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ArrestFacts.com Opt Out: How To Remove Your Information From the People Search Site

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This article explains the ArrestFacts.com opt out process for removing your personal information from the people search database.

ArrestFacts.com is a people search site that has criminal record information about people, including:

  • Arrest records
  • Court decisions
  • Felonies
  • Misdemeanors
  • Police records

Additional personal information is available on ArrestFacts as well, some of which could potentially be used against you by cybercriminals or others seeking to harm someone.

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How Does ArrestFacts Work?

By entering a first name, last name, city and state into the ArrestFacts search field, you can find arrest information and other official records about a person.

Website homepage for "arrestfacts.com" featuring a search tool to find criminal records, with a background image of a statue symbolizing justice, partially overlaid with a transparent purple layer.

There’s also a directory, allowing you to find information about people even if you’re not searching for a specific name. You can begin your search alphabetically or by state when using the directory.

Infographic titled "Arrest Records by State" provided by arrestfacts.com, displaying a list of U.S. states with corresponding numbers that presumably indicate the number of arrest records for each state, with

In addition to court and police records, ArrestFacts also shows other personal information like full name, address, age, race, eye color, height and weight.

The top of the search result will include an overview with the individual’s mugshot, jail location, age and a few other personal details.

The image appears to be a screenshot from arrestfacts.com, providing background check information, including personal details such as height, weight, and location, for an individual. The right side of the image shows

By scrolling down, you’ll find additional sections separated by title:

ArrestFacts.com profile details.

  • Personal Details: Birthdate, hair and eye color, offense or probation information, etc.
  • Documented Aliases: Other names the person has gone by
  • Known Addresses: The individual’s street address
  • Scars, Marks, Tattoos: A list of identifying marks (like moles) and tattoos
  • Recent Arrests: Booking location and number, jail name and location, etc.

Depending on the specific profile, there may be additional or fewer sections and information, as each result pertains to the individual.

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How To Opt Out of ArrestFacts

ArrestFacts.com makes it easy to request removal of your information.

However, note that it’s legal for websites to post public records online, including criminal records. That means that ArrestFacts isn’t legally obligated to remove your information unless you can prove it’s an invasion of privacy or that there’s a defamation or slander issue.

Still, the the process to opt out of ArrestFacts is simple and straightforward. Let’s go over it here.

Search for your name.

Go to the ArrestFacts.com website and search for your name. You can input just your last name, but you’ll narrow down the results by including your first name, city and state.

A webpage snippet featuring a search form on arrestfacts.com for obtaining nationwide results for criminal records, requiring the user to input a first name, last name, and city/state before clicking the "search

View more information.

From the list of search results, click View More to the right of your profile.

Mugshot data summary with blurred images and demographic information, highlighting the 'view more' feature on arrestfacts.com, including opt-out details.

Go to the “Information Control” page.

On the right side of the profile, underneath the mugshot (or the mugshot placeholder), you’ll see a small link that says Information Control in light gray. Click that to go to the next step.

A blurred profile view of what appears to be an inmate's information dashboard on arrestfacts.com, indicating a 59-year-old caucasian female from Alabama, with details about her height and weight,

Fill out the ArrestFacts opt out information.

This is the opt-out page where you’ll fill in basic information and request removal of your profile. Here’s what to do:

  • Confirm you have the correct profile.
  • Fill in your full name.
  • Fill in your email address.
  • Check the captcha box.
  • Click the green Send button.

ArrestFacts.com opt out request page.

Check your email.

You should receive an email from ArrestFacts.com with a confirmation link. Make sure to click the link — otherwise, your removal request may not go through.

Search the ArrestFacts database.

After 48 hours, search for your information on ArrestFacts.com. Hopefully, it will be removed and you won’t have to worry about people finding your personal information on the website any longer.

What If My Information Is Still On ArrestFacts.com?

If your information is still on ArrestFacts.com 48 hours after submitting the opt-out request and clicking the confirmation link in your email, go through the process again. You can also contact ArrestFacts to explain your situation and ask that your profile be removed from the website.

How To Contact ArrestFacts

At the top of the ArrestFacts.com homepage, click the Contact link on the right side of the navigation menu.

A website navigation banner for arrestfacts.com with a dark purple gradient background featuring menu options including 'directory', 'about', and 'opt out', with a red arrow pointing towards the 'contact' option

Fill out and submit the contact form. Note that the website doesn’t operate 24/7. Customer support is available Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET.

Is It Legal To Access Someone’s Criminal Record?

Knowing that strangers, potential employers, friends and more can find your criminal record online can feel scary and overwhelming. You’re probably wondering if it’s even legal to find someone’s arrest or police records online.

Unfortunately, most criminal records, including court records, police records, etc., are part of the public record and therefore accessible to the public.

This means that (a) it’s not illegal to look for someone’s criminal information online, and (b) it’s not illegal for people search databases to make that information available.

However, many websites, like ArrestFacts.com, have an option for requesting removal of your personal information. While they’re not required to take down your information unless it’s incorrect or it’s not supposed to be part of the public record, some of these sites will be cooperative. That’s why it always pays to put in a removal request.

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Online Reputation Management Helps With Personal Information Control

Knowing that the ArrestFacts data broker and other data broker websites have so much of your personal information, including court records, can make it feel like personal information control is out of your hands.

Even if you have a successful ArrestFacts opt out experience, you’ll need to submit a removal request on all the other data broker sites online.

Each one will have step by step instructions to follow, a confirmation link to click and a waiting period. Data brokers don’t immediately take down your information from their website. Some may not remove it at all, even if you follow the step by step directions perfectly.

Your online reputation and your future depend on having a positive presence in search results. When a data broker gets ahold of sensitive information and lists it on a public website, anyone can find out that information about you.

If you need help to opt out of ArrestFacts or you want advice about taking back information control from other data brokers, contact one of our specialists today. Call 844-461-3632 or fill out the form below for a free consultation.

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