How Much Does Reputation Management Cost?

Reputation management cost depends on a variety of factors, including your unique online footprint.

If you’re looking for online reputation management services, you’ve probably already asked yourself, ‘How much does reputation management cost?’


Chances are, having searched online for the answer, you’re either none the wiser or, worse still, worried or confused about the prices you’ve seen.


A quick search on Google can yield prices ranging from $99 for so-called reputation management software to tens of thousands of dollars for enterprise-level managed service solutions.


The good news is that, at NetReputation, we’re here to get to the bottom of the matter.


With that, and across all providers, we can tell you that a typical campaign will cost somewhere in the region of $830 per month. This is the calculated median cost of online reputation management services based on freely available prices from the market.


Because prices vary so wildly from one provider to another, calculating an average rather than median cost gives a total closer to $3,000 per month.


Based on such varying figures, then, this may feel as though it’s of little help in attempting to determine the likely cost of a successful online reputation management campaign.


To get to these totals, we’ve also discounted a number of providers charging eye-watering figures of up to $20,000 per month—yes, twenty thousand dollars every month—for their services.


Thankfully, at NetReputation, we offer a range of expertly tailored solutions and services that are priced fairly and straightforwardly.


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To find out more about online reputation management costs—including what in particular affects pricing—and for the answers to a handful of further commonly asked questions, keep reading.


Understanding reputation management service prices

Like anything in life, online reputation management costs will vary depending on a variety of factors. The same is true at all levels of the market.


For example, one client may be seeking the removal of a single negative search engine result, while another requires a campaign that could take a year or more to complete.


Most reputation management campaigns last between three months and one year. Online reputation monitoring and protection services may, of course, be ongoing.


What affects reputation management cost and pricing?

The ultimate size and scale of any project is the main factor in cost and pricing. The easiest way to determine how much online reputation management might cost is to look at the client.


Plans for small businesses and individuals will generally be the most affordable. Medium-sized businesses and smaller companies looking for the quickest possible results will likely need to spend more on a campaign.


The most expensive solutions are often only called for by enterprise-level companies and multinational corporations.


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Determining a fair price

How do you know if the quotes you’re given for reputation management are fair?


Any reputable online reputation management company will be able to give you a breakdown of costs. This is true of off-the-shelf and custom plans alike.


With visibility of what’s included, budget allocation, and more, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about the price or prices that you’re given.


It’s essential, too, to consider the value of what’s at stake: your reputation. Ask yourself, ‘What’s my reputation worth?’


Keep this in mind when determining what’s fair to you personally.


Reputation management versus reputation software

You may have seen reputation management software offered for as little as $99 per year.


This is wholly distinct from reputation management as it’s a software-only proposition. Factor in the countless hours needed to see any benefit from such software, and it starts to become a less appealing option.


Read on to understand why it’s often best to hire a professional online reputation management company rather than relying on a simple piece of software.


Why hire a professional reputation management company?

Unlike with a software-only approach, by enlisting the help of a seasoned online reputation management company, you’re tapping into a wealth of knowledge and experience.


Not only do the best reputation management companies employ their own bespoke and highly powerful software solutions, but they’re also on hand to provide much more on top of that.


This may include content marketing, search engine optimization, strategic outreach, and even building a client a brand-new website from scratch.


At NetReputation, we’re proud to offer all of this and more.


Types of online reputation management and their cost

Broadly speaking, online reputation management can be broken down into four key areas. These are suppression, deindexing, complete removal, and reputation monitoring.


Some clients may need just one of these services, while others will require a combination of two or more. Some will find themselves calling upon all four.


Suppression typically involves a limited-time agreement lasting for several months. Deindexing is more likely to be tackled in return for a one-time fee, as is the complete removal of one or more pieces of negative content.


Reputation monitoring is generally employed following suppression, deindexing, or complete removal campaigns. However, it may also be used as an individual service and is often the cheapest approach to online reputation management, cost-wise.


Justifying the price tag of online reputation management

Again, remember that managed services in this area are, at their core, about protecting something precious: your reputation.


Whether in business or in life more generally, this should be your number one consideration as an individual when pricing up reputation management services.


From a corporate standpoint, much the same is true. Building up a stellar reputation takes time and effort. Don’t let this hard work be undone, particularly when protecting it could be more affordable than you think.


For many businesses, online reputation management can also be seen as an extension of broader marketing efforts. Accordingly, consider including these services in your marketing budget rather than seeing them as an additional, new cost.


Frequently asked questions about reputation management costs


How much does online reputation management cost?

In line with the calculated median price above, expect to pay from around $2,500 for a three-month campaign to upwards of $10,000-$15,000 for a heavily focused project lasting six months or longer based on more widespread average pricing.


What is the average price range of online reputation management?

Average prices tend to skew the cost of reputation management significantly toward the higher end.


Instead, look toward the current median price combined with sensible averages, which puts the cost in the region of $550 to $2,000-$2,500 per month for most individuals and small businesses.


How is reputation management pricing calculated?

Costs are most commonly calculated on a per-client basis, dependent on the work involved.


This work may range from content removal and strategic outreach to search engine optimization and website design. The greater the number of services required, the higher the cost is likely to be.


Are reputation management costs negotiable?

Whether costs are negotiable will depend from provider to provider. Most online reputation management companies, however, will work with you to tailor a solution that’s both highly effective and suitably affordable.


If a client already has a significant positive online presence, further to anything negative that they’re looking to address, this can also help.


By already being present on social media or having a professional website in place, these requirements can be removed from the scope of any standard plan or package, bringing down the cost in the process.


Is reputation management worth it?

That, of course, is for you to decide.


However, suppose the cost of repairing your reputation is lower than the potential financial impact of not addressing the matter. In this case, it’s to be argued that, under these circumstances, professional reputation management is absolutely worth the cost.



If you or your business has been hit with a reputation crisis online, your best bet is to speak to the experts.


Ultimately, time is of the essence. For larger businesses, a damaged online reputation can quickly start to cost them millions of dollars in lost revenue.


Whatever route you decide to take, arming yourself with the knowledge needed to make the best and most informed choice about the course of action you’ll pursue is vital.


Don’t be put off by eye-watering figures that you might have seen online. Having considered all of the above, approach the matter in much the same way you would any tangible purchase.


Also, consider the cost of other managed services—such as managed security or print services—and remember that you may only need to budget for a one-off fee or a short commitment of as little as three months to achieve the results that you’re looking for.


At NetReputation, we use bespoke technology and processes developed over more than a decade to build world-class online reputation campaigns on behalf of our clients. Each campaign is carefully tailored to get measurable, meaningful, and fast results.


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