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Is it possible to remove negative reviews online? The answer is yes if the review was posted with malicious intent, however, you cannot solely remove a review you yourself deem unwanted if it is true.


If you are a business owner, despite the nature of your business, consumers will read about you online. 


Most of this will be in the form of reviews. Consumer feedback is especially valuable, however, reviews can also be incredibly damaging to the overall success of your business


If someone posts a negative review, this could cost you 25% of more of your current revenue.


You must know not just how to combat and remove negative reviews, but also why this is so critical.


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How Removing Negative Reviews Can Save Your Business

Most business owners don’t understand why they should be worried regarding the opinion of online customers. Nine out of ten reviews will have used an alias to leave a review. Leaving many business owners scratching their heads as it how they can amend the situation.


The internet can be an unfriendly place that is filled with individuals who have nothing better to do then to slander others. Some business owners believe that nobody will take it seriously and without justification, they struggle with removing these negative reviews.


A study has shown that people believe online reviews more than a personal recommendation from a close friend or family member.


79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.


This research also reveals a number of other reasons why online reviews are so necessary. Focusing on how many people read them, how much these negative reviews influence purchasing decisions, and more. 


Furthermore, what the results also explained was that the level at which people trust online reviews is much greater than what it was years ago.


Basically, online reviews are your chance to create a first impression. They say you never get a second opportunity to make a first impression.


Remove Negative Reviews Online

Remove Negative Reviews Online


Which Bad Reviews Should You Worry About?

All negative reviews must be discussed. A great opening is to conduct a Google search on your business as well as any important industry-related keywords that consumers may search for as well.


Have you ever Googled yourself? 


If you’ve ever examined your search results, you may have encountered a range of disturbances. 90% of adults in the United States claim that their search results are not positive.


By Googling yourself or your business you have the chance to observe the reviews online, and which negative reviews are the most concerning. 


Remember that if you can observe the negative review, so can your clients and also potential customers. The higher the position of the review, the more possible it will be that it will be viewed by others. It is necessary to recognize that people will judge you on what they see online 99% of the time. 


Consequently enough, you must ensure that what they discover is always positive, and rarely, if at all negative.


Before you choose to take action, you want to take the opportunity to genuinely read each review and determine what is going on. 


Perhaps people have a legitimate complaint or accusation and are informing you of something that you need to hear or have been too busy to notice. 


Perhaps they are addressing difficulties that you have fixed some time ago. 


It is also likely that there may be a combined attack against you by a disgruntled ex-employee or even by your competition. 


Regardless, it is time to start working towards a sustainable solution.


Bad Reviews

Bad Reviews


Your 4 Step Approach To Remove Negative Reviews 

Over the past decade, our team has devised the perfect solution for fighting back against negativity online. 


Here is our four-step approach to remove online reviews feel free to try these yourself before contacting us directly for assistance.:


  1. Discover if there is anything you can do to fix the most common and legitimate complaints. Do not permit individuals to become rude or offensive towards you, but do resolve their actual issues.


  1. Remove any fraudulent reviews or any reviews that are derogatory or slanderous, if that is possible. Be careful not to delete genuine complaints, as this may potentially anger the reviewers as they may begin to post their negative reviews on numerous platforms.


  1. Reply to real reviews whether they are positive or negative while being professional and polite.


  1. Conquer negative reviews by immersing the internet with positive content about yourself or your business.


Once you understand that the negative reviews are causing abundant harm to your reputation, call a reputation management company.  


Our experts here at NetReputation will help you to remove negative reviews and suppress articles that damage you or your company’s name to restore your reputation.


Finally, take back control of your web presence. All solutions are 100% guaranteed, please fill out the form below to learn more.


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