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Combating Negative Reviews – Fighting Fire With Fire

Fighting Fire With Fire

Businesses are consistently vying for top position in their respective industries. It’s a dog-eat-dog world online, and a few negative reviews can have significant consequences. So when someone is attacking you online, should you fight back?


In short, the answer is no. You should never respond negatively to a negative review—even if it’s fake. This will come off as petty, immature, and inappropriate, and you will alienate customers if they see your response. Nothing good has ever come of talking negatively to someone online, so why double-down on the negativity? It will only hurt your business. Thankfully, there are resources you can use to get your positive recourse—but first—let’s distinguish two different types of negative reviews and how to handle them.


In today’s day and age, the competition is as fierce as ever among most business industries, and thanks to the anonymity that the internet provides, some organizations are willing to fight dirty by leaving fake reviews. Rival establishments have the ability to leave fake negative reviews to bring your business down, making theirs look better. This is of course illegal, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. If you suspect that a rival business is leaving fake reviews, consulting with a traditional lawyer can cost you— financially—and in terms of time. (Not to mention that these lawsuits are often fruitless, and sometimes the source isn’t even an opposing business. It could be a disgruntled customer or former jaded employee.) If this is happening to you, call us today for a free consultation and we can discuss your options together.


These types of reviews are often based on unfounded allegations, containing absolutely no facts, and the person who left the review usually played some part in their negative experience. Two examples of this are when someone waits to return a faulty product before the warranty date passes, or they use a product in a way other than intended and it breaks. These reviews are usually vulgar in nature, because they were never going to leave review for a positive experience; they’re upset that they’re the ones who screwed up and are unknowingly displaying their dissatisfaction with themselves in a last-ditch effort to gain an exchange item for free. In other cases, the reviewer cannot be appeased at all. If you decide it’s in your businesses’ best-case scenario to respond—tread lightly—or face further negative consequences.


Dealing with negative reviews can be a delicate situation and is sometimes best left alone. If you believe the review is threatening your business prospects, you should consider having it removed. We’re a professional, award-winning content removal agency, and with decades of experience to back you, we’ll remove the negative content within 72 hours of request.

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