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How To Remove Google Reviews in 2024

Learn the simple steps to remove a Google review.

Updated 1/28/2024: Are you wondering about the best way to remove Google reviews? Learn more in our guide below. 

Can I remove a Google review? is a question we hear often. And in case you wonder why so many people are preoccupied with how to remove Google reviews, let’s look at things from a user’s perspective. 

You get that morning coffee at the office, drink the first sip, and notice the rich flavor. As you continue to enjoy it, you ask yourself,  “What makes that brand of coffee so great?”

You open Google, run a quick Google search, and there it is — the name of the company.

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You can also see its location on Google Maps and, down below, customer reviews(P.S. Those reviews include positive ones, fake reviews, spammy reviews, etc.)

Today, it’s simply you searching for a random coffee business. But tomorrow, someone might Google your business listing. 

Your Digital Reputation Matters

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Review platforms and online comments are something we all need to get used to living with. No one can escape them, and there’s no way you can prevent customers from sharing their experiences online

Dealing with fraudulent or negative feedback coming from angry and unhappy customers is hard to take for anyone, though.

Luckily, while removing a Google review is not easily doable, there are still ways to get around negative reviews and save your business’s reputation.

Whether you’re struggling with a competitor’s fake negative Google reviews about your business or slander coming from former employees or actual clients, this post will prove helpful.

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Can Google Reviews Be Removed?

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When you realize that you have a harmful negative review or several negative comments about you or your business online, your first thought is, “How do I remove reviews like this ASAP?”

Here at NetReputation, the first step we take when looking to remove negative reviews is to identify your brand’s top search phrases. This is the space you’re filling in search engine listings.

Once we have this information, we can start measuring important details such as positive search results, owned websites, similar profiles, and negative content, like fake Google reviews.

Unless it’s taken care of, all of this can be risky for your brand’s online reputation. 

Is It Possible to Delete a Google Review?

Here’s something you need to know if you’re wondering how to remove Google reviews: There is no current method to delete Google reviews outright.

However, while you can’t delete a Google review, Google does provide a way to report poor reviews that may be removed under certain circumstances. 

In other words, while you can’t delete a Google review yourself, Google has the power to delete Google reviews depending on the circumstances.

How To Remove a Google Review From Your Business Profile

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Short of deleting Google reviews, which isn’t possible at this time, there are ways to get rid of negative reviews that are dragging down your Google Business Profile. This can bring positive reviews to the forefront and elevate your online presence.

1. Report the Negative Google Review

When you find a negative review, especially if it’s inappropriate or fake, flag it. This will tell Google to check the content and determine if it should be taken down.

Google is most likely to delete bad reviews that don’t comply with its review policies and guidelines. 

You can start the process by filing a report with Google here.

2. Await Google’s Removal Decision

It can take between one week and one month to receive a response from Google about the status of the contested review.

If Google decides that the negative review does not comply with its policies, the review will be removed. This is the only way to delete reviews from Google.

3. Monitor Your Google Reviews

Since the removal of bad reviews by Google doesn’t happen too often, you need another way to ensure that negative reviews don’t have a huge impact on your reputation.

With advanced online monitoring, you can provide quality customer service and encourage positive Google reviews from happy, loyal customers.

4. Encourage More Positive Reviews

The more positive comments you get, the better. Positive business reviews are the most effective way to suppress negative comments and poor experiences. Plus, they’ll help enhance your digital reputation. 

By asking for customers to leave reviews and giving them a place where they can go to do so — like providing the link to your Google Business Profile — there’s a higher likelihood that they’ll follow through.

5. Hire Google Review Management Experts

Ready for some great news? When you work with our reputation management experts, you won’t have to stress about handling negative reviews, encouraging positive reviews or monitoring for brand mentions online. 

We offer Google review management services that fully oversee your business profile on Google. We’ll respond to reviews, file removal requests, and make sure your GMB listing is in a prime position to get more clients.

Great Google Reviews Improve Your Brand Image

A hand is pointing to three colored emoticons on a table, signaling the need to remove Google reviews.

The power of good content cannot be denied!

When your company is appealing via its blog, business page, testimonial section, social media accounts and more, others are bound to take notice. They will be curious to see what you have to offer and check to see if your brand has something that’s interesting or useful to them.

When your goal is to have a well-optimized online presence, all of the factors at play are important.

Most of the time, satisfied clients won’t have any problem with leaving good reviews for you.

Your job is to offer impeccable products or services and improve the customer experience so each customer wants to leave a positive review instead of a negative review. 

How NetReputation Can Help Remove Google Reviews

If you have a personal brand or you’re a business owner, having a good reputation is crucial. You’ll need to protect your online identity from theft, fix how you show up in search results, and reduce negative information as much as possible.

At NetReputation, we use various techniques and strategies to enhance our clients’ credibility online. 

Below are just some of the tactics we‘ve been implementing for years with positive results:

NetReputation.com advises clients on business reputation management and answers questions on related topics like how to remove a Google review.

Call 844-461-3632 or use our contact form to get in contact with us and learn more.

The power of online reviews

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