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How to Get Rid of a Bad Reputation in 2023

how to get rid of a bad reputation

How to Get Rid of a Bad Reputation?

If you have ever been online, you already know how influential the search results can be. 90% of adults in America claim to Google a new business or even individuals they are unfamiliar with.

If you found this article, the odds are you think your reputation may be in danger. Whether you were arrested, see negative search results or find an embarrassing photo, we can help.

Net Reputation has helped over 30,000 individuals and businesses improve their reputation online in a matter of a few short months.

In this article, we will cover how to get rid of a bad reputation in 2022. Additionally, we will discuss what makes a good reputation and how you can start working today to improve your reputation online.

How to Spot a Bad Reputation

When it comes to determining whether or not you have a bad reputation, you should know what to expect. Are you friendly towards others (especially strangers), do people trust you? Are you reliable? Do you follow through on promises?

There are endless negative personality traits throughout the world and knowing how to control them makes all the difference. Gone are the days of “first-impressions”, people create opinions about others based on what they find online.

And if you really want to know how to get rid of a bad reputation, you must not only have a proactive online reputation management strategy, but also how to identify when your digital image is on the ropes.

Here’s a few signs your reputation could use some work:

Negative Search Engine Results

Net Reputation recently conducted a local study on adults in the Sarasota, Florida area. These participants were asked if they Googled themselves, would the results be positive? Nearly all adults stated that their web presence was minimal or non-existent.

For most observing this, you would think this is a good thing. However, by having little to no online presence, researchers are left to scour the internet for whatever they can find. This can be an arrest record, a lien on your home, or even martial records.

In 2020, the sense of privacy is slowly diminishing. Individuals unknowingly hand over personal data all the time. This includes websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit but never expect to be putting themselves at risk.

When it comes to negative search results on Google, Bing, or Yahoo these can act as a major deterrent. This is especially true if you are applying for a new job. As well as filing for a loan/grant, looking to purchase a new home or even try online dating

So, how to get rid of a bad reputation? Before you walk into your next date or job interview unprepared, know this. It is important to make sure you know what can be found online. This way you are never blindsided with unexpected questions.

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Lack of Having an Accountability Partner

This is as straightforward as it sounds. Whether this involves a professional business partner or your spouse, they do have an influence on your reputation

For example, say you are Co-owners of a small business with another individual. After 2 months, your partner starts going MIA, stops answer client phone calls, and falls behind on his work. 

This not only makes him look bad but you as well. Potential clients and people in general quickly pick up on these cues. They will question your ability to deliver or your trustworthiness after choosing to go into business with someone like this.

The same goes for your spouse. If they are talking badly about you or your professional endeavors you are doomed to fail. How can someone trust you with their money when your own spouse doesn’t?

Wrong Group of Friends

In life, most of our decision are heavily focused on peer pressure. Most of the time this is indirect. Have you ever made a decision because you thought it would make someone else happy? 

Of course, everyone does from time to time. However, knowing when to walk away from a group of “toxic” individuals is a great characteristic to have. When we say toxic, we are not referring to drug addicts, felons and so on. 

Toxic individuals are people whose goals don’t align with yours. Those who tend to hold you back so they can succeed. 

Your social circle, when viewed from an outsider’s perspective says a lot about an individual.

Tips for How to Get Rid of a Bad Reputation

In 2021, there are countless ways where you can work to improve your reputation.

How to get rid of a bad reputation? Start by Being Social

Most of your efforts can be solely done on social media. Social platforms such as Facebook can reach millions and millions of individuals.

Use social media to reshape your reputation be routinely posting any charity work you’ve done. This can also include any career accomplishments that helped the community. Anything that is viewed as admirable or reputable should be posted.

Another way to fix reputation blunders? Repair relationships

Another insider tip for improving upon a bad reputation is to contact those individuals in your past that you’ve wronged. This may sound cliche or an episode from “My Name Is Earl”. But by backtracking to admit your mistakes and past discretions you are able to rekindle old flames in a positive way.

If done correctly, without expecting results, you will slowly but surely reshape what others think about you. It’s never too like to change yourself, but why wait?

The best way to learn how to get rid of a bad reputation? Speak with a reputation pro

The best tip for how to get rid of a bad reputation? Talk to the experts. Get started today at 844-461-3632 with Net Reputation’s team of knowledgeable reputation specialists.

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