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Customer Review Sites

Customer Review Sites

What customer review sites do you use the most? Are you aware of the benefits these customer review websites hold? Learn the purpose of customer review platforms such as TripAdvisor, Glassdoor and many more.

Over the last several decades, since the world wide web has increased in popularity. A majority of individuals that exist around the world have quick access to the internet. When it comes to traveling and even shopping, individuals are beginning to drift away from in-person travel advisors and retail stores. Instead, people are starting to book their entire trip, do all their online shopping, and even apply for jobs without leaving their couch.

Gone are the days where John would visit his local travel agency if he decides to plan a trip. Rather than people spend hours searching the web, finding information regarding the destination, considering maps, and readying previous guests’ testimonials and feedback all play a key role in the buying process for consumers.

Today there are a plethora of travel websites (i.e. Expedia) that will assist you in designing your travel plan at no additional cost. Now let’s dive into why customer review sites are so important in this day and age. Why does having a positive brand reputation benefit these companies?

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Importance of Customer Review Sites

When it comes to information on the internet, individuals find it hard to trust what they read. It’s quite simple to publish something online, although not very simple to look at the validity of what was posted. We see this happen all the time with catchy “Time Share Opportunities”, in low populated regions of the world. They will hire a professional camera (and editor) to take professional photos of the property. These photos are then manipulated and improved to give off a pleasant aesthetic when in reality the place is a dump.

Hotels will not inform you the rooms haven’t been painted in over a decade. Or that the restaurant serves cold, tasteless food, or the pool is filthy. Locations that specialize in hospitality will never present true photos are their property if they knew it was going to deter guests.

The importance of customer reviews is imperative, especially in an industry such as this. Hotels and resorts, as previously stated, are not going to speak the truth if their property does indeed require some TLC. However, the individuals that were “tricked” into paying them money most certainly will. That is why, no matter how familiar you think you are with a hotel, you should always read their feedback on customer review sites like Yalp, TrustPilot, or YellowPages. It is better to know now than find out after you pay.

People generally read two or three testimonials and decide whether they would like to produce their booking or not.

The Good & Bad on Customer Review Sites

The advice included in a customer review can be negative or positive in reference to the resort or business in question. If a substantial amount of folks agree that a location is great and leave a favorable review, it’ll undoubtedly help that area’s company. By accruing several positive reviews they’ll observe a rise in clients as well as visitors to their site.

When the reviews are negative, the backlash could be catastrophic. This usually means that the dawn of review websites has driven companies across the globe to enhance and take care of their online reputation.

Why You Should Visit Customer Review Sites

You can collect valuable information regarding your next holiday and outing. Customer review sites are the perfect way to ensure you are making the right choice. Read 5-10 reviews (just to be safe) before making a decision and we guarantee you will not only feel better about your decision but you (in theory) will stop wasting money on inadequate goods/services.

In the end, you rely upon other people’s remarks when doing your study. If you are a business struggling with negative reviews you are in luck. Our team has over a decade of experience working with customer review sites, Google, and many other platforms to ensure success for our clients. Our removal experts will stop at nothing to remove or suppress unwanted reviews.

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