Crisis Reputation Management: How to Manage Your Reputation in Crisis

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In this digital age, negative news and information online can affect the bottom-line of your business or personal reputation. Learn the critical process of crisis reputation management and how you can protect yourself online.  


In fact, unfortunate news can spread to millions of users within seconds. This is all thanks to tools found on the internet such as media outlets, press releases, social media, and much more. Media and publicity in 2020 stem from a variety of sources, both free and paid. 


This gives users and competitors more ways to tarnish your online reputation in the blink of an eye.


Crisis Reputation Management


Negative online content may be a CEO making an improper remark, a past mugshot, or criminal record lingering on Google. This can also include other types of negative press that ruin either a business or a person’s reputation. 


The outcome is that the business’s reputation they’ve spent years trying to build may potentially fail overnight. 


We always tell our clients that it is essential to invest in your online reputation proactively. Never wait until a crisis emerges before you decide to protect yourself online. 


Management companies such as Net Reputation operate promptly to slow the spread of your negative information online. They can do this using the process of crisis reputation management.


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What is Crisis Reputation Management?

The method of online reputation management (ORM) requires observing everything others say about you online


Moreso, ORM always works to quickly remove or suppress any type of negative content. This is done by generating positive content on trustworthy sites and media outlets. 


Crisis reputation management is a variation of ORM. It challenges businesses to act (or in most cases react) instantly to get ahead of any brand crisis. So this helps control the spread of data using modern ORM procedures.


Responding To A Crisis Situation Internally And Externally

Businesses that employ online reputation management routinely generate profile accounts on social media sites such as Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. This is to better reach out to customers and promote their news, deals, goods, services as a free way to market.


Social media platforms should especially be utilized and heavily applied by a company during a brand crisis to provide constant updates. 


During a brand crisis, truth and transparency are key to regaining the trust of your audience.


It is important to remain transparent and honest.


Crisis Reputation Management 2


For instance, if an executive employee within the business makes a statement that personally offends a particular race. Not only a reason but an apology from the business will prove that they do not support these offensive remarks. 


A business that neglects the problem usually creates more difficulties then if they dealt with the issue. So this will make customers believe that your business sees nothing wrong with their actions. 


Periodic statements and press releases by the business under scrutiny put most minds at ease. Also, it is imperative that you control other sources from mismanaging your message by broadcasting misleading statements.


Another essential feature of exercising crisis reputation management is guaranteeing that the business designates enough funds and resources towards crisis management. 


Learn today how your business can improve the way they look and the way they are protected throughout the internet.


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Crisis Reputation Management Strategies

Most small businesses (SMBs) will benefit from a single individual using traditional methods of social media marketing. A crisis management team does not have to be big.

However, every business needs to have more resources on hand to deploy when a brand crisis occurs. 


Businesses should ensure that their employees are qualified in social media management and monitoring your online reputation


These people can reply to any complaints posted on Facebook or Twitter whether it is positive or negative.


Most businesses do not have any resources in order to fully benefit from crisis reputation management on their own. Businesses such as these opt into outsourcing the task to online reputation management (ORM) company.


Crisis Reputation Management 3


Furthermore, businesses cannot manage to handle these vital tasks on their own. That is because a single wrong decision or misstep can cost you your reputation for good.


Net Reputation has the means to observe the entire internet for potential crises, reply immediately, generate and distribute positive content.


Therefore, we do all this in hopes to instantly start the process of rebuilding the company’s reputation. 


Making the decision to skip out of building a brand reputation management plan can end up costs you your livelihood. 


For example, a restaurant begins to generate a lot of one-star reviews. Over time people will stop coming. Online reviews are black and white unfortunately in the eyes of most users. 


One negative review on Yelp can cost you up to 33% of your local business.


Get in front of bad publicity online before it ruins you.  Call 844-461-3632 to get help today.


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