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Learn How To Remove Complaints Board Posts Online

Before we get started if this is an emergency and you are struggling to remove an article online that is endangering your wellbeing contact us right away.

With more and more consumers turning to the internet for answers to all their issues, there can come a time where you find negative information about your company. The internet is home to millions and millions of websites that are easily accessible to anyone with an internet connection. This means if there is something negative and disheartening online about you, people are seeing it.

One of the most notorious consumer reporting websites people turn to besides The Better Business Bureau (The BBB) would be Complaints Board. is an online forum similar to Yelp in many ways. Individuals have the ability to leave detailed reviews and critical feedback on the pros and cons of a particular business or restaurant.

Negative reviews are unflattering and are not positive for any business online. Negative reviews can cost you money, business opportunities and is a real threat to your overall online reputation.

Now let’s learn more about Complaints Board and how to remove an entry.



How to Remove from Complaints Board

With over a decade of experience working in online reputation management dealing with sites just like, we have perfected the way in which we remove and/or hide negative or unwanted articles online.

Furthermore, if you can provide legal documents showing its review is a lie and false this can be grounds for immediate removal. Here at NetReputation, we have tried it all. Let our Reputation and SEO specialists work for you to ensure a brighter reputation tomorrow.

When you take a look at the way ComplaintsBoard works you will come to find out the website is mostly run by the consumers. With minimal interaction between the site owner and the individuals posting, it can get messy when it comes to vetting out what is real and what is fictitious.

Complaints Board removals are fairly straightforward when knowing all of our options. Please leave us a comment below if you have any more questions or concerns after reading through this article.


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Overview of  Complaints Board

To get a better understanding of what Complaints Board is or how they work, we are going to speak as if you have never visited the website before. This way anyone can follow these steps and tips on removing their ComplaintsBoard entry from Google as soon as possible! is a privately owned complaint site run by consumers essentially. The forum is overseen and regulated by the webmaster but the content is procured from individuals that are writing reviews.

One of the biggest cons that Complaints Board has is that they can often do a poor job at vetting the reviews. The owner of the website does request that all users be truthful and honest when giving their feedback about a particular company.

In their disclaimer, does mention they are not responsible for any of the content that is posted. Accuracy is not their concern from the looks of it. For this reason alone, most companies (just like you) are seeking options for removing this content.

Negative reviews can be detrimental to businesses, most of the time those who left the negative review were not even customers! There have been reports on platforms such as Yelp and TripAdvisor where visitors were able to leave reviews without providing any proof of purchase. As one could imagine this created an abundance of negative reviews. Amazon is one of the best companies online for reviews as they require proof of purchase in order to write about something. If all consumer feedback websites used this model, we could begin to start trusting these sites again.

We are not saying that the voice of negative reviewers should be silenced. Only that the content published should be true and not exaggerated. The reviews left on Complaints Board has serious repercussions onto those companies.



What Causes to Rank on Google?

When looking into the overall quality and strength of Complaints Board you will notice this site has been around for quite some time. In addition, it has a solid foundation when ranking on Google. Apart from the posting itself, there are several factors that come into place when knowing if a particular entry is going to rank on Google or not. Here they are:


  • Date Published
    • Depending on how new the Complaints Board entry is, it may have different effects within Google, Bing, or Yahoo. If you already have information online about yourself it will be more difficult to have a complaint ranking. On the other hand, if you have no content online you may see the ComplaintsBoard ranking tomorrow or even within hours.
  • Domain Authority
    • Google ranks websites in terms of how authoritative they are, or how influential they are to readers. Sites are ranked on a scale of 100, is currently a 69/100. This means you have a good chance of outranking this website if you publish on websites higher than 69 Domain Authority.
  • Flashy Headlines
    • “Complaints Board” by its very name seems appealing. Consumers are nosey, they want to know everything and when people see anything with the words “fake”, “scam” or “complaint” they are likely to click through onto that particular website. More visitors means higher domain authority. That is why acting on these negative postings fast is crucial.
  • Social Shares & Engagement
    • When a company receives a new complaint on, more often than not, other people want to hear about it. This is when we see users start to share articles on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Everybody wants to put their two sense in and voice their opinions, your goal is to nip negative sharing in the bud before it worsens.


Why Does My Complaint Show on Google But My Competitors Does Not?

The odds are they may have more quality content online about themselves. With having little to no information on Google referencing you it makes it 100x easier for a new website to start ranking on Google.

Most companies will work to promote themselves monthly or quarterly with Press Releases to stay up-to-date. Many local and startup businesses struggle with this, simply due to the fact that they have no online presence. Branding yourself online can take time, the average time frame to build a website and have it ranking on Google consistently is 24-months says Income School. Here at NetReputation we, have it done in just a fraction of that time.


Removing Complaints Board from Google

If you have unfortunately fallen victim to a negative complaints board entry do not worry. There are many options you can take to remove this from the first few pages of Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


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Where to Start:

After clicking on the report you have a chance to read over the complaint and hear what your disgruntled customer had an issue with. Before you even scroll down you will notice there is blue hypertext link in the top right above the first paragraph of the article. This is where you start. It is time for you to voice your side, take responsibility and try to make amends with this user. You may also scroll all the way down to the bottom of the article for the same feature.

When you respond to negative reviews always remember to be polite, honest and remember that the customer is always right. The last thing you need is to get into an altercation online for more potential customers to see. Read our recent article here on how to effectively respond to negative reviews online.

After you voice your rebuttal on ComplaintsBoard that review will be marked as “RESOLVED”.


What Happens if the ComplaintsBoard Reviewer is Hostile?

When you come across a review that is aggressive and hostile, it is best to let it be. Reply one time in a polite manner apologizing about their experience and if they respond again let it go unanswered. If the post is truly uncalled for and undeserving of a response, others will notice.

You are not going to satisfy 100% of your customers. But you can attempt to ensure everyone has a great experience.

After leaving a rebuttal and nothing happens, what can you do next?


Takedown Requests for

As we mentioned before, NetReputation has been removing negative content from the internet for over a decade so when it comes to how to remove or suppress negative content there is no better option than our reputation specialists and 100% guarantee.

One of the most successful removal options we have done is through takedown notices. By sending Google a legal takedown notice we are able to have the content “de-indexed” from Google search results. De-indexing is the process of ensuring a particular website is no longer visible on a specific search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.). To further ensure the article has is not republished look into tracking the keywords within Google Alerts. Learn more here about Google Alerts here.

When submitting any form of takedown request be sure to read and reread Google’s terms and condition. You may need to provide legal documentation or proof that the article in question is libel and misleading to readers. This is sometimes not the most effective option as businesses can find it troubling if the review is true. Protect yourself online.

If any of these items have been posting on ComplaintsBoard you have a great chance of a direct/immediate removal:


Hire NetReputation Top Notch Legal Assistance

Seeing as negative articles online can be handled outside the courtroom we always recommend that you look into alternative options since attorneys can be expensive. Over the past several years we have built an impressive number of positive reviews that you can view here on the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Without approach (assuming an outright removal is out of the question), we work to actively suppress any and all articles referencing you poorly from Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Whether it be from or another platform like the BBB, we can help restore your presence online in no time at all.

With our systematic approach, we will target the specific keywords used in your negative publications. We then promote those keywords in a positive light by publishing the content of our own. By creating new quality content about you and your business. You have a great chance on “flooding out” the negative reviews on Complaints Board.


Infographic_ The Power of Online Search Results


Another reason we do not recommend hiring an attorney to sue Complaints Board is that, as discussed before, they do not claim responsibility for the complaints left on their website.


Why Suppression Works for ComplaintsBoard

There are some very effective ways you can rebuild your online reputation in order to combat sites like While suppression does not completely remove your listing from the internet, it hides to very well. NetReputation offers a wide array of Online Reputation Services you can choose from.

Suppression is the art of hiding a particular website that you may deem negative. As well as harmful to the overall performance of your business. By creating additional content and websites you are building a foundation for yourself online. Whether that be through the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter there are endless ways to create content online for you.

Through our solution, we utilize the efforts of press releases to quickly publish quality content online. Suppression becomes simpler when you have minimal content online about yourself or business.

If done right, removing a Google review from the front page can be fairly simple. Once you have perfected one, you can apply that to any website you are seeking a first-page removal from.

Not only will you be working to hide negative posts. But you are also seeking to promote yourself online for future employers to see! Killing two birds with one stone. Now you are one step closer to a positive online reputation. In as little as one month you will start to see progress on hiding your entry. Let NetReputation work to remove your Complaints Board posts and comments.


FAQs about does have a designated page just for popular questions (click here). 

Every removal solution is different and is home to distinct variables that change from publication to publication. Contact us today in order to know what options you have on removing or suppressing your negative entry on Complaints Board.


Final Thoughts on Complaints Board with

Depending on the number of total postings and if the review is true these results will vary. There are several things you can do as we mentioned above in efforts of hiding on Google. Such as press releases, blogs, custom websites.

Some more general facts when actively working to suppress your name is to target keywords. Keywords are what tells Google what the article is about. So by simply writing a longer, quality post, you can actually outrank any competition.

In conclusion, the less information you have online the more prone you are to ComplaintsBoard ranking on Google. Routinely monitor your results online. Contact the professionals at to do it for you! Give us a call now for a FREE CONSULTATION for options on suppressing or removing your entry.

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