when the credibility can’t be verified, or no one is vetting the information online? In regards to negative or false Glassdoor reviews, how can those bad Glassdoor reviews affect business prospects? Bad reviews can affect the quantity and quality of job candidates and may even result in negative search results. Your company’s profile is dependent not only on the number of reviews but how reviewers — Glassdoor users — present information to others.

remove negative reviews from Glassdoor

The Problem with Verification of Information

Although many sites swear by transparency and verifying reviewer identity, fake and defamatory reviews continue to slip on by. False reviews are a pervasive problem, and this problem is aggravated by the fact that an actual employee may not have written the review. Glassdoor allows an anonymous reviewer to post whatever they want with few constraints.

And the truth? Most of what you see online is never verified. The only time this information is flagged is if the review violates established policies, like including language that promotes sexual harassment, defamatory content, or slanderous details. Violations of the Communications Decency Act may also cause the platform to flag reviews that are false, misleading, or negative.

In the end, misleading and fake reviews can undermine your business reputation in a heartbeat. In turn, this causes many customers to stop using your products and services. Your business culture may suffer under the strain of an unfair Glassdoor reputation.

Glassdoor Review Removal: Does Glassdoor Delete Reviews?

The answer to the question “Can Glassdoor Reviews Be Removed?” is yes, but with some caveats.

Removing unfavorable reviews from Glassdoor can be done in different ways. But some of them are more efficient than others.

Getting a negative review on Glassdoor is not pleasant for any entrepreneur. But when deserved, negative reviews can provide an important lesson about what is wrong and what can be improved. The problems don’t stem from employees providing honest feedback. They begin with individuals looking to harm your company’s reputation.

The bad news is that once a fraudulent review is posted on Glassdoor it can be quite difficult to take it down. The website removal policy doesn’t usually remove its users’ testimonials unless there is a legal reason for that. In other words, if a review on Glassdoor is negative, that may not be sufficient reason to have the platform remove reviews. There must be a compelling reason, such as legal action or violation of Glassdoor community guidelines, for removal.

If you consider yourself to be the victim of an undeserved negative employee review you can contact Glassdoor, explain the situation and ask them politely to remove it. When you flag reviews, Glassdoor offers several potential solutions, as we will discuss in the next section.

So, Will Glassdoor Remove Fake Reviews?

If Glassdoor, upon analyzing your request, considers the review to be false, defamatory, or misleading, it will flag the review as a violation of community guidelines and its terms of use, and proceed with removing it. Proving a scathing review is false can be difficult though, and will be rarely successful.

One other way to remove Glassdoor reviews from the platform is to ask the person who posted the original content to remove it. If you are lucky and the employee is not very angry with you, they could agree to take it down peacefully. Short of a specific legal action, whoever posted the review is under no obligation to take it down. Still, it is a good idea to make the request.

One more solution when looking for how to deal with negative Glassdoor reviews is to try and answer them yourself. Use a polite and sincere tone and try to understand the other person’s point of view. Taking the time to respond to a Glassdoor review will send out a positive signal that the company is willing to solve its problems and improve the working climate for its employees. This can help correct any negative search results that stem from unpleasant or untrue reviews and also serves as a powerful reputation management approach that can pay dividends in the future.

team working to remove negative reviews from Glassdoor

The Easiest Way To Deal With Negative Glassdoor Reviews

The best course of action when wishing to remove a negative review from Glassdoor is by using online reputation management services. This is also the only way to ensure that your company develops a strong online reputation strategy and branding and that the negative reviews which have been already written will be properly taken care of.

How Can NetReputation Help?

NetReputation’s online reputation management experts are well experienced and knowledgeable in helping all companies restore their online presence and taking back control over everything that appears about them on the Internet. Even if your business is affected by only one review, our team of experts can help, including taking legal action to protect your reputation, restore a damaged reputation, or help build brand awareness.

Our team can also teach any entrepreneur how to answer the worst Glassdoor reviews in a constructive and polite way, which in turn will not only solve existing conflicts but will also improve the relationships with their employees. Undertaking the process to remove Glassdoor reviews is only one of many services we provide to our clients.

With internet reviews, timing is of the essence but for business people, time is often a luxury commodity. If monitoring your online presence seems way too tiring, online reputation management for business can constantly keep an eye on what is happening online to make sure that no negative review, comment, or testimonial regarding your company is left unanswered and unsolved.

Let NetReputation Improve Your Glassdoor Rating with Glassdoor Review Removal

Bad reviews on any platform can harm your business prospects. Bad Glassdoor reviews can keep people from applying for open positions at your company and even stifle business growth. Glassdoor review removal can be a challenging process; this review process takes time and effort to complete. NetReputation is a leading online reputation management provider. We have the tools and the experience needed to remove negative Glassdoor reviews. If you are facing a negative review and don’t know where to go for help, we are ready to assist. If you have any questions or need our help removing negative reviews from Glassdoor,  contact us today!

The Significance of Your Online Dating Privacy

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