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6 Reputation Management Tips Every Business Should Know

We offer reputation management tips for turning your business into an online dynamo.

Is there a secret to more effective reputation management? Get the latest tips on protecting your business and building a better image across the web.

Your business reputation matters more than you think. So much so to where 81% of young people trust online reviews just as much as their family and friends.

This is important if you’re a serious business owner who is extremely successful. You likely spent years working on your business, and you don’t want that time wasted.

So what’s the solution? It’s time to manage your reputation. For your peace of mind, here are 6 reputation management tips to know.

1. Google Your Business Name

The first tip is extremely simple and you should do this on a regular basis. Simply Google your name. See what others are saying about you. Make sure you look at the different search results that appear. They can be your business’ hashtag on social media websites, review websites, forum threads, and more.

Be sure to read as much of what people are saying as you can. Understand that if you can find this information, then so can potential customers.

Why is this important? While it seems brutal, you’ll at least know what people are saying about your business. You’ll know what to address and improve on.

What if you can’t find anything? That doesn’t mean people haven’t said anything bad. It either means that your business doesn’t have significant negative attention or that people aren’t posting their negative reviews online.

With that being said, you should still follow these tips to improve your online reputation.

2. Start With Online Review Management

One of the easiest ways that consumers can spot potential pitfalls is by reading popular review websites, as well as the reviews on your own website and social media pages.

The best course of action is to seek out professional review management help. But in the meantime, you can do a few simple tricks yourself.

Start by searching through these review platforms and respond to as many reviews as you can, focusing on the negative reviews. If any reviewers were specific about their unhappiness, see if you can do something to fix their experience.

If the negative reviews are old, from years ago, you may not need to respond to them. But still, pay attention to their complaints and improve on them, if you haven’t.

Pay attention to several of the same complaints. These may include slow shipping times, bad customer service, and website issues.

3. Seek Out Positive Press Coverage

Bumping shoulders with the press is a great way to quickly improve your online reputation management. If you’re interviewed or are featured in an article, this will improve the public’s perception of your business.

A public relations firm can help with this. But always try to stay in the spotlight as much as you can. Connect with members of your local media and writers in your niche on LinkedIn. Even if writers don’t write up a feature on your business, they can interview you if they’re writing about your niche.

You can also host a link-building campaign and see if blogs can write about your brand. This way, you’ll also gain some great SEO traction on top of it.

4. Produce High-Quality Content

Producing high-quality content with a positive message will also impact your reputation. The best way to execute a content strategy is by offering something educational for your audience. When you establish yourself as a leader, prospective customers will see you in that way, too.

How do you compile content? Host a blog on your website. Make videos and upload them to YouTube and your social media pages. Focusing on both onsite and offsite content will help draw an audience.

This is also a great way to connect with your audience. As you did with online review management, respond to comments and answer any questions you can.

But you can’t create great content and then expect viewers to find it. You’ll have to execute an effective promotion strategy to increase your views. You can do this by using SEO techniques such as keyword research.

5. Don’t Forget About Your Employees

Oftentimes, the employees are the faces and voices of your brand. That’s why you should pay attention to their online reputation. At the same time, your staff members should be free to post anything on their personal pages.

A popular strategy is asking your employees to create a separate business account on popular social media platforms, like Instagram and Facebook. That way, their professional accounts are separated from their personal ones.

If nothing else, entice your employees to use professional platforms like LinkedIn to post about the business and connect with clients.

What if you have staff members who aren’t on social media? Don’t push them to create a separate account. Suggest this idea to staff members who enjoy social media.

6. Make Your Products and Services More Visible Online

You wouldn’t be anything without your products and services.

Make the quality of your products your main focus, especially online. Start by releasing content on your blog and social media about your products and how they differ from your competitors.

Invest in advertising and make landing pages catered to your products.

Since reputation management is key here, allow buyers to review your products on your website and promote any positive reviews you receive. This way, more people will be more trusting of buying your products and services.

Are You Looking for a Reputation Management Company?

From online reviews to product promotion, there are many ways to improve your reputation management. But as a busy business owner, you probably don’t have time for all of these efforts. Instead, let a professional handle it.

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