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How To Remove A Bad Review On Facebook

how to remove a bad review on Facebook

Updated 2/22/2023: Our team looks at how to remove a bad review on Facebook and repair your brand reputation online. 

Do reviews on Facebook matter? And if so, how do you remove a bad review on Facebook fast?

First, let’s check out a few stats:

A recent study found about 85% of consumers rely on online reviews more than personal recommendations. 85%!

And, 40% of people avoid businesses with negative reviews altogether! 

Ok, people rely on online reviews. But what about reviews on Facebook? Do they really matter?

Well, with more than 2.6 billion members, Facebook ranks 1st among all social media platforms. So, yes, Facebook reviews matter. And, knowing how to remove a bad Facebook review matters too!

What’s more: about half of customers research local business pages on Facebook before Google. 

That said, how confident are you in your online business reputation?

So, Can I Remove Reviews On Facebook?

Because of its immense popularity and influence, Facebook is by far one of the most powerful marketing tools for business.

But though it’s extremely useful for many, Facebook also comes with its share of issues.

And the central issue for those who want to know how to remove a bad review on Facebook is this: most of the negative reviews and one-star ratings result from poor customer service. 

Without a doubt, improving the customer experience can help prevent negative feedback on Facebook

But if you’re struggling with numerous negative reviews on the platform, you can’t simply remove those reviews yourself.

What you should know about Facebook reviews is this: business reviews can only be removed when they meet certain criteria.

And now, we will look at which bad Facebook reviews we can delete and how to go about it.

remove a bad review on Facebook

How To Delete A Review On Facebook

Internet trolls. If you’re on the internet long enough, you know what they are. An internet troll is anyone engaging in activities that cause trouble and harm. They attack in many ways, but most post damaging comments and reviews to bring innocent people and businesses down. 

And if you want to remove a bad review on Facebook, particularly those posted by trolls, you start by reporting them to begin the online reputation repair process.

For the most part, Facebook will remove a flagged review once they determine it meets their criteria.

What Types of Reviews Will Facebook Remove?

If you are stressed about how to remove a bad review on Facebook, know this: Facebook’s goal is to protect freedom of expression. Facebook realizes how important it is to provide an open platform.

But as you probably know, some are not engaging in honest or good-faith discussion.

To prevent malicious and abusive use, Facebook developed a set of community standards. These guidelines provide rules for what is and isn’t allowed on the platform. Facebook built these guidelines around four important values: authenticity, safety, privacy, and dignity. 

So if you want to know how to report a review on Facebook, it’s important to learn:

Facebook Values Statement About Reviews

Here is the verbatim account of the current Facebook Values Statement (as of 2020):


We want to make sure the content people are seeing on Facebook is authentic. We believe that authenticity creates a better environment for sharing, and that’s why we don’t want people using Facebook to misrepresent who they are or what they’re doing.


We are committed to making Facebook a safe place. An expression that threatens people has the potential to intimidate, exclude, or silence others and isn’t allowed on Facebook.


We are committed to protecting personal privacy and information. Privacy gives people the freedom to be themselves and to choose how and when to share on Facebook and to connect more easily.


We believe that all people are equal in dignity and rights. We expect that people will respect the dignity of others and not harass or degrade others. The consequences of violating our community standards will depend on the severity of the violation and the user’s history.” 

When reporting a Facebook review, understand that outcomes can vary. These may include anything from a minor warning to the involvement of law enforcement. For instance, Facebook may issue a warning for a first violation, but notify law enforcement when there is a genuine risk to public safety. 

how to remove a bad Facebook review

Need to remove bad reviews on Facebook?

We can help.

If you have content that violates community guidelines, Facebook (in theory) will take appropriate measures to delete that content from the platform. That’s why the most important part in the process is to monitor your Facebook online presence and respond to negative content quickly. 

But if this task becomes too difficult to do on your own, we are here to help. Our review management experts can show you how to remove a bad review on Facebook and build a better reputation online. 

Contact us today to learn more.

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